No-One's There

July 19, 2009
By Meghna Kadalbajoo GOLD, Melbourne, Other
Meghna Kadalbajoo GOLD, Melbourne, Other
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The door slammed shut. Yet here I was, home alone. I shuffled into the kitchen with my hopes up to eat something, but I found nothing to pop into my ever-hungry mouth. The night was unusually dark. For some reason, I felt queasy and lonely at the same time.

“Ding, dong”. The door bell echoed throughout the entire house. Hoping my parents had come early, I eagerly opened the door. My heart did a back flip. There was no-one there. Even though I did not believe in ghosts, I found my hands trembling as I shut the door.

Gradually I turned the T.V. on. It felt fantastic to watch television without my dad watching cricket or my mom watching soapies. There was another scary movie coming on television. Were these weird occurrences just a coincidence?

Bored from having my eyes glued to the television, I decided to do some of my home work. The fabulous feeling that I first felt when I had so-much freedom disappeared. Out of the blue, the phone rang. ‘Please God, let it be my parents’, I thought. I picked the phone up, and gasped with what I heard.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I could have dropped a pin and be able to hear it. Through the window, I could see my neighbor’s shadow talking on the phone too. I hung up, and wondered how odd it was, that my neighbour had hung up too. There was no-one there.

“Must have been pranks call”, I suspiciously thought. But as I strode around the lounge room, I knew on the inside that is wasn’t. I also knew that there was only one way to solve the mystery. I would have to go to my parent’s party next door.

I inserted four of my cat’s hairs’ into the edge of the door – if some-one broke in at least I would know. With a chill climbing up my spine, I realized that today was the 6th of the 6th ’06. Three straight sixes. The devil’s number.

“Ring, ring”, I cautiously rang my neighbor’s doorbell. No –one answered. I was so cold that I thought I was going to turn into an ice-berg. ‘That’s what you get when you live in central Phipenauslia, one of the frostiest areas’ in the world’ I thought. I slowly trudged
my way through the snow, back to my house.

Thankfully, my cat’s’ hair were still there. Once again, I turned the T.V. on. Surprisingly, I found myself to be flicking to the news channel. I was shocked with what I saw: “Once again, the world mourns for Phipenauslia, where a terrorist gang planted a nuclear bomb. The worst damage was done to central Phipenauslia, where everything was wiped out. The terrorist gang perished as well. As long as information goes, they were known to have made some phone calls before the attack. The area has been investigated and it is now clarified that there were no survivors…”

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