The Candy Kidnap

February 18, 2009
By Anonymous

We were at the scene of the crime. It was very intimidating and I got worried. When I walked in, I saw many people working on the prints, looking for footsteps, and also looking at the bed. They checked the closets for a body but all they saw were clothes, shoes and candy bars. It was around 8 o'clock in the morning. When I went into my dad's bedroom to wake him and found that he was missing. We had a huge candy convention today and we had to get moving. Dad is a world famous candy bar tycoon and I'm his partner. The bad part about this is that he treats me more like an assistant than a partner. But back to the scene. I tiptoed into my fathers room and I suddenly got a very bad feeling. I'm not sure what it was, it was just at the pit of my stomach. I turned into the doorway and horror struck me. Nobody was in the bed. The sheets were all unmade and my father was not there. I ran to the bed in disbelief. I felt like screaming at the top of my lungs. I tried to pick up the phone to dial 9-1-1 but I was shaking so hard it took me 3 tries before I could hold it steadily in my hands. When the chief stepped into the room, he declared a kidnapping. There is one more “major” employee in our business. His name is Cristov and he has always been jealous of Dad. He never gets raises, extended vacations or any special treatment even though they were the best of childhood friends.

The detectives started the interrogation and of course I was first.

“At what time did you find your father missing?” asked the lead detective. I believe her name was Josie.

“It was 7:58 a.m.” I stated.

“And what time did you call the police?” said the other detective, Martin.

“I believe I phoned for the police at 7:59 a.m.” I answered. I had never been interrogated before, so it all seemed a little strange.

“Martin! Josie!” exclaimed the chief, “I'll finish with this one, and you take the Cristov character." Martin and Josie nodded and headed for Cristov.

The chief was a very large man. He was probably six foot eight inches and two hundred-fifty pounds. You could imagine my fright as he came at me. He was wearing a blue suit with a stripy tie to match his solid shirt. He was wearing alligator boots and very thick reading glasses. The very peculiar thing was that he was carrying a fluffy, white bunny. I could almost read his mind at that point.

This one will be easy to crack. I'll just ask her a few questions, and she'll crack like an egg being thrown off of a cliff. Short add easy.

"Hello young lady. We'll just take a few questions and then find your daddy. So, did you hear any odd noises last night or this morning?” the chief asked.

“Nope, nothing. I only woke up and found him missing,” I answered.

“How does he treat you? I mean in the business?”

I started to stutter. “W-well, I-I'm his p-p-partner and he treats me l-l-like it-t-t.”

“Uh-huh. So it's fair??” asked chief

“O-of c-c-course.” I again stuttered

“Very well then,” and he walked away. But before he left, I could see it in his eyes...

We've got our kidnapper. She definitely did it. We'll cuff her after a word with Martin and Josie and then we will get Mr. Candy Tycoon. Piece of cake.

But that's not what happened. Ten minutes later, Cristov was cuffed and booked. They cracked him. He would be behind bars for most of the rest of his life. These cops were good. They thought they knew everything, but the funny part is they got the wrong guy.

I am my fathers kidnapper.

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This article has 1 comment.

pedderm said...
on Oct. 9 2009 at 6:27 am
well done. It was very good. the only things I would suggest to you is that you make it a little bit more detailed. Such as what type of candy bars were they? Where was the candy convention they were going to located? simple things such as that could make your writing better and more interesting. I thought it had a very good setting and a good storyline. i really like the ending.

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