The Webb Files

January 14, 2009
By Anonymous

Location: Rome, Italy Date: July 16, 2007 Time: 0700 hours

It was a hot, humid, windless day in Rome. The streets were crowded with hundreds of people walking
every way. Street stands had crowds around them with people wanting to buy cold drinks to quench
their thirst from the extreme heat. The newly elected president was going to have his speech at the
end of Via dei Fori Imperiali in front of the Colosseum. Down the street one and a half miles from
the Colosseum on top the Venezia memorial monument, was Mr. Webb in the prone position with his
sniper rifle. He was looking down his scope watching the police keeping the crowd off the street,
the workers quickly doing last minute preparations to the platform and speakers where the president
would give his speech. He looked at the roof tops and found the Italian government snipers hidden in
with the roof tops, then his look in the windows of street side building for more snipers and scouts
and found a couple of them. He then thought of his first mission when he had to take out a Russian
leader. He was on the side of a ridge wearing a ghillie suit laying in a bush. When his target came
out of a grey tent he foolishly took the shot. He did get the kill but a squad of men were watching.
They came after him and chased him through a forest and a field. In that field he was lucky because
a helicopter came and saved him. Thinking back on this he told himself he is a much better sniper
now and can do this mission. At 0800 hours a stretch limousine with tinted windows, and had small
Italian flags attached to the front. When the limousine stopped the president stepped out of the car
and had four personal guards follow him to the stand. While he was walking to the platform the crowd
was going wild and the snipers were frantically looking around for potential threats. The president
came up to the podium and started to give his speech. Then his mobile phone rang. "Hello" said
Mr.webb "The target has been positively identified, take him out," said a voice on the other
line of the phone. Looking down his cross hairs in his scope of his R700 sniper he looked at the
crowd around the president, and watched his movements across the podium. When the flags stopped
moving from the wind he took his shot. BOOM. His shot screamed down the road to his target where he
took him out. BOOM. Simultaneously after his shot another sniper rifle that he set up to be fired by
remote went off. The crowd made a horrified scream when the president was killed and started to run
in every direction. All of the government snipers saw the second shot from the remote activated
sniper which was across the street from Mr. Webb. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, the government snipers started
pouring bullets into the window. Mr. Webb quickly took apart his rifle and put it into his black
normal looking back pack. He started going down the stars to leave the monument and go to the
street. He looked across the street and saw a S.W.A.T team. Boom. Two swat people kicked down the
door to the building. They ran in with the their weapons live and yelling and screaming "Your
surrounded give up". Mr. Webb got on his red Honda CRF 150R, 4 stroke liquid cooled, motocross
bike and made off for the hotel. The swat team and police entered the building and started to search
for the sniper. They were frantically ripping doors off of closets and emptying them of all their
contents. "I found the sniper rifle it's a Russian dragunov and there is a cell phone". The
cell phone started to ring. "Should I answer it" asked one of the S.W.A.T members asked.
"Answer it, maybe it's the sniper and we can trace the call" "Hello..." BOOM. BOOM. The
S.W.A.T team and police officers were blown off their feet and out of the building and on to the
street. The already chaotic crowd let out more terrified screams. They started stampedes down
streets running over stragglers and anything else in their way. Location: Rome, Italy Date: July 16,
2007 Time: 1800 hours

Mr. Webb sat in a black lazy boy chair in his hotel room. His hotel room was small with a T.V stand,
a T.V, a small bed with green sheets, and a brown nightstand. He was watching the six o' clock
news. "Tonight we have special amateur footage of the assassination that happened today. No other
station has the film that we have." said the anchorman. They news station played through the film
once. " As you could see the sniper shot was taken from the right side of the street. But now lets
take a closer look at the film. the film played again but in slow motion. If you look to the left
of the screen where we drew in a circle is where the first shot came. If you look closely you
can see a small muzzle flash. That was the actual sniper. Then split seconds later the other sniper
fires that was a decoy with a very noticeable muzzle flash. This is when the footage stopped from
that camera and we do not have anymore film. I can tell you though that three Swat officers were
killed and 5 police were killed in the explosion. everyone else in the building is severely injured.
No one is sure of how the explosion went off. Good night Rome." Mr. Webb turned off the television
and went sleep. Location: Rome, Italy Date: July 17, 2007 Time: 0800 hours

The next morning Mr. Webb quickly at breakfast. He had a couple of rolls and some orange juice. He
also grabbed two water bottles and some snacks for the road. He got back on his CRF 150R bike. He
slowly rode his bike down all the narrow road of Rome. He was watching all the people of the city to
see their response to the event from the day before. All the people were walking very slow, their
heads were down, and every one was very quiet. He then loaded his bike on a train and then got on
the train himself. The train was going to France where his military headquarters were. Location:
Tour, France Date: July 17, 2007 Time: 1700 hours

Mr. Webb got off the train and unloaded his bike from it. He then got on his bike and rode through
Tours, France. Tours is a medium size city with thousands of buildings, people, roads, alleys, and
has three rivers running all the way through the city. He rode north through the city to the country
just outside of the city. When he got up to the military base he rode up to the gates. "Hello,
what is your reason for coming today: business or visiting." Said the man at the gate. "Business
with General Vidia." Said Mr. Webb "Ok I notify him that you are on your way" Mr. Webb drove
through the base he look at the construction of a new building against the fence surrounding the
camp The building had all the walls up and most of the roof. The construction workers were working
as busy as bees trying to finish the exterior before winter. Next to the construction site was a big
mound of dirt, that was smoothed out from all of the times bulldozers and other big construction
equipment drove up and down it. He arrived to the building where General Vidia was in. When he got
inside he asked the person at the front desk "I'm here to see Mr. Vidia do you know where he
is." "He is in a meeting right now but just go down the hall and there are a couple of chairs
where you can wait for him" "thank you". Mr. Webb went down the hall and sat outside the room
and waited for the meeting to be over. While sitting outside he could hear a muffled conversation
between the men in the room. He realized that they were talking about him, so he started to listen
in. "He is the perfect scapegoat for the previous assassination. Right now he is no value to us
and we can easily pin it on him because his special division is not technically in existence. Also
he has no family so no one would care about this as it happens." Said one voice. "I still
don't know he is a great sniper and is getting better every mission. He will become valuable in
the near future." Said the other voice. "Well we have no other option right now and he is the
only one that owns a rifle outside from his military ones." "Ok. He will take the fall for this
one but next time you better as hell think the damn thing through before you put it in effect Mr.
Athlon"¦" Before he heard any more he hightailed it out of the building. When he got out of the
building he jumped down a narrow flight of stairs. When he got on his bike the loud speakers in the
camp said " Don't let the fugitive escape from the camp." He gave the kick start on the bike a
forceful kick down and the bike started with a loud yell. He gave it a high rev into first gear and
took off sending his front wheel in the air and dirt flying out from behind. He drove through the
camp as fast as he could weaving through people as if they were cones in an obstacle course. When he
got up by where the construction site was there was a roadblock. The roadblock had three large,
green tanks and a dozen of men in camouflage with assault rifles. He quickly spun the bike around
sending gravel flying at the roadblock. He the headed towards the large mound of dirt from the
construction site as fast as he could. He went flying off the mound of dirt, soaring over the rusty
barbed wire fence. He then headed as fast as he could back to the main city of Tours. Looking
behind him he saw two intimidating blackhawk military hummers chasing him. They were playing a game
of cat and mouse at excessive speeds through the busy, cramped city. Just down the road from them
was a bridge going over one of the rivers. The bridge's lights started flashing brightly and it
started to go up. Mr. Webb charged the bridge as fast as the bike could. The drivers in the hummers
predicted that he was going to jump it so they drove even more recklessly to try and stop him.
MEEEEEEEPP. A car made a loud screech. BOOOM. A Taxi smashed into the side of the hummer. The hummer
flipped over and crashed into a store where it came to a stop. Then just as they predicted Mr. Webb
jumped the bridge. He flew high up into the air to where everyone could see him. He had a rough
landing on the other side, and shortly lost control of the bike and fell off. He slide on the ground
for twenty feet where he then came to a stop. WEWEWWEEWEW. Looking to his left he saw the police
coming for him. Jumping back on his bike he quickly started it and headed for the train station
which was only two short blocks away. Weaving through the traffic the police were trying catch up.
Weaving easily through traffic on his bike, Mr. Webb easily got ahead of the police. The train
station has a wide, crowded, couple hundred step, flight of stairs up the train platform.
Accelerating into the high engine revolutions he started to do a wheelie. He shot right the through
stair case and into the air. Bailing off the bike which, continued to fly through the air, he hit
the ground with a tuck and roll and entered the train just as the doors were closing. He had got on
an express train to Madrid, Spain Location: somewhere in Spain Date: July 18, 2007 Time: 0400 hours

The train came screeching stop which shook up all the of the passengers onboard the train. Looking
out the windows he could see the lights from multiple cars. Hundreds of army soldiers were swarming
the train. Getting ready to clear it out in search of Mr. Webb. Walking at a normal pace Mr. Webb
headed to the back of the train where the cargo carts were. Searching like a mad man for a hiding
place or an exit he eventually made his was to the last cart on the train. There was only one large
box in this cart with a big infinity logo on it. Quickly taking apart the crate he found a FX 35
crossover car. Grabbing the key for the car which was conveniently placed on the side of the box he
started the car. VROOM. VROOM. DOOSH. The soldiers saw car burst out of the back of the train and
race off down the railway. " Quickly after him this has to end here" said General Vidia.
Igniting the engines to the army vehicles they quickly took off after Mr. Webb. Cutting through
field they made their was to a windy road leading up a mountain. Bursting rounds out at Mr. Webb the
army tried to get him at any cost. The roads progressively got narrower as they climbed the
mountain. Mr. Webb with the nimble car had a easy time going up the mountain until the road became
gravel. Losing grip his car started to slide on the road slowing him down and allowing the military
to catch up. Bang Bang Bang. The mounted machine gun ripped three round at the car. One hitting the
tire and causing the car to spin out. The car did a one hundred eighty turn where it flew off the
mountain and dropped like a rock to the ground. BOOM . The car exploded on impact from hitting the
ground. "huh, well mission well done boys lets turn around and get back to tours" said General
Vidia. Then he thought to himself "at least he was not held responsible for the assassination."
Little did the army know that just before the car went off the cliff Mr. Webb opened the door and
jumped out of the car with out anyone noticing. Falling to a ledge about twenty feet from where the
flew off the mountain he hid in a bush while the army looked over.

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