Woman Changing Man

June 25, 2009
By Bianca Angaiak SILVER, Tununak, Alaska
Bianca Angaiak SILVER, Tununak, Alaska
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“I remember seeing an officer, I think it was Sergeant Lonny, running after this tall man. I remember seeing a scar on his brow. He had black kind of…scruffy hair,” said Jayne, recalling that day. Jayne left the room and went on home. Dawn entered the room waiting to be talked and asked questions to, she was alone in the room for a while. In Alex‘s office conversation was boiling.

Jayne is this stubborn, bad girl attitude, long black haired woman who seem to care nothing about anyone. Her rep is bad, for she had gotten into many fights and won. Her last boyfriend disappeared,” said detective Alex to a man named John who was a former officer. John left the station and ran after Jayne.

“Jayne,” John said wonderingly, starring at the ground while saying, “exactly how tall was he?”

“Six feet or taller,” Jayne said uncaringly.

They were after a man who robbed countless banks and stores. He had a woman with him as a side kick. You could see the mans hair behind the full cover mask. There was a hole for the eyes big enough eyes and brows to be seen.

“Okay, and what color skin tone?” John said.

“Caucasian I believe, I have much better things to do rather than to help to save the banks from getting robbed again,” Jayne said with her adoring French accent.

“Jayne doesn’t like anyone who has anything to do for the law, I can’t blame her, her boyfriend was mistakenly killed by Jeff,” said Alex to himself.

Jayne walked on to meet with her friend Ashley. When she had gotten to the Café, Jayne sat next to her blonde friend.

“Officers and their curiosity,” Jayne said with disgust.

In Jayne’s mind it was unfortunate that Ashley was married to John. Dawn came in happy and Jayne went to get a taxi. She entered her white, big-windowed, huge mansion. She started reading her book when all of the sudden Ashley called.

“Dawn said she covered for me, and I was like what are you talking about and she, and she was starring at me with that look like I know you did it, like I robbed the others but the last one I didn’t, “ She quickly said.

“wait, wait, wait hold on,” Jayne interrupted, “you mean to tell me that you robbed the last what how many banks and stores?”


“That the nineteen stores and banks were robbed and you didn’t tell me but you told Dawn?”


“Well anyway you don’t suspect they’ll find out?”


“That is just great, you are such a good role model for people who want to learn how to be subtle and bad,” Jayne said trying to sound awed but amusing.

“I…well…,” said Ashley until Jayne interrupted again saying someone was at the door.

“It’s Ale, that detective guy. Hold on, I’ll just call you back,” Jayne said. She opened the door to find him entering her mansion without being asked to.

“So….ah…well,” he seemed nervous.

“Yes, what do you want?” Jayne said. Their interesting conversation started and they talked for long hours.

Meanwhile at Ashley’s home, John and Ashley were arguing. Soup that Ashley was making was brewing, bubbling almost over to the edge of the pot. The meat jumping like it was a dolphin jumping up out of the water and back in. The smell was tempting. John shouted, “you and I were suppose to rob that back!”

“I didn’t, who would rob that bank?” she said scared, her heart was pounding hard, she was thinking that it was pounding so hard that he could hear it drumming faster and faster.

“Who stole my suitcase full of money!?” he pointed under the bed, then grabbed her neck up close to the wall and threatened, “when I find out who did this and if you’re in it, I will hurt you so badly you’d wish you were never born.” The phone rang and John picked it up answering, “hello, who you want?” he said listening for someone and his response was, “oh I’m sorry, hold on.”

Ashley began, “hello?” she was looking into John’s bright blue eyes, “oh yea,well it’s okay, I’m gonna eat, see you tomorrow,” she said and hung up.

Jayne on the other hand, was talking all night with Alex. She was obviously spending much of her time with him and she grew to like him. He liked her from the beginning, hooked to her beautiful French accent, her long black hair, her green-eyes, her attitude and her personality. During their night conversation, Alex tried to kiss her. She wouldn’t let him, because she wanted to know what was going on with Ashley and how she’s kind of connected to the robbery.

In the morning Jayne and Alex finally realized what was going on. Jayne ran toward her desk, grabbed her snub-nosed gun and put it into the side of her pants so that it is hidden. She and Alex ran toward Ashley’s work out sessions with Mia Finnegan. While they were running they ran into John and Dawn.

“Hey, what’s going on?” John said.

“Yeah. Hey. Where is Ashley?” Jayne said very worried but hid it very well.

“I don’t know,” John said.

Jayne grabbed her hand held and pointed it at John, while Alex did the same, pointing at Dawn.

“What are you doing!?” screamed Ashley from across the street, outside her session. Her sessions were clearly done.

John said smiling and slowly taking out his gun. “Well honey, Jayne just went crazy,”

“No, don’t listen to him!” Jayne said, still looking at John with piercing eyes, “your husband is having an affair and he was going to kill you right when you got out of your session, just so they could be together.”

Dawn took her gun out from behind and pointed at Jayne, while John pointed his at Alex.

“They were also the one’s who robbed that last back,” Jayne finished.

John shot at Alex and ran, Dawn and Jayne shot at each other. Dawn missed but Jayne caught Dawn on the shoulder. She aimed her white snub-nose at John’s leg. Shot and he fell to the ground instantaneously. Jayne ran towards Alex, nearly crying, her tears threatening to run down.

“Hey,” she said worried, “an ambulance and the police are coming.”

Alex took his gun out and aimed at Jayne’s head.

“What are you doing?” Jayne said confused thinking he was pointing the gun at her.

He shot, but the gun was out of bullets, Jayne looked back and Dawn was looking at her, holding a tan bat that belonged to a kid.

“You know, love could just hurt, and that man changed you,” Dawn said. Right before she blew the bat towards Jayne, a two-by-four plywood smashed into Dawn’s head and split her scalp open. Dawn fell, and started violently shaking. Behind Dawn was Ashley holding the plywood and saying, “you’re right, love hurts and Jayne changed, but into a better woman en’ you ever were.”

From behind a car, John stood up and said, “I’m the one and only pimp daddy!” his voice sounding cracked and aimed towards Alex, Ashley and Jayne. For a moment they heard a car rushing. The driver tried to stop the car by pressing the brake and they could hear the tires squealing and piercing but it didn’t stop in time so it went over John’s leg and snapped his right knee. The sound was disgusting, they were looking at Dawn and at John and were feeling sick.

After a while Ashley and Jayne were talking, Alex was in the ambulance where the event of the whole hour happened. Jayne was explaining to Ashley how she went undercover, and found John’s hair sample on the counter at the bank and so on. Jayne went over to Alex after she had explained what happened. She looked back holding Alex’s hand and smiled. Ashley recognized that smile, it was a smile she had never seen since Castell had died. She knew that Jayne was happy and changed by Alex’s strong and devoting love.

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on Jul. 18 2009 at 10:11 am
Kumanga DIAMOND, Bethel, Alaska
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Favorite Quote:
Always Accept nd love urself for who u are!

Holy cow bianca! is this a poem??

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