Never Impossible

May 24, 2009
By Brinn Dilworth BRONZE, Easton, Connecticut
Brinn Dilworth BRONZE, Easton, Connecticut
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The rain started to pour down harder. It was like sheets of it were coming down. The boy in front of me, the one that I was fowling, slid into an alley to escape the rain. Or so I thought. Darn I thought to myself, I really did not want to go out into the rain. However, my car would defiantly not fit down the alley. Mustangs were never made for spying but I had wanted one anyway. To make things worse I started to feel sorry for myself and wished I had chosen to do an office job instead of this. But that feeling soon escaped because I knew I was one of the luckiest people alive.

My name is Reilly Spring. Well for this mission it was. It changes with every new adventure I go on. My true name was never allowed to be spoken anywhere. It was my only identity. So I had people call me my favorite name which coincidently was Reilly. Though only my friends and tutors called me that. Everyone else called me Agent Reilly. As you have probably figured out by now that I am a spy. I work for a company called SPP or Secret Private Proctors. This has been my life since I was born. Well back then I was only training, and now I was doing the real deal. What I did was track down suspicious people for example killers or kidnappers. My job brings me all over the world. I am the best at my job other than my parents who are the head and finders of the secret company.

Anyway, I stepped out of the car and sneaked over to the alley. I saw him there only twenty meters in front of me. I really wanted to get to the action but this trip was only for information. The boy looked around and I ducked behind a dumpster. This was the first time I really got to see his face. He must have only been seventeen just like me. He had longer straight blond hair that just hung above his shoulders. His ferocious green eyes were just noticeable between his bangs. He looked like a strong school boy. But he did not look like a murder. Whoever got that idea must have been blind. On the other hand, I had way to much experience of judging a book by its cover. I did not need another one of those mistakes. The last time I did that I ended up with another year of training. All of a sudden he ducked into a door. I followed and stopped right in front of the door. My foot gently nudged something. I bent down to pick it up. It was a wallet. As I looked inside big green eyes starred back at me. This had to be him. The license said Jack Blake. Perfect I thought this is all I need this time. As I started to stand up and the door opened, there he was.

Before I knew it I was on the opposite wall one boy on each side. Jack was on my right and another kid that looked similar to him was on my left. If there were not two of them I could have broken through right there. But they were strong.

“Hand it over!” Jack said. I stared at him showing no emotion. My face was as smooth and hard as a rock. I handed the wallet over because I had already slipped the license into my pocket. They starred at me for a moment not saying anything. My heart stayed calm and cool. This situation was very normal for me. I may sometimes be caught but it is a piece of cake to get away with what I need.

“Check her for ID” Jack said to the other boy. I snickered to myself. To bad I had left my ID in my car a few blocks back. Unfortunately, the boy did no come up clean. He had Jack’s license in one hand and my gun in the other. But it was a SPP gun so he probably did not even know it was a gun. They looked so different from normal guns. But I did giggle because he did not get all of it. I could feel my knife burning away on my thigh where it was tightly secured. Now that I thought about it the knife felt like it weighed a million pounds. I thought that anybody could see it. But of course they could not.

Jack punched me across the face and I fell to the ground. “Keep quiet!” he yelled. Then he commanded me to stand back up. I slowly rose and started to wobble. Just before I was going to fall back down his tight arms caught me. He pulled me into his cradling me like I was a baby. I did not like it one bit.

I still could not see straight. It felt like someone ran over my head with a bulldozer. I groaned and he did it again. This time he punched above my right ear. But it was much harder. I passed out.

I woke up lying down on a couch. My hands were tied up behind my back. I realized it had only been ten minutes. But to get more information I pretended like I was still asleep.

“What are we going to do with the drug dealer’s dead body?” I heard the boy ask

“I’m not really sure Jeff. But first we have to deal with her.” Jack pointed a finger in my direction. “She does not seem dangerous but I think we should keep her here until everything settles down. Nobody will come looking for her.” I sat up pretending I had just woken up. I was still dizzy so I swayed on the couch. They both got up and came to sit down on either side of me. Jack put his arm around my shoulders. His arm was so warm. Thinking fast I shivered. All I needed was to get one of them to leave so I could take control.

“Jeff go get my sweatshirt in the car.” He immediately got up and walked out. It worked like a charm. Jack pulled me into his lap while he asked me questions. I gave him the usual answers, which were all lies. But as I was doing this I was working on untying my wrists. Untying my wrists was a skill I had mastered when I was ten. I could do all different kinds of knots. As soon as I was done I whipped around and grabbed him. I had him tied up so fast he did not even know what was going on until I was done. I had my knife out in a flash and was already cutting two strips out of my shirt. I tied one of the strips around jack’s mouth. Then I climbed up onto the mantle above the door. As soon as Jeff came in I was on his back with his hands tied so fast I barely knew what I was doing. Soon his mouth was tied up too and he was on the couch besides his brother. I pulled out my cell form my boot.


“Hi mom it’s Reilly.”

“Agent Reilly I was starting to get nervous.”

“Well plans changed. They captured me and tied me up. But I had that reversed in no time. Their names are Jack and Jeff Blake. So far I know that they have a dead drug dealer’s body on their hands.”

“Be there in five.”

“See ya.” I turned around to face the two boys. Five minutes past and the room was full of SPP agents. I winked at the boys and walked out of the door in pride. My job here was done.

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