Dead Room Full of Life

May 22, 2009
By Yusheng Luo BRONZE, Pearland, Texas
Yusheng Luo BRONZE, Pearland, Texas
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One by one they left the room…

Every night, in the third-floor bedroom of the old deserted house on Rosen Street, something strange occurs. It all started a couple of years back, when some troublesome kids had left the rusty window open when exploring the dusty house. Since then, each and every night, the room had come to life. Powered by spirits that came as the sun set, seeking a form to take life in, the objects in the room became alive. The birds that decorated the wall flew out. The people in the old faded posters walked away. And, the statues turned real. All these spirit-powered life forms sought something generally the same, but different. They all looked for what they didn’t have a chance to do before they died. For some, it is a chance to thank or do a deed they promised to do before death. Others, revenge. They had to be back before sunrise though, or they turned to dust. Things ran well until one day when the children came back. They had dared each other to spend one night in the spooky, aged house. However, they did not know the dangers of the spirits. So one night, they intruded the deserted house and got to the room just after sunset. They were very fortunate that they did not encounter the spirits. They unpacked their sleeping bags and clothes. It was a very dark and stormy night, and the rain was pouring in through the window. The three boys were getting soaked, so one of tried to close the window. It would not budge, and the two others came to help. They pulled with all their might, and it slammed shut. The thunder roared loudly through the night and the room started to get stuffy. The boys were scared stiff and they got no sleep at all. The storm slowly died away and when it was near dawn, the boys tried to open the window back up. However, when they closed it, they had jammed it and there was no way to open it again. They did not think it was a big deal. But it was. Soon, the spirits would be back. Soon, the children will be in big trouble. A few minutes went by. There was no conversation the room was as still as death. Suddenly, the boys heard a tap on the window. They looked out and saw a faint outline of a bird. It slowly turned to a black shadow. Then, they heard another tap. Another figure appeared. More and more came. There was so many taps in sounded like rain pelting on the window. The shadows were all swarming around the glass. Now, the boys could hear faint moans. The boys started screaming and yanked on the doorknob to get out. The door was locked. The taping got louder. Sooner or later the window was going to break. The spirits got desperate as the first rays of sun were seen. Suddenly, there was a loud crash. The window broke. Dozens of spirits rushed in and gathered around the children. Their anger made them forget about the shattered window. They huddled around them and got closer, and closer, until they were within reach. The boys swung at them but the spirits were like air. There was nothing left for them to do. They closed their eyes and made their last wishes. The spirits got ready to strike. The boys waited for it to be all over. They waited, and waited. Nothing happened. They opened their eyes only to find…dust. The sun had rose.

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