Three Eyes and a Tail

May 22, 2009
By Anonymous

As the boy closed his eyes, they all crept out. The 3 eyes and the tail all slowly bounced up and down, from under the bed. The tail seemed excited, and hit the blinds, in its excitement. ”WHAM!” as the blinds closed, no more light visible. The boy woke with a start. He reached for the light, but it was just out of reach and he fell off his bed. He quickly grabbed a pillow on his bed for defense, his hands trembling in fear. “Hello?” he called, shaking and almost loosing his grip on the pillow. A jingle like coins seemed very near.
The tail seemed to creep closer and closer to the boy. It softly brushed the boy’s knee, and he shrieked. He jumped up onto his feet and onto his bed. The tail followed the eyes back to the window, and whacked it, slightly opening the window. A dim light let the boy see just past his nose. A cool breezed grazed the boy’s face, making him shiver even more. The floor creaked as the eyes and tail moved near the desk. The eyes climbed higher leaving the tail on the floor. They grabbed a piece of paper off the boy’s bulletin board. Against the current of the wind, the paper came hurtling to the boy’s hands. He grabbed it and looked at it for awhile. It was a picture of his family, his mom, dad, brother, himself, and his new dog, Fido. He wondered if the would come to his rescue, or if he would ever see them again.
His mom opened the door and peaked in, to check if he was sleeping. Seeing nothing but darkness and a little light of the moon, she assumed he was sleeping. She quietly closed the door. The boy quickly noticed and was about to call his mom, but the tail was in action again.
It ran into the boy’s closet, and the eyes followed its pursuit. “CRASH!” the tail had probably knocked something over. A small yelp was heard. The boy thought,” Tails don’t yelp… or do they?” The tail came out like a bolt of lightening, but the eyes were gone. The tail started to crash into things, like the wall.
The boy became less afraid, suspecting his brother to play a prank.
Hearing the commotion, the boy’s brother walked right into the boy’s room and said, “What’s going on?” Surprise to see his brother at the door, the boy yelled, “Hurry, get on the bed, there’s a MONSTER!” The boy’s brother leaped up onto the bed, hugging his older brother. ”Shhh!” said the boy, “Watch the tail, and wait for 3 eyes.’’ “There THREE…” stopped the brother as he was hushed.
The tail stopped its rampage, after it crashed into the bed post, shaking the boys, almost off their bed. The eyes slipped out from under the sheet. The boy’s brother said,” Thththt…3 eyes!” clearly fascinated.
The door crawled open,” Cody…Josh?” “MOM! There’s a monster in my room! Turn on the lights!”
She flicked on the lights, and there before them was a jumbled mess of laundry, games, paper, and a dog. “Fido! So you’re the monster.” Josh said, “But, you said the monster had 3 eyes, not 2.” Mom interfered with my explanation and said, “It was 2 eyes and a collar!” We all laughed and gave Fido a treat for giving us quite a show.
When we woke up in the morning, Mom had told Dad about the story “the boys” wanted to tell him.
Dad came in and looked puzzled, and asked, “What da I miss?” Cody, Josh, and Mom just stared at hi and laughed. Even Fido joined in and started barking.

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