The Tracks

May 22, 2009
By Anonymous

One day in the summer I was reading this awesome action book. Then had got to the best part of the book it told me to STOP!!!!!!!!!!! But stupid old me didn’t stop at the page I was post to stop at. So I kept on reading then all of a sudden the book started to spin the n it sucked me into the story.
When I stated to look around I was sitting on a kart that was on tracks that were going towards the fog, then when I looked who was right beside me I was so surprised to see Mr. popper & Mrs. popper in front of me & Jack was right beside me. Then I asked where are we going? Then & Mrs. & Mr. Popper replied “you must have been knock out for a wile if you don’t remember where we are going”. “Well do you see that castle in the fog’’ I replied “ya I do see it it looks hunted”. “Well we are trying to get there before the skull men come get us if the skull people find us, they will throw us in a raggedy old, smelly cell”. So I asked “how did this happen in the first place any way” they said that “it happened because we were trying to get are souls back”.
So then I asked the women “how do you know that are souls will be there”. Mrs. popper, said the krpt keeper, said “that we will find what we are looking for there at he castle but be careful you might face a lots of different creatures and when yawl come back to promise that you would take me to the castle for I could get my soul and live peacefully at last or else I will put a curse on you & your family”.
A couple of hours went by & were starting to pass by a creepy, spooky, fogy swamp. Trolls started to appear from the nasty infected swamp waters. They started to make weird noise. But the noise didn’t bother us. What did bother us was that the big mystical demand at the end of the swamp. He a rose from the nasty infected water. He told us the story of what he was looking for. He said “that he was looking for the ninth ring and if he doesn’t find it by the full moon he would die”. But he would let us pass by any way. A couple of hours latter there was 2 tracks one led to the ghostly cave and the other one led to a burned down village.
So we took the way of the burned down village. At the end of the village there was stop. It had flying magical lions. We took the lions and while we were flying them we herd the skull people say “LOOK THERE THEY ARE GET THEM”!!!!!!!!!!!! So they were shooting there flaming arrows one ok them got jack and another got Mrs. Popper. They said just leave us put us on another lion but promise us this that you will find us and bring us are souls.
So we just left them and in anger I just jumped from lion to lion and once I got to the skull people lions I threw them off the lion and got to the castle quick. So when I and Mr. Popper got to the castle we ran right to the king and begged them to give us 4 souls. He gave it to us and on the way out of the castle we found the ring that the demeaned at the swamp was looking for. But first thing first we took are souls and swallowed the so we got all are powers back. So while we were flying back I herd them scream “here we are”!!!!! So we gave them there souls and I told them that we have to stop by a friend. So on the way back we stopped by the swamp and gave the demeaned his ring once we gave him his ring he disappeared. So when we got back to the Berlin gates we took the crypt keeper to the castle to get his soul. After all that happened I started disappearing into the fog and all of a sudden I was back in my room.

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