Strange Nightmare in July

May 22, 2009
By Anonymous

It started, when I was skipping rocks at the lake, with my cousin Robert. We were throwing rocks as hard as we could, to see whose would skip farther. Robert skipped his rock nine times! I knew that I would have to muscle up on one to beat him. So, I wound back, and threw the rock into the water like a laser. It was off, one skip, two skips, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine…. Then in a flash it came skipping right back!

“That was weird” said Robert “It came skipping right back!”

“So I win” I said “My rock skipped eighteen times, nine to the middle of the lake, nine back.”

“But that’s not fair” said Robert “Your rock skipped back for some reason”
Then I noticed that my rock was floating above the water. Then it slowly started moving.

“Your rock is possessed Logan!” said Robert “Look at it, its alive!”
I started laughing, but quickly stopped when I heard a deep growl come from under the water. Then the ground shook, as a huge monster rose out of the water. I fell on the ground as the monster rose, as did Robert. We were quickly trying to crawl from the monster.

“Where are you going mortal?” said the monster “Do you think that I can’t see you!” it chuckled

“What are you” I said “What do you want”

“I want your park, and town” it said “For reasons you cannot understand!” “By the way, my name is Milladactyl.”

“You’re a girl!” said Robert “You look more like a guy!”

“What!” said Milladactyl “I will kill you for that insult!”
So Robert and I took off running, but it was no use, Milladactyl just jumped out of the water, and landed right in front of us!

“Where do you think your going …… Logan!” said Milladactyl

“How do you know my name?” I said

“Oh, we have been fierce enemies for many millenniums Logan!” said Milladactyl

“I’m only thirteen years old!” I said

“No, you’re the son of a god.” said Milladactyl “You’ve been alive for billions of years!” “You just don’t remember because I almost killed you”

“You made me lose my memory!” I said

“Yes,” replied Milladactyl “and turned you into dust, but some how you were reborn!”

“Yeah” I replied “When my mother gave birth to me!”

“Your adopted Logan, your parents didn’t tell you?” said Milladactyl.

“What about me” said Robert

“What about you?” said Milladactyl.

“Am I the son of a god to?” said Robert

“No” said Milladactyl “You are Logan’s cousin only!”

“No powers, no nothing!” said Robert “That’s a bummer”

“No it’s not” said Milladactyl “You’re the lucky one”

“Why” said Robert

“Because you won’t die!” she said
With that, Milladactyl charged at me, and slashed at me. But I felt something stir inside of me. Then my hair stood up, and it turned yellow. There was a golden aura surrounding me! When Milladactyl slashed at me, I just grabbed her arm and flung her aside.

“What!” said Milladactyl “There is no way that you can still become a Super God!” “It’s not possible!”

“Logan, Dude” said Robert “You’re a Super God, that’s awesome”

“How in the world did I do that” I said. “Do I have super powers?”

“Well duh!” said Robert “You flung her aside like a bag of chips!”

“Well that’s still not enough to beat me, the only thing that can is your special move!” said Milladactyl “But you don’t remember it!”

So Milladactyl charged at me again! But this she stuck her hand out and shot an energy beam!

“That’ll finish you” she said “No one survives that!”
The whole time I just stood their with my hands cupped. I tried to focus all my energy into my hands, because something just told me to. The beam was coming fast! But I just stood their. The beam hit me head on.

“Yes” said Milladactyl “I have defeated a Super God!”

“No” said Robert “You can’t die, you’re a Super God!”
But all that could be seen was a plethora of smoke.

“Now it’s your turn to die! Mortal!” said Milladactyl

“But you said that I can live” said Robert “You promised!”

“No I didn’t you fool” said Milladactyl “Now stand still like your cousin and die!”

The whole time, Milladactyl didn’t notice me holding a blue ball of energy. So as Milladactyl stuck her hand out charging her beam. I shot a beam of my own right at her head. Milladactyl turned around and screamed “Noooooo, he remembered it”

Then she disintegrated as the beam hit her. All that was left was her footprints.

“Wow!” said Robert “That was totally awesome!”

“Yeah, I guess” I said “But how do I turn my hair back to normal.”

“I think it fits you” said Robert “It also comes with super powers!” “Who wouldn’t want your hair?”

“I don’t know?” I said “Maybe, a normal person!”
Just then I felt myself go weak, and fall to the ground. I woke up in my trailer; I looked outside and saw no sign of Milladactyl ever being at the park! I went outside, and walked over to Robert.

“Where are Milladactyl’s footprints” I said

“What are you talking about?” said Robert “You must have been dreaming!”

“Maybe” I said “It must have been a nightmare not a dream”

“Lots of people get nightmares in July Logan!” said Robert
So I walked to the edge of the lake, and sat their. “It must have been a dream” I said in my head. But then, I heard it!

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