The Moving Window

May 22, 2009
By Anonymous

It was February in Detroit, Michigan. The weather still cold and a war right down the street from my house. Robert had just come home after being fired at Pizza Hut and getting a ticket from the police for speeding.
After he had walked in, Robert went straight to the couch to watch TV. The dark night that came into his room made him terrified as Robert watched someone get shot by a gang. All of a sudden there was a thumping sound that seemed like it was coming from the bathroom. Robert stood up and slowly walked towards the sound until he reached his bedroom. As Robert opened the door, he saw a comfortable bed was waiting for him. Robert went over to his bed and fell asleep.
The bright sun was coming into the window and when he sat up, the only window in the room was open. Strangely, Robert walked over to the window to see if anything could have opened it. There was nothing but a plant and a bird sitting outside.
That morning, Robert placed a video camera in his room to see if he would be able to find out who is opening the window. After coming home from a long day, Robert took a shower and went straight to bed with a full moon shining through the window.
When he woke up, the window was open and Robert was anxious to watch the camera. After breakfast, he went into his room and received the camera. As Robert was watching the camera, the video tape fuzzed for thirty seconds. When it stopped and came back normal, the window was already open. That whole day, Robert sat in his room to try and think out what was happening. It was close to five fifteen when Robert left to eat dinner at an expensive restaurant.
When he returned, he noticed that he was breathing salty air. Robert immediately walked to his bedroom to see if it was open. Right when he opened the door, Robert noticed that the window was all the way open. That night, Robert decided to stay up all night and also put steel over the window just incase something bad happened.
It was eleven thirty when Robert went to lay in his bed to stay up all night. He had brought a bag of chips and two diet cokes to try and keep him awake. While lying in his bed, Robert heard a lot of thumping and footsteps in the hall. Robert was so scared when the noise got louder that he closed his eyes. Robert heard many loud noises, like birds flapping there wings in the air. When he awoke, the window was open but something was different. Robert just studied the room closely and finally discovered that his wallpaper was not right. Usually, the birds on the wallpaper were facing the door, but now they were facing the window. Robert knew that the birds on the wallpaper had some how made the window open. That afternoon, Robert took down his wallpaper and bought a peaceful moon to hang up in his room. To this day, Robert still remembers those days were he had to stay up all night just to find out why his window opened.

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