3000 Miles to Brook-side

May 22, 2009
By Cristian Gutierrez BRONZE, Pealrand, Texas
Cristian Gutierrez BRONZE, Pealrand, Texas
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I remember that day like any other one bright, colorful, and dusty. But all the days after that one, I will never forget.

I had just gotten out of prison with Murphy, and we had a plan to steal the diamond orbs that were being held at the Rivera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas during international Elvis week. Murphy had got 4 other guys 1 of them I knew “Jack”. He had become a man who can get things from cars to guns. When we got to the hotel we jumped into the car. We where going to go meet jack at the helicopter which was about 1 hour away.

Jack was standing next to the helicopter when we got there were 5 guitar cases next to him. Murphy said “What are those for.” “The fire-power.” said Jack. Murphy yelled out “Meet at the motel 6 p.m. sharp!”

I was late as usual, but o’well, we drove to Los Vegas dressed in Elvis costumes.

“Split!!!” yelled Murphy
I went one way while he and three others went the other way. I had to wait for the three girls that were in the elevator to get out. After the left I did a little dancing and sprayed the camera black as I did so Murphy got in the fault.

“Alright everyone shut up and put your heads on the ground. You what’s your problem.” yelled Murphy. “He’s deaf he can’t hear you.” yelled a worker. “Yeah well you’re not put his head on the ground. Alright now that we have the diamond orbs we’ll be on our way, Thank you and goodnight.” Yelled Murphy

“Alert, all units to A31 now.” yelled a security guard.
“Tell me if there coming.” said Murphy
“There coming.” said the guy holding his gun.

They held off security for 5 minutes before the elevator got to them. One of the guys was shot but not dead. We got in the helicopter and he died a minute later, but yet we escaped with 9 orbs, all of them.

3 Down 1 to Go
We got to the motel “so now that he’s gone what do we do.” “Well I say we split them even.” Murphy and one of the guys were arguing. “I’ll tell you what we do, how about me and mike just take all of them. said Murphy. BOOM!!! BANG!!! Murphy shot both of them down with a pistol. “Get the bodies, take them where no one will find them.” said Murphy. I knew exactly what Murphy had coming, he’ll 5 and ill take 4 and put them where no will find them. Simple plan but we had to do this while we were running from the cops.

“There heading north and farther north then we expected everyday.” said a cop. “Call Swat, we’ll need everyone we can get.”

“We’ll go to Seattle, Jacks waiting there with a plane” said Murphy

Murphy’s dead
“You better not touch her!”
“Yeah, I won’t ouch here but I will touch the kid!”
“No not Jesse! “
“Yeah your poor son, he’s 11 and you’ll never see him again!”
“I swear to god ill be back.”
Murphy and I were yelling.

“You got the orbs.” ”Yeah right here, where’s Jesse. “Oh, he’s right here. You give me the orbs and ill send Jesse over. Hey kid you move slow.”
Murphy and I were yelling.

“They better all be in here. What the heck.” Yelled Murphy
A scorpion bit him as the police showed up.

I said “Well Murphy I’m going back.” Murphy said “Yeah, you’re going back alright you’re going back in a bag.” BOOM!! I was shot with a shotgun.
Now Jack and Murphy had to fight alone.
Jack died a minute later.
“That’s the last orb kid. I’ll cover you!!” said Murphy
Murphy shot and killed most of the swat he later died when he was over run by the police.

Well that was it all 4 of them were dead and me I got away with one orb the rest were there supposed to be.

In Brook-side Village!!!

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