The Lair

May 22, 2009
By Hobo happy BRONZE, Pearland, Texas
Hobo happy BRONZE, Pearland, Texas
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Part 1: Discovery

4:30pm-I looked at my house- it was 3 stories tall with a balcony over the front entrance, the only way into the house, with a right and left sections on both sides of it, that were the same and the right one had a garage. So it sort of looked like a U in shape if you took out the balcony, and in the middle of the house was a tower, strong and tall, overlooking the whole town, I almost thought that if I was up there I could see from sea to shining sea.

5:00pm-First I visited the grocery store, and the person’s name who owned it was Bob. I chatted with him for a while but he always seemed to be holding something back, something that he wanted to say but couldn’t. In the end all I got was a slice of pizza, which was actually good, and that people are dying around here a lot.

4:00am-Well after that bit of extremely cheerful news I took back to my home where I slept well, until I heard screams and crying. I quickly ran outside got to Toms house, and I heard him say that this was personal and that he would get revenge, I was tempted to ask, at who?, but I kept my mouth shut, knowing better than to talk now, and he said it began now…..Tom left the house running away quickly. I didn’t go into the house to see who died, so I looked outside for clues, but there was nothing

8:00am- For a 30 year old, I wake up early for a 30 year old, I have already been in my tower for almost a whole hour. That was when I realized that this house seemed to be to be separated from the rest of town by a wall of trees.

10:30am- It was raining hard now so I put on my trench coat, which always had a knife in it….and I picked up a Desert Eagle ( which is a large pistol) and returned to the site of the murder. I went into the house, which was unlocked, and I saw that whoever died put up a fight and bled. I saw claw marks on the floor next to where the body had been. I didn’t see anymore after that and I knew it was helpless and I went home.

11:00am- I went on a short detour and bought an AK47 with a few other things, like extended clips, scopes, longer barrel, a sling, and a few sandbags. I knew that this was time wasted on boarding up my house.

5:00pm- the houses lower windows had all been boarded up. I knew I was safe and also the front door had a metal gate that took a key to get in just in, and so did the garage door. I then went to get more sandbags, then I noticed something……claw marks on the floor……

Part 2: Slaying

To scared to keep track of time- I was in a corner in the study, which was well barricaded on all sides, luckily I brought my laptop with me so I could email the town when……holy……..(I blacked out)

1:30am- ughhh, what just happened? Apparently whatever happened I was still in the same place…….( right now I’m phasing in and out of consciousness) so…… I’m alive I looked at myself…….. I’m covered in blood, and green stuff………I got up, then I heard a voice, “two people are down in the ccccity massster.”
“We mussst do a full extermination of everyone.” Said the master, probably….
“We need more sssouls me liege”
“No, we need to start now.”
“I will ready troops.”
“For the scourge,” yelled a few things. What???? Fortunately they hadn’t taken away my guns. I pulled out my AK-47 and waited, suddenly a few undead, bloody, clawy, and looked like their skin had begun to rot off, things came out of the secret staircase that was in the fireplace, at least that’s were I thought they came from. The next few seconds were a blur, I shot them, and they tried to jump on me, one was even eating a comrades fallen corpse, which I killed, but I realized it took a few extra bullets…. I was out on the balcony, shooting more of them as they came through the door. My 60 round clip ran out of ammo so I through the AK-47 on my back (remember the sling) pulled out my Desert Eagle, pulled the trigger and blew its head off in one fluid motion, when it was about a foot away from my face, do I really have to tell you were most of the blood went, I’ll just say that I looked like a Comanche warrior with a lot of face paint. I ran back into the house and up onto the tower and took a stand there.

1:45am- No ones come yet. Maybe I wiped them out. I’m not sure. I could never be sure. I was about to go back down when I turned around and one hopped on to me slashing and biting, it was a lot more face paint I’ll just say. We both rolled out of the tower and started to fall; he hit the roof first because he was below me, it cushioned my impact but I still blacked out…………..

2:30am- I woke up on the roof. The only thing I had left was my knife. The guns were still in the tower and I didn’t want to go back up, so I hopped from the roof back onto the balcony, knife ready for battle. I rushed into the study, went down the staircase in the fireplace, and entered a small basement room, but what surprised me most was a small door.

Part 3: The Lair

2:45am- This door won’t budge! When I was about to lose hope, a short man opened it and came out, he was old, wore fine clothes, even though they were raggedy, and everything except his ghost white face was black. He also had a staff that was as tall as him with a skull, which was as white as the man’s face, at the top of it. I didn’t actually hear him but I could hear him sending me thoughts. You will be a fine addition, join me and you will be invisible!!! “Never” I jumped at him, but he pushed me back, using mystical powers. Is that all you can do? “Nope” and we fought, he shot fire, and I tried to knife him. We both missed in till he hit me and he eventually slammed me against the wall with a fire strike. He was walking up to me, almost like victory was already his, and he started to say a chant, I could hear more of the claw things rising. “Nooooo!!” I yelled and threw my knife, straight into his heart……… (I blacked out)

12:00 noon- I woke up, the door was still open. I saw a golden glow coming through it, my victory claim. I picked up my knife and went in…….

The author's comments:
a mystery at first but turn into battle fo survival

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