The Mysterious Kid

May 22, 2009
By Johnny Cruzz BRONZE, Pearland, Texas
Johnny Cruzz BRONZE, Pearland, Texas
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Jiyuu was asleep when his mother came in to wake him up for school. Jiyuu wake up its time for school. His mother said. Jiyuu slowly opens his eyes and sits up. I’m up mom can u get out so I can get dressed. Jiyuu said rubbing his eyes. Ok hun just hurry up. She said walking out to go make a plate of break feast for Jiyuu. Jiyuu walked wearing his black Vladimir Tod Jacket and his black hair covering his one of his eyes and he sat down and smiled innocently to his mother. Why do u wear your hair like that? She asked with a sigh. Why do u wear your hair like that? Jiyuu asked with a smirk grabbing his book bag walking out the door. He looks at the cuts on his wrist remembering why he did them and then covered them up. Jiyuu see a kid that just moved in to the neighborhood. The kid came up to him and looked down. Hi I’m Angel can I walks with you to school I think we go to the same school? Angel asked looking at Jiyuu. I don’t know can you walk with m? Jiyuu asked smirking. If you want me to I can. Angel said. Do u go to Light middle school? Jiyuu asked. Ayah I do I start today. Angel said standing in the middle of the street. Ok then go get ready and come one. Jiyuu said leaning on a tree. Angel ran back to his house and with in twenty minutes he was back dress in white shirt and black jeans with his hair covering both his eyes. Jiyuu laughed and smiled. Alright let go. Angel said smiling holding his bag cover on shoulder. Jiyuu gets pushed to the floor by 2 players of his school foot ball team. Hey Goth punk you ready for your daylily beating, on guy said. The other kid kicked Jiyuu in the gut. Angel runs and helps Jiyuu up. You ok Jiyuu? Angel asked holding him up. A-Ayah I’m fine. Jiyuu said holding his stomach closing his eyes. Jiyuu got up from Angels grip and punched one guy and kicked the other two a tree. Angel grabbed Jiyuu and pulled him to school. Thanks for staying with me Angel. Jiyuu said with a smile and hugged him. Your can get your schedule over there. Jiyuu said pointing to the front office. Thanks. Angel said running to the office. Angel and Jiyuu had the first five periods together then Angel was on his own. When school was over Jiyuu and Angel meet up in the front of the School. How was your day Angel? Jiyuu asked laughing. It was fine I guess same as any other school. Angel said sighing. Jiyuu and Angel start to walk home. Jiyuu sees the police in front of his house. He runs to his house but the police hold him back and won’t let him in side. Let go that’s my parents! Jiyuu yells and watches the crowers office people take his parents dead body’s away. Jiyuu push the cop away and runs and sits alone under and tree his head on his knees tears dripping off his face like rain dripping off his hair. Angel walks to Jiyuu and knees down to him. Hey its ok I’m here we be friends for life. Angel said holding his hand out to Jiyuu. I want my mom and dad not friends my family! Jiyuu yells at Angel his tears falling like rain drops. Ok I know you do but we can’t do anything about it. Angel said sitting beside Jiyuu. Ill be back in a bit. Jiyuu said getting up walking to his house. Jiyuu looks around to see if there are any clues. He looks up and sees a video camera on a book self blinking. He grabs a step stole and climbs up and grabs the video camera. He opens the cosset slot and sees it been on a whole day and it died when he got in the house. Jiyuu goes to his room and plugs up the camera and plays it. Jiyuu sees a boy with brown hair kill his parents and leaves. Jiyuu face turns red as a tomato and punches the wall leaving a hole in it. He then smashes the camera in bits. Jiyuu then went and back to Angel his hand dripping blood but angel went home. Jiyuu sits there alone and falls asleep.
Jiyuu wakes up in a room shaking. I see you are awake. A voice came from the door. Ayah sorry I got scared Angel. Jiyuu said. It’s ok I’m use to it. Angel said walking to Jiyuu with a tray of food. So umm how did you get me here? Jiyuu asked eat some of the cereal. Oh ayah I carried you on my back. Angel said getting dress for school. Jiyuu get up and walks to the restroom and come out moments later. I’m ready Jiyuu said putting on his jacket. Alright let’s go. Angel said grabbing his bag. As soon Jiyuu walks out he sees the boy with the brown hair. Jiyuu lunges at him but Angel grabs him and holds him in a arm lock. Ok Ok ill let him go for now. Jiyuu said pulling from Angel grip. Angel and Jiyuu walks to school Jiyuu find out the kid with brown hair is new and is in every class Jiyuu has at the same time. Jiyuu walked to him. Hi I’m Jiyuu what’s your name? Jiyuu asked. Its Caleb I’m new here. Caleb said smiling at Jiyuu. You want to walk home with me today? Jiyuu asked. Sure I live on the same block as you any way. Caleb said. After school Jiyuu and Caleb were walking home. You killed my parents. Jiyuu said stabbing Caleb in the chest. He then sits in Caleb’s blood his knees to his chest rocking back and forth.

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