The Haunted Pumpkin

May 22, 2009
By aymee yoder BRONZE, Pearland, Texas
aymee yoder BRONZE, Pearland, Texas
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It was Halloween night and people were trick or treating all around the neighborhood .but in that little house on the end of the street. There lived a girl named Rebecca .she was tall and had short black hair. She had picked out a pumpkin that was big ,round and orange. Rebecca brought the pumpkin home and she put in on the kitchen table as she got the knife she heard a loud groaning noise. She put the knife down and went to go see what it was but when she look everywhere there was nothing there. So she went back in to the kitchen and she picked up the knife and as she went cut into the pumpkin it started to glow . she got scared so she went and took the pumpkin to the trash outside .but when she went back into the kitchen to clean up the mess the pumpkin was back in there sitting in the chair. And then she went to go put in on her front porch there was a whole bunch of pumpkins glowing all kinds of different colors. She got even more scared so she started chopping up all the pumpkins and then they all came alive and started chasing after her and she ran and as she was running down the neighborhood the people started turning into pumpkins she got so scared that she just about fainted.

The End

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