May 22, 2009
By Anonymous

It was a long sleepless night as Jacob who was awake seeing lights go in out in and out over again wondering what they are and why are they here.
As he was wondering [is their a party what is going on?] the sounds he said, the weird sounds like they were talking to each other he didn’t want to turn over to see what it was. The next morning he got up and went down stairs to ask his mom if she saw what was going on she said[honey you are just having nightmares again.] Jacob said no saw something why don’t you believe me? I do said the mom but lights coming from your room is a little weird now eat you’re breakfast so that you can go on to school.
As Jacob got to school he didn’t pay eney ation in class he was so worded about last night. When he got home he said again to his mom.[what do you think it was?]I don’t know how about you sleep in Mandy’s room for to night and lets see if you see them again. That night Jacob didn’t see the lights. When the morning came he was clueless on why they didn’t come.
He told his mom and she was shocked to so she give him a chose to sleep in Mandy’s room or in his room. He chose his room and as he was walking up the stairs he was talking to him self were are the clues? Why is this happening to me I am going to find out what it is creeping around in my room at night I will find out! As soon as he got to his room he went to bed early to see if they wood come again. That night he heard the full moon holing at him and the terrifying light coming around the corner throw the cobwebs and throw the cold creaky window was the lights. The little thing who thought they would scare a twelve year old. They went to his closet were his clothes hang and his money in a jar stood. Through the night they keep coming.
The next morning came and here he was again telling his mom the things he saw. As he was at school he was thinking when I was with Mandy nothing when I am alone they come do they don’t like more than one person? Or is it Mandy I don’t think it would be her she is to short and young to do that maybe mom and her are togher?
Jacob got home and stared to think and ask this mom some questions like she was a suspect. She said honey if you think I did it then sleep I my room to night. No Jacob said they don’t come if there are more than one person in a room wait one minuet I will so I can keep my eye on you!
Jacob was thinking if I am with mom what about Mandy I know she knows how to do it by now. That night he saw them he woke up his mom not their she vanished he thought she was really gone but nothing left .He followed the floating object down stairs but he lost them so he went down stairs and saw them attached to strings with his mom and sister Mandy holding them mom said Jacob why did you do this come on Jacob I just waited to trick you me to yelled out Mandy.
Jacob said to Mandy it is on now! She said no please it was moms Idea I am only eight I don’t come up with those ideas.

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