The unsuspected man

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The unsuspected man?
There was a girl named Ashley, and she moved into her house a week ago. Ashley has a neighbor and his name is Justin. Justin had been living in the anonymous neighborhood. Justin and Ashley became friends ever since Ashley moved in.

On one dark foggy night Ashley herd something when she was asleep. She was getting really scared; she could have sworn she heard the door knob in a high pitched screech from the little door. Ashley thought to her self “who would come to my house this late at two in the morning”? Ashley thought real hard to her self again “it couldn’t be Justin his lights are out and his car is still there, and why would Justin do that to me were friends, friends are not suppose to do that”. The anonymous man was standing on the stairs Ashley could see the outline of his foot. Ashley described it as long and pointy and it looked like a dress shoe. By the time the man went upstairs into her living room he fell asleep and Ashley put on the TV on stuck earphones in it and watched the News. On the News was a wanted person they described him like Ashley did but his name is anonymous even the news reporter doesn’t even know.

The next morning the anonymous man was asleep in Ashley’s house in her living room and Ashley thought of taking a risk to go upstairs. So Ashley took the risk and by the time she got up there the man was awake. The man said in an odd voice trying to cover up his real voice “well hello there you want to get some breakfast this morning”? Ashley replied “sure why not”? When Ashley got into the mans car she noticed he had a mask on and the man took her to his house and locked her up. Then Ashley said “why are you kidnapping me”? Ashley got all freaked out and scared he slammed the door real hard and locked the door behind him. After two weeks the neighborhood realized that Ashley was gone but her car was still there. The neighborhood thought it was Justin but they still don’t know. But there was no evidence it was Justin, or was it? Finally the police came on the same day the neighborhood was talking about Ashley. The police thought to sell her stuff in a garage sale so they did. Justin and Ashley were never seen again. And Ashley’s house was sold to a woman named Julia. Julia was so ecstatic for buying the house she loved it. But Julia never heard about what happened in the house though.

On one dark stormy night Julia was watching Family Guy on television and Julia usually likes her TV loud. An hour later Julia’s little door began to open she was still watching TV. By the time she headed toward the stairs and got into bed she saw a persons foot shape like Ashley saw, sharp and pointy. Julia thought her eyes were playing tricks on her. Julia finally went to sleep in her bed. The next morning Julia woke up and she was not in her house she was in a different person’s house. Julia started to get scared like Ashley did. She noticed there was a mask on the ground that looked like it was thrown down real hard. Julia decided to walk around the room. After thirty minutes had passed she finally found a phone. Julia tried to call but she couldn’t call at all. Then she heard the door knob spin and Julia knew he was coming. When the man came in the man said “who are you talking to”? Julia replied “no one”. So the man took away the phone and left and closed the door? And after ten years have passed Julia was still locked up in the room. Julia meet someone from the other room and her name was Ashley and she lived in the house just like Julia did. Julia and Ashley both had the same experience that happened them both. Julia and Ashley were never found at this mans house so they stayed their for a long time. Julia and Ashley were never spoken about at the neighborhood again. But it stills leaves a mystery what address is the man’s house on?

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kaeg said...
Aug. 2, 2009 at 4:02 pm
wow great i'm just a little confuesed comment your own work and tell me what happened to justin was the guy him.
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