Something Upstairs

May 22, 2009
By Andrew Molina BRONZE, Pearland, Texas
Andrew Molina BRONZE, Pearland, Texas
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On June 7, 2008, there was a man that bought a new house. Shortly after he moved in, he was making all kinds of noise. Like screaming, yelling, running around, having parties, and playing loud music. One night, I got tired of hearing it. So I came out of my little door in the basement. I walked up to his room, while he was asleep and destroyed everything. I threw things, and took all of the food out of the refrigerator, and took it to my room. He woke up the next morning and started screaming. He called the cops and they checked everything out, but didn’t find any evidence. I found out his name is John Huckleberry. I wonder if he has any kids or a wife. Since all of his stuff got damaged, he got something that might catch his next burglar. He has one in the basement, the living room, and on the outside patio. On July 4, 2008 he had a huge party, which was louder than ever. So I sneaked outside and went in the garage, found some wire cutters and cut the power. This went on and on for weeks. Until, he got something that might kill me if it sees me. I never went out anymore, since he has that animal. One day he was cleaning out the basement and I was hiding in a box. I saw I him look at the tiny door, so i came out and stared at him for awhile. He was about to open it, so I jumped on him and started hitting him and then I went back into my house and locked the door. He was so shocked that he never opened the door again. The clock was ticking as I waited for him to move out. I was hearing thumping and squeaking noises, as I waited. I decided to go out there and the basement floor was all dusty. I could also hear an echo of a scared man talking to another person. About how there was something in the basement. That other guy came in the basement, so I had to run and hide somewhere. He checked the basement until, he saw the door. He had a noose looking thing that an animal control guy has. He looked inside and couldn’t believe his eyes. He saw all of that stuff that was in there. John took all of his stuff out and the other guy asked how it got there. John was so scared, that he locked the door and never unlocked it. He later moved out and I had the whole house to myself. About one year later, someone unlocked the basement and came down. It’s going to start all over again. They bought the house and the same thing happened with other guy. They got scared also, and were about to move out but then they found me. They asked why I lived in the basement room. They also said I could live with them

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