June 2, 2009
By Anonymous

“Ahh, MOM, MOM!” said Tracy’s with fear in her face.
“What, what’s wrong honey!” Tracy mom said wile racing up the stairs.
“There’s someone in my closet!”
“There’s nothing in there, see.” said Tracy’s mom while opening her closets door.
“I saw her go in there.”
“Who, what girl.” Tracy’s mom questioned.
“She wants me to go with her.”
“It was just a bad dream come on go back to sleep.”
“No I saw her!” after seeing the fear In Tracy’s face her mom told her, “come on you can come and sleep with me for tonight.
That’s night Tracy’s could go to sleep because of what she has seen that night she new what she saw was real but her mom didn’t want to believe her.
“Tracy, Tony come, breakfast.” said Tracy’s mom yelling form the other room.
“Come on Tracy get up, before the girl come and gets you.” Said Tony.
“TONY!” his mom yelled from the other room.
“What I was just…”
“Just what”
“Nothing for get It.” said tony.
“Come on hurry up breakfast is going to get cold, ready for school Tony.”
“Bus gets here at 7:30 don’t forget.” said Tony’s mom.
“I know, I know” said tony wile stuffing pancakes in his mouth.
“Were you guys going?”
“Tracy got a check up, and then from there we are going to the mall.”
“Oh when will you be back?”
“Before you get back.”
“Bye, come on Tracy.” said Tony’s mom
“I’m coming mommy.” said Tracy.

“Mom, are you home?” said Tony slamming the door.
“Yes I’m making spaghetti.”
“go wash up its almost ready.”
“Tracy come on food is ready.”

“So how you guys like it.”
“Yum its good mom!” they made a wired face
“So how was school Jacob, make any new friends?”
“Good and of course.”
“Oh mom can I go over to my friends house after I’m done eating?”
“Yea, but do your homework fist then you can go.”
“Cant I just do it after.”
“Alright but you better do it.”

“Are you done yet.” Tony’s mom said.
“Yea, just need to do one more problem.”
“Yes honey.”
“Is our house haunted?”
“No why, who told you that?”
“Jacob, he said that a little girl died here.”
“No that’s just a lie.”
“Ohh.” he said as if he new she was lying.
That night Crystal went to go visit Tracy.
“Tracy, Tracy,” Crystal said in a whisper.
“What do you want, and how do you know my name?”
“Come with me.”
“No, who are you and why are you here.”
“Oh my name is crystal, and I know every ones name and I live here.”
“Were your parents?”
“My parents?, oh my parents they left.”
Tracy’s mom herd Tracy talking from the other so she went in to see what was going on.
“Tracy what are you doing?”
“Talking to Crystal.”
“Crystal? There’s nobody there.”
“Yea she is right … were is she.”
“Come on honey go to sleep.”

“Tony I’m going to take a quick shower look after Tracy she’s In her room.”
Tony didn’t hear her sister at all she would usually be watching TV or be asking Tony for something but he didn’t hear her at all.
“Tracy, were are you?”
He didn’t get any response from her.
So he decided to look out in the back yard and see if she was there. He heard a noise coming from the pool so he ran to see what it was, when he saw his little sister was floating on top of the water.
“Oh my gosh, Tracy, Tracy! Mom, mom!” he said with panic and fear.
“What” she came rushing with shampoo in her hair.
“Oh my gosh, Tracy, Tracy, call an ambulance hurry.”
“Tracy come on Tracy.” still panicking.

“What happen?” said the police.
“I don’t know my son tony found her floating in the pool.”
“Where were you when this happen?”
“I was in the shower.”
“Okay, thank you” said the police officer.
“Is she going to be okay?”
“Yes she will have to stay in the hospital for a couple of days.”
That day Tracy’s mom decided to pack up and move. A new family had moved in and they had a 4 year old daughter Emily that night Crystal was going to make a new victim.
“Mom, Mom!” said Emily
“What there’s a girl in my closet.”
“What girl?”

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