The Teenage Mystery

June 10, 2009
By Nicole Smith BRONZE, East Meadow, New York
Nicole Smith BRONZE, East Meadow, New York
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Once there was a girl named Rebecca Reno. She was in the eighth grade. She was the nicest girl in the whole school. Everyone loved her.
One day Rebecca and I were talking on the phone. “So Becky? Do you want to come over my house this weekend? My dad said that we could go to the mall on Saturday.”
“I don’t know. I think I am doing something- let me check.” Becky came back on the phone and said, “Yeah, I can come over.” Then as we are talking, a scratching sound came from the phone.
“Becky are you there?”
“Alison, Alison?” The phone got disconnected. I ran down stairs and asked my parents if they were messing with phone again. Ironically they said no. I thought that maybe it was the wind that knocked the power out. There was a storm outside. The next day I went to school, Rebecca was not there. Maybe she was sick or something. The day passed by slowly. Once the last bell rang, I went to Rebecca’s house. There were police cars everywhere. I got scared and ran up to the house.
Mrs. Reno opened the door and had tears running down her face.
“Come in dear.”
“What happened?”
Mrs. Reno started to explain.
“Well, when she was upstairs talking on the phone, I had told her that her father and I were going out to dinner for our anniversary. We came back and we saw the phone on her bed but she was not there. We looked everywhere. We could not find her. So we called everyone that we knew to see if we could find her. We even called your house but your mother said she was not at your house.”
Then I left her house. I went home and my mom was sitting on the couch waiting for me to come home.
My mom said, “Did they find Rebecca yet?”
“No.” Tears started to come to my eyes. I ran to my room and started to think of where Rebecca could be. Maybe she was in the ice cream shop. No, she would not be there for two days. I started to make flyers. I went to town and started to put up my flyers. I had put my number and Mrs. Reno’s number on it and also the two e-mail addresses. After I was finished, I went home and waited to see if anyone would call or e-mail me. After an hour or two I had finally gotten an e-mail from someone. It was Rebecca!!! I was happy and surprised at the same time! I read her e-mail it said: help me. I started to cry. I e-mailed her back: Where are you?
She responded, I’m at 754 Greed Street. Someone kidnapped me. I was sobbing. I had called 911 and told them exactly where the address was and what had happened. I told my mom and she rushed me over there to see if the police had gone there. The police were there and so were we.
They had the whole building surrounded. They called out for the kidnapper. No one was coming out so they broke down the door. After about forty minutes, they came out with kidnapper and Rebecca. Rebecca was not injured at all. They had taken her to the hospital for some tests. I felt so relieved that she was ok and that we had found her.

The author's comments:
My piece is an exciting mystery about a girl who gets kidnapped. Helping to find her, her friend Alison goes searching for her. I am going to write about other mysteries too.

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