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May 30, 2009
By Alex Lawrence BRONZE, Cumberland, Rhode Island
Alex Lawrence BRONZE, Cumberland, Rhode Island
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I woke up this morning to the sound of the alarm on my cell phone. While looking for my cell phone I noticed how it was strangely dark and gloomy outside. This was a surprise to me because it was always sunny around where I lived. I checked my clock and seen that I only had an hour to get ready for the first day of finals at school. I rushed to take a shower and get dressed before going to get some breakfast. I looked in the mirror admiring my eyes. My mom had always told me that my eyes are special. I looked at my long brown hair noticing that it was slightly darker than usual. Hmmm this is weird I wondered to myself.
Waiting downstairs was my mom holding a stack of pancakes. “Alex you better hurry or there isn’t going to be any left.” My mom yelled.
“Ok mom I’m on my way.” I stated as I flew down the stairs.
My mom was an excellent cook, she could make almost anything you asked. That is one reason I always had friends stopping by pretending they just wanted to see me. I found it funny at the time.
“So Alex, are you ready for your big day today?” my mom exclaimed.
“Yea I guess so. Hey mom can I hang with Luke, and Zack after school? We wanted to practice our new song before our concert on Friday for battle of the bands.”
“Sure just don’t be home to late.”
“Thanks mom.”
“No problem but enough talking or you’re going to be late.”
“Oh yea I better get going or I’m going to miss the bus. Bye mom I love you.”
“Love you too, now hurry.”
So I rushed to find my backpack and dashed out the door. Waiting at the bus stop was Trace and Sara.
“Hey Alex I thought you weren’t going to make It.” said Sara.
“Yea I know same here.” agreed Trace.
“Sorry I was up late studying for today. Are you guys ready?”
“Yea.” They both blurted out at the same time. Trace and Sara have always been good friends of mine. Trace has short spiky blonde hair and is so skinny because of how athletic he is. Sara has long black hair and is always in a good mood. I have always kind of had a small crush on Sara.
I turn to see the bus coming around the corner. I looked toward the side of the bus and we had a different bus than the usual one. The number of our usual bus was 25; this bus though didn’t seem to have any numbers on it. While boarding the bus I also noticed we had a different bus driver.
“I wonder what happened to Mrs. Blake. Why isn’t she driving this morning?” I asked once we reached the back of the bus.
“You mean you didn’t hear? I thought everyone would have by now.” said a kid I didn’t seem to know from the seat in front of us.
“No what happened?” asked Sara
“Well the news said she was killed by some kind of animal last night, but I say it looks more like a monster or something.” Said the boy who seemed to be horrified just thinking about it.
“Oh my god not my aunt…” said Trace. Mrs. Blake was Traces favorite family member and someone who he could call a best friend.
“Trace it’s going to be ok.” I said trying to cheer him up.
“I hope so” he exclaims depressingly. I do not ever think I have seen Trace so sad he is always happy and in a good mood. Whenever I am sad I usually looked towards him to make me feel better, but I guess it’s my turn now.
“Hey Trace if it helps at all you and Sara can come by and watch my band rehearse later.”
“Nah I think I’m going to spend some time with my mom making her feel better.”
“Ok, well Sara do you still want to come?”
“Yea sure.” she said.
So after a long depressing bus ride we finally arrive at school. I was excited and yet nervous about finals. I was glad to be having my history final first. I love my history teacher Mr.Pinta; he is so much fun to be around. Mr. Pinta is about 6’4, very muscular, and all the girls seem to love him even the students.
I start to take the exam remembering all I was taught about how whether immigration should be restricted or not and then I started to think about what happened to Mrs. Blake. Was it an animal like the news said or was it something else I wondered. I decided that after I take the exams today I’m going to get Sara Luke and Zack and find out.
So after the first day of exams I gather everyone together.
“Ok so I’ve come up with an idea.” I said
“Oh god what this time?” Luke sighed.
“We are going to find out what killed Mrs. Blake.”
“What are you crazy?!” Sara yelled.
“No he’s just a dumbass.” Said Zack.
“Thanks Zack I knew I could count on you ha-ha.”
“No problem, just one question.”
“How the hell do you plan on finding this…thing?”
“Ehhh I haven’t gotten that far yet.” I said discouraged.
About an hour later we are at Luke’s house in his garage thinking of a plan and playing a few songs.
“Zack how about we use some of the hidden stash?” I said.
“What stash?” Asked Sara.
“Wow we haven’t been there for awhile.” said Luke, completely ignoring Sara’s question.
“Are you sure Alex we don’t even know if they still work?” states Zack.
“Ummmmm excuse me, will someone tell me what you guys are talking about please?” said Sara angrily.
“Well when Zack, Luke, and I were a little younger we came across this abandoned warehouse filled with these weird guns that look like nothing I have ever seen before.”
“Wait so are you saying you guys found weapons like actually deadly weapons that can kill someone in some random abandoned warehouse?”
“Yea pretty much.” Said Luke.
“yup and the weird part is I was looking through one of my dad’s gun books a few weeks after that to try and figure out what kind of guns they were and according to the books they don’t exist.” said Zack in a sudden awe.
All of a sudden the room went quiet and there was a banging on the garage door. I tried my best to get Sara behind me to make sure she stays safe. I looked around and noticed a metal pipe which I pick up in defense.
“Luke, Zack, protect Sara I’m going to go check it out.”I state using the most serious tone of voice
“Alex be careful…” Sara whispers softly sounding like she is about to cry.
“Don’t worry I will be fine.” I said in an uneasy voice.
I make my way towards the door inch by inch being as quiet as can be. I put my ear to the door and listen carefully to what is outside. There is a panting that seems to grow louder by the second. I decide to take my chances and open the side door. Rushing out of the garage as fast as I can I turn to swing the pipe at what seemed to be making the noise. I start to relax seeing that whatever was there is gone. I look to the ground to see some sort of blood stained figure.
“Luke get me a flashlight or something!” I yell to him inside.
As minutes past bye I stand by the unknown figure waiting for Luke to find a flashlight. Finally Luke comes out of the door flashlight in hand.
“Ew what’s that smell?” Luke exclaims disgustedly.
“I think we are about to find out.” I said.
I shine the flashlight towards the unknown figure and to my surprise it looks familiar. I study the figure more closely and realize it was the boy from the bus. His face was all clawed up and it seemed that his chest had been ripped open.
“Luke call the paramedics quick he’s still breathing but barley!” I yell out of fear.
After what seemed like forever the paramedics arrived.
“Wow this is the same thing that happened to that old broad the other day.” states one paramedic to the other.
“Yea I wonder what’s causing all of this?” says the other paramedic as they loaded the boy into the ambulance.
After the ambulance rushed the boy to the hospital I turned to make sure everyone else was ok.
“Sara, Luke, Zack are any of you hurt?” I ask
“No we are all fine” said Luke.
“Ok good. Tomorrow after finals we are going to that warehouse, Sara I’m going to walk you home it’s not safe to walk alone.” I say
“Ok Alex.” Sara said, still shaken up from all of the excitement.
“Peace out guys.” Luke and Zack both said at the same time.
So Sara and I make our way from Luke’s house onto the sidewalk.
“How are you holding up?” I ask her.
“Surprisingly better than I thought I would be.” She answers.
“Sara there’s something I need to tell you…” I say nervously
“Yes Alex?”
“Well…I have…” I’m cut off by the sound of a car pulling up behind us.
“Sara is that you?” said the voice from the car.
“Yes dad what are you doing here?”
“Well I came looking for you; it’s not safe outside at dark these days. Oh hello Alex I didn’t even notice you there.” Said her dad
“Hello Mr. Silva.” I say
“Well I guess I have to leave Alex I’m sorry, I’ll talk to you tomorrow in school. Bye!”
“Goodbye.” I say in a depressing voice.
I started to walk towards my house when I hear Sara yell to me.
“Alex I forgot to tell you something!” she exclaims
“Yea?” I say confused.
“I wanted to say thanks for protecting me earlier”
“It’s no prob…” but before I could finish my sentence she kisses my cheek and rushes into her dads car.
For one moment in my life I felt complete like nothing could go wrong, boy was I wrong.

The author's comments:
just some stuff i thought of one day and btw the box is to small to show it in the correct format

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