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May 29, 2009
By Forest Van Voltenberg BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Forest Van Voltenberg BRONZE, Two Rivers, Wisconsin
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“What a wonderful day!” I told Fin-Fin. My long dark brown hair blew in the brief wind. Fin-Fin is a little brown and blue bird who’s my best friend. “Sun-tanning at the top of a tree is the best! I love getting a very dark tan! I never burn!” “Yes, it is!” Fin-Fin exclaimed, “What was that?” She asked. “What was what?” I asked. “That... That…” She stuttered, “That sound!” She finally got it out. “What is it?” I didn’t hear much of anything. I wasn’t paying attention. “I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s after us,” I told her. “Well, I don’t know. Okay. I guess you’re right.”

We ignored it and went on sun-tanning. The noise came and went, over and over again. Will I ever find out what that noise was or who was making it? The sun was going down and we decided it was best to start going home. We don’t walk very often; instead, we jump from tree to tree. Well, I do Fin-Fin flies. I mean, well, that’s what wings are for.
I never fall. I must’ve jumped 20 trees so far. I got to the last tree of the forest and then climbed back down to land. When I was on the ground and Fin-Fin on my shoulder, I turned around because I heard something. “Oh my!” Fin-Fin yelled, “What is it?” “I don’t know, Run!” I replied. “It looks like a guy with a knife or a claw or something!”

I ran so fast! I couldn’t tell you how fast I ran. Fin-Fin flew, just to take some weight off my shoulder but it didn’t matter to me because she only weighed 1.5oz. Not that big. The strange thing didn’t follow us luckily. I wasn’t really exhausted compared to how shocked I was! The thing was so… so… so big! I ran from city block to city block to get to my house. When I finally got there, I ran through the door and into my room. I opened the window and let Fin-Fin fly in so she doesn’t get left outside. I sort of left her flying getting left behind as I ran. Maybe I should not have done that.

While Fin-Fin and I caught our breath, I took my binoculars and looked out of the window toward the forest. I couldn’t see anything. I forgot about all the houses that are in the way. The houses are new. The city just put them in. It sucks. I don’t want any more houses here. So, I opened my window, and right out side my window there is a huge Ash Tree. I started to climb the tree. Then I heard something. “Fin-Fin!” I yelled, “What was that?” “It’s just the wind. Don’t get worked up too easy, Stream,” She mentioned. She could tell if it was wind or not. She flies in it all the time. I took my binoculars and looked through. I could see something. What was it? I said “Fin-Fin. Come up here. Can you tell what or who it is?”

We couldn’t determine what the creature that was in the woods was. But one thing is for sure. It was after us. For what reason I am unaware of. Nothing else strange happened that day. Until the next morning. Since it’s summer, we don’t have school, so Fin-Fin and I go to the forest everyday and do basically what we usually do. This day, it was going to be different. I told Fin-Fin, “Fin-Fin, today we are going to find out what or who the strange thing was from yesterday! We need… Let me think,” I thought for a while and then I started up again, “That’s it! Let’s go crack open my piggy bank, not literally though, and get my change. I think I have enough money to buy us a big fishing net, some rope, and four 10lb. weights from the Bait Store.” “What?” Fin-Fin was lost, “What do you need those for?” She asked. I just sighed, and then she caught on and said, “Oh! I know. I’ll go get Mrs. Piggy!” She snickered.

We cracked open the piggy bank, took my change, and got to the Bait Store. Nothing really interesting while going there. I started thinking about something while walking. It is the same walking there as any other kid going to the Bait Store to capture a stranger. I giggled about the thought. “What’s so funny?” Fin-Fin was confused. “Oh,” I giggled some more, “Nothing. Just a thought. I’ll tell you later.”

We got the supplies we needed and got out of there. That guy at the check out was really big and very scary. We ran to the forest while she flew, but I decided to walk because if I do see the stranger, I don’t want to be all out of breath. I walked. It was sort of a boring walk if you ask me. The wind wasn’t howling. Everything was still. The birds didn’t even chirp! Something was wrong.

We got to the edge of the forest and I asked quietly, “Are you ready?” “Yes, but you better climb to the top of the trees because than you can see farther on then just straight ahead. Then, you can crouch down a few branches to the spot where you heard it yesterday where we were sun-tanning and set up our trap.” “Oh! That’s a good idea! Let’s go. But shh, we can’t talk or if we do, speak much quieter than we are talking now. Just whisper in my ear if you want. Just keep the volume down,” I replied. “Ok. No problem. I’m going to be flying ahead of you though just to watch the whole thing, so I’m going to be up high in the sky, but not too high though that I can’t see,” She replied. That would be a mouthful for me to say! I don’t know where she came up for breath.

My supplies were only about 50lbs. It wasn’t that much to carry up the tree. I got to the top of the tree, and looked around. I fixed my supplies onto my back again and carried on. I jumped from tree to tree. Not even a creak did the trees make. Nor did the smaller trees creak. What is going on?

I could see the spot where I first heard the strange sound. I wasn’t 100% sure if that sound came from the stranger but I’m pretty sure it did. “There!” I screamed in a whisper. I pointed to the tree. I could make it out easily because the branch is so wide that is sideways where I could have a triplet of myself sleep. One might fall off but still. I jumped to that tree. Climbed down a few branches to the last branch and I set up my trap.

I tied one of the ends of the rope to a branch where Fin-Fin and I usually sun-tan. Then tied the other end on the middle of the big net. I made sure I used some of the rope to tie the 4 weights to the 4 corners of the net. Then, I hooked the rope between where I tied it to the branch and where I tied it to the net to a branch just so it sticks out a little bit without hitting the tree when I do drop it. “It’s ready!” I screamed in a whisper mode.

I climbed to the top of the tree again. I waited there for a while. Just so the sun comes out of the cloud again. “Fin-Fin,” I said, “I’m ready to search.” “I’m coming down now. I need to rest my wings,” Fin-Fin abruptly shouted in a happy way. She landed on my shoulder and sighed, “Don’t go faster then you can go.” I just replied back, “hmm.” Then we started our journey along the top of the trees. No sign of anything so far. But, I didn’t expect there to be with the first 2 branches. Then, after 10 minutes, still nothing. Everything was dead silent. Then, I swore I heard something! A stick cracked. “What was that?” I whispered. “It sounds like the sound from yesterday!” Fin-Fin replied. “But, it sounded like a cracking stick, it could be anything!” I was confused. “That wasn’t a branch cracking,” Fin-Fin said. I should believe her, she knows which is which.

We looked down shockingly. “What on earth!” I mummered I was lost. This was just way out of my league. It was really big! I don’t know what it is. It was after me though. It wasn’t like any human I’ve ever seen. I told Fin-Fin, “Fly. Go to the trap, but stay in flight. If you need to tell me something, yell it and I’ll listen to you. You’re much smarter then me. Even though I’m pretty smart.” We giggled. “Be careful,” Fin-Fin was scared just as much as I was. “I will,” I promised her.

I climbed down to the ground, but not exactly where the unknown creature was. It was cloudy again and hard to see, but yet I could see where I was going. I got to the ground very carefully. “Hey! I’m over here! Come get me! I mean you followed me yesterday come follow me now!” It turned and looked at me. Then, it charged at me! I didn’t know what I have just done. If I saved my life by letting it follow me, or if I just risked my life for something pretty stupid. All I need to do now is run.

This guy that was chasing me wasn’t a normal sized kid or creature at all! I could feel the ground shake beneath my feet! I turned around, he was catching up more ground on me, and so I ran faster. I ran, really far really fast. I didn’t want him to have a lot of energy when I get him underneath the trap. So, I had to ware him out. So, I guess I should run because I don’t know if this thing could climb trees. If he can, that sucks. I’ll just keep him on the ground though because that’s where my trapping is heading when I release it.

Fin-Fin yelled, “Don’t ware yourself out, Stream!” I didn’t reply, listening to her advice, I shouldn’t take the chance of getting myself hurt or possibly even killed! There, I had a thought, as I kept running I started thinking. I don’t know if I’m going to get out of this situation, what if I die? What will my parents do? Will they ever find who this guy is that killed me? Was it even a guy? Who is he? Is heaven real? Is god real? What’s going to happen to me? I’m still very young. I’m only 13. I have my whole life ahead of me! What if I got myself into a death trap? What do I do now?

The creature behind me stumbled once; I think he’s got 4 legs. I can’t tell, for I have bad eye sight. I don’t want glasses though. I could if I want but I don’t want them. Now, I sort of regret not getting glasses. If I could determine what the thing is I could determine what weaknesses it has. Like with humans, most can’t climb trees too fast. If it’s a deer (which I’m thinking it is not) it would run a lot faster then me, if it was a bird, but its not a bird because it would fly. What is it?

“Stream!” Fin-Fin yelled, “It’s getting tired! I think you should turn around into a slow turn and let him catch up just a little and then speed up very quickly and very fast, jump up the tree and release the trap when he gets under the trap! Be careful!” I didn’t reply. Just to save some of my breath.

I look behind me to see where he was. I picked a spot to turn around and head in that direction. I slowed down and then slower I turn around a tree, he caught up a little bit, then. I sprinted. Still, he wasn’t that far away from me. I needed to go faster! So, I pick up the pace and instead of sprinting. I sprinted. Thinking I was stupid for doing the same thing but faster, I didn’t quite concentrate. Then, I couldn’t believe my eyes!
I was getting picked up by a big bird! I believe it was a Golden Eagle. “What are you doing?” I was very cautious. Their talons are very sharp. “Fin-Fin sent me to help you, she could tell you were going to fail, you were going to stumble on that big stick there,” he pointed with his beak to a huge stick. I wouldn’t have saw that! “Thanks!” I glamorously said. The creature was where I needed him!
“Can you set me down right on that tree?” I asked. “I know which one, Fin-Fin showed me,” he responded quickly. Then, we crouched toward the tree and he set me down ever so carefully. It was time to take action.

“Grab that there rope and wait until he or she or what ever that thing is, is under the net!” Fin-Fin reacted. I yelled, “I know! You don’t have to remind me! Start making noises that might attract him in this direction. I think it started to walk!”

As Fin-Fin started making noises, I heard the same noise over and over again. Then I heard it getting closer, and closer, and closer. It was like someone breathing down your neck! It just gave me the chills. Then I started wandering off into a day dream.

“Grandpa!” I yelled, “Where am I?” “Oh, Stream! I missed you dearly, but, it’s not your time yet. You’re just in a day dream. You must go back and beat the creature or you might die. I’m not sure what the bear I mean creature wants. I’m not suppose to tell you she wants you to be her friend, I mean why it’s after you. I love you, Stream, and I miss you dearly. Remember though, even though my body isn’t down there by you in the mortal world, don’t mean I’m far away. Talk, speak to me. I’m listening.” “Grandpa? What are you talking about? Bear, she?” I was curious but still I didn’t know what was happening. “You must go, and yes, I’m in heaven and you will be too one day. But right now you must go. I can’t tell you what the creature wants. I love you. Bye,” then my grandpa’s voice started to fade and I yelled, “Wait! Grandpa! I love you!” “I love you too,” he replied ever so gently. After that, I heard voices.

“Stream! Now! Let the rope go now! Stream! Go Stream! Let go of the rope!” I could hear Fin-Fin’s voice. “What?” I asked not knowing what had happened to me. “Let go of the rope!” She yelled again. I reacted quickly and let go of the rope. It caught on something. It wasn’t ground. What was it?

I had to take a closer look. I had to go onto the ground, but what if I didn’t catch the unknown creature? I jumped to the ground, not very fast, but cautious. I looked at the net, and what was inside of it. “Oh my goodness gracious!” I screamed, “It’s a bear just like my grandpa said it was! What do I do?” I started asking Fin-Fin looking around as if my life was going to be over in a minute. I never saw or met a bear before! I didn’t even know there were bears in this forest! I heard stories of them being very mean and killing other humans and bigger creature! What am I going to do!

“Don’t hurt me,” the bear whispered, “I’m not going to kill you or do anything to you. I want to be your friend. I heard you yelling to come follow or something like that so I came because I thought you wanted to be my friend.” The little bear, I realized by the voice, was a girl. She sniffled a few times and started to cry. She spoke up again, “I guess this is good-bye. I’ll never have kids of my own in the future.” “Wait, NO! Please don’t cry. I want to be your friend. I’m not going to hurt you. Here, let me get this net off of you. My name is Stream,” just then, Fin-Fin flew down, “and this is Fin-Fin I added in.”
The Golden Eagle had left a while ago and I couldn’t spot him anywhere. Never saw him up close and personal before. He was beautiful.

“My name is,” she sniffled once more then stopped, “is River.” “I love that name! It reminds me of a stream!” We all giggled.

I got her untangled out of the net and we started talking about our lives. We had fun. I still miss my grandpa and I found out even more about him! That evening, River came to my house. People starred at us and ran. I just smiled and kept walking. Other people can walk with their friends, why not me? Yeah. My life just got better! I found out her mother left her because she was old enough and her mother was really mean so she couldn’t make no friends as a cub. So, she switched forests hoping she’d find someone. Then, I came into her life.

“I couldn’t believe how good of friends we all are now. I now realized all them stories about bears being mean and killing people are just false stories! They don’t want to kill people, the people they kill tease them and bother them. If the people they killed didn’t bother them, it’s because they don’t trust people because they were almost killed by hunters. Bears are VERY friendly creatures. I’ll show you all!” I finished speaking to the class as River walked in. “It’s true,” River replied while walking. “GASP,” went the whole class as River came in with Fin-Fin on her head. We hugged and the whole class just thought I was even more of a freak. But to me, my life is perfect!

The author's comments:
I used some parts of my own life to make this story. Many people don't understand my writing because I base it off so much and I have a strong meaning to this piece that no word/s could explain. If you understand what I understand what I can't explain. You'd understand this piece very clearly. As of now, you would probably only understand some parts or just assume you think you know what it means.
I hope you enjoy my piece.

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