The Miniscule but Menacing Mouse

May 20, 2009
By Anonymous

As I hang there, ticking away the time, watching Sponge bob Square pants on the television. I spotted a little movement on the floor. To my surprise it’s a mouse just minding his own business, unnoticed by the humans who where watching Sponge bob to. When the mouse finished checking the place out the scurried off, into the little hole in the old white wall.

The old rickety house had lots of creaks and cracks. In the midst of the cold dark night I could make out the distinct sound of a squeak. It’s the mouse snacking on some stale crumbs from a sandwich that the humans had dropped. When the mouse finished the crumbs he seemed to have the munchies for wood. He went straight for the couch leg. He was very quiet though because all I could hear was the ticking off my second hand.

In the mornig when my hour hand struck 7 o’clock. I heard a few alarm clocks go off. When the kids came in and sat down on the couch, the leg of it snapped like a twig. I felt bad for them, if only I could talk I could of warned them. The couch came crashing to the floor with a tremendous boom. A few seconds later the parents came rushing into the room to see what had happened. The kids tried to explain that the couch leg simply broke and they had nothing to do with it but the parents didn’t seem to believe them.

I hadn’t seen the mouse in a few days. I was starting to miss him when one day around 2:00pm I heard a loud crash. I looked down the hallway and I saw 4 or 5 lotion bottles spill onto the floor with a little white mouse covered in tan lotion sitting in the middle of it. Just as that happened the kids came running through the hallway. They both slipped on the lotion. They tried to slow themselves but it was no use. They slid all the way to the end of the hallway and slammed into the wall which I was hanging on. As they crashed into the wall sending a shockwave up it. They knocked me off the nail I was being held up on. I flew through the air for a moment, feeling weightless. But as I approached the ground I braced for impact.

When I hit the ground the glass that protected my hands shattered in to millions of tiny fragments of glass. So the kids cleaned up the lotion and me. As they were cleaning me up I was thinking they are so lucky their parents are at work or else they would be in a load of trouble. When they put me in the trash I realized that I would no longer be able to watch the mousse antics and I full of sorrow.

I was not taken to the dump, but a recycling plant where I was remade into a new stylish and shiny clock. I had new numbers and a new coat of paint and my hour and second hand where very fancy. Then they shipped my to a store where I was put on a shelf with about 100 other identical clocks. Nobody seemed to like me, but all the other clocks sold fast.

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