Two Meandering Rivers

May 19, 2009
By Anonymous

They are the only ones who know. We travel through life waiting to learn. Two meandering rivers with paths set years ago, who hold an unchangeable destiny. Two who will inevitably meet in their future. Two who are clueless of the things yet to come. From where we are now, many may think they can see, but the unpredictable trail comes as a surprise to most.
Their journey seems perilous. They teach hard lessons to learn. They have rough waters and they travel through rapids and take each obstacle with a smile and think of the times in the past when things were calm and those memories keep them flowing. This is their inspiration.
Let one forget their reason for being, they’d live like the Tin Man with no heart to love, only to grow lonelier as time keeps passing. Forward, Forward, Forward they say, keep your head help high. They remind.
When we go too far and it’s been too long, then we forget to remember. When the rivers had intersected years before and formed a new journey to travel together. Two who were separate now create one. Two who are happy with what they’ve become. Two whose fates were set years ago.

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