May 19, 2009
By Ben Williamson GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Ben Williamson GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The elevator doors open and a Tall Black husky man steps in. After the high pitched bell dinged and the doors close, he presses the circle number 50 and stands in the middle of the elevator; hands folded firmly in his arms. His head nods as he hears a tune coming from the elevator speaker.
”Got you stuck on my (yeah)
On my elevator (uh huh)
Get it up, on my elevator
Check it out!”
“OHHHHH YEAHHHHHH, this is my jam,” says Mike Vick. “Man, Flo-Rida is my dogggg.”
Mike closes his eyes and lip sinks to the melody. “I really wish I could meet Flo-Rida, he’s a killer guy.”
The elevator stops and the lit up numbers read floor 13. The doors open and Flo-Rida steps in the elevator. Mike Vick is overwhelmed with excitement and starts belching the words to the song that was still playing in the elevator.
“I’m your biggest fan Flo-Rida,” shouts Mike.
“Thanks dog.”
The elevator now moved to floor 23. A very big gentleman walked in the doors and it felt as if the elevator sunk down a floor or two. He walks past mike Vick, whose eyes are still lost in Flo-Rida’s flow. The man stands firmly in the back corner quietly and didn’t say anything to the other two men. The elevator would not move. Mike and Flo-Rida are curious so they start banging on the sides of the ela a ela vata. Nothing is working and the two men got tired so they give up and sit down.
The ceiling panels crash down! Two Rottweiler’s come crashing in, clawing and biting each other.
“I’ll bet 500 on the dog with the red collar,” says Vick.
“Aight make it 1000 and I’m game,” says Flo-Rida.
The dogs are going at it and the two were screaming. The man in the back corner reaches calmy in his bag and pulls out a microphone and a TV monitor and places them on the baby changing station.
“uuhgh aa uhgh ggehe ghaa As you can see here thera ther there are two dogs fighting. Dogs will uhh bite, scratch, growl, ughh all of the above.” says John Madden, with what seems to be a frog in his throat.
Mike calmy turns around and waves, “Hey john.”
“uhghh hey mike, I gotta get back to the fight”


The blue collared dog sprints out the elevator as the doors open.’
“I told you the red collared dog would win, I’m a pro” says mike vick.
“You sicken me,” says Flo-Rida as he walks out of the elevator.

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