May 18, 2009
By Sydney Griswold BRONZE, Prairie Village, Kansas
Sydney Griswold BRONZE, Prairie Village, Kansas
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It made the mage smile. The North Witch had not killed Arthur and that is what his purpose had been. I have grown old, weak, and feeble, thought Merlinnus. He looked around the tower he had for so long called his home. His eyes skimmed over the worn, brown, wood walls, he shielded his eyes when he faced the floor to ceiling windows on the west wall. When he had adjusted to the brightness he admired how clean his windows were, not displaying an inkling of a scratch. The room had a musky ginger smell. Merlinnus lay upon the floor, his duty done, his burden gone; he tightened the grip on the object in his left hand. Arthur was safe, the witch defeated. His eyes scanned the room one last time, carefully examining each object. They landed on his scrying bowl and Merlinnus had an impulse to take one last look into his scrying bowl. One last time couldn’t hurt he thought. As he readied the scrying bowl, his thoughts wandered…….

Yes, yes of course why hadn’t she thought of it before? The perfect plan had been right in front of her the entire time. Medraut would never be suspected, they would believe him to young. As if on cue Medraut sauntered in, she admired his light blonde hair, his deep sea blue eyes. She addressed him at once, wasted no time. “Medraut, have you ever desired visiting Arthur’s castle for…” she began “for what exactly mother?” Medraut questioned. “Nothing, noting at all.” She quickly dismissed conversation and Medraut. As her new plan brewed, her thoughts wandered…….

She was too attached to Medraut to send him here, surly that was the case. Merlinnus had all thoughts of death pushed aside. He quickly wrote and sent a note to Arthur; they had a conversation and decided that Morgause was not a threat. But still Arthur’s thought’s wandered…….

Morgasue started to write invitations; she would throw a party for Medrauts 8th birthday party. She would invite a whole bundle of people. Including Arthur, Merlinnus, and Gawen. It would all work out; she would prevail. Her hands were shaking with excitement as she game the proposals to the messenger. As she began to arrange the details her thoughts wandered…….

As Merlinnus was reading his mail he got a letter, he responded saying he would go thinking he must keep watch for surly this was a trap.

As Arthur and Gawen were going thru their mail together they received a letter, Gawen convinced Arthur they should go, it would be nice to try and not make more enemy’s he decided.

Good, so the letters had been distributed, not all she had to do was get the poison ready to put into Arthur’s drink. And get Medraut to the ball room with out any suspicion.


“Morgause, my highness” we need you to check the food and drinks for the party,” said a chef. Perfect she thought now would be the perfect time to put the poison in the drink. She grabbed the small jar and headed down stairs. She was the trays of drinks and gave the jar to a chef with specific instructions, make sure that this is put in the Kings drink it is direly important! With that she started to head off to greet the arriving guests. The chef muttered, “Your highness what for” and goes the response “it is for added flavor” and Morgasue left. The chef did as she was told, but also put it in two other drinks just to be safe.

The chef in the back caught a piece of lint in a drink. He took it out. He picked up and moved the drinks to check them all. He gave the trays to servants to pass out. After a singing of happy birthday, the toast were given, everyone drank at once. Three people fell to the ground, Morgause gasped, everybody said “toast”.

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