The Dancing Doll

May 15, 2009
By Rochel GOLD, Westminster, California
Rochel GOLD, Westminster, California
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There once was a girl named Bella-Richille. She lived with her only sister Alexis-Marie. They both had become orphans when both their parents died in a car accident. The accident seemed so unreal because no one knew exactly how they died. One Friday night, Bella-Richelle and Alexis-Marie stayed up the entire night to watch bloodcurdling shows. One of the scary shows they were watching was “The Dead Doll in the Cemetery”. The girl’s were so petrified that they were so close to turning of the TV when abruptly, “ding dong” someone knocks at the door. Bella-Richelle and Alexis-Marie both yell at the top of their lungs. Ding dong, again someone knocks. “Go open the door Alexis-Marie”! “What are you some kind of freak! You go open the door”! (“Paris? Mia? Oh where oh where can you be? Come out and play with me. I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to play a game that’s all. Let’s play blood tag and I’ll be it. Come out and play with me. I just wan to be your friend. Come out, come out from where ever you are)”, the doll whispered in the movie. Ding dong. “Bella-Richelle please turn that movie off. I’m coming hold on a minute”! “I’ll go with you Alexis-Marie.” They both went side by side to open the door. They both were so frightened they could hardly even move. They got to the door and opened it. “Who are you!? What do you want from us!? Leave us alone!”

Alexis-Marie yelled while fighting off who was there without even opening her eyes. “Alexis-Marie! Calm down! Calm down it’s only Bianca and Danielle! Stop! Okay are you calm now? Just calm down okay”. Whispered Bella-Richelle. Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry Bianca, Danielle. I truly am; I was a moment ago so terrified because we were watching “The Doll in the Cemetery”, and it was so frightening that when we were about to turn it off you guys come and knocked on the door. I’m really sorry honestly I am”, cried Alexis-Marie. “That’s all right. We are the ones that are sorry. We should have called before dropping by like this. We just thought we could surprise you this late since every Friday you both stay up late. We’re sorry”, said Bianca and Danielle. “Well what can we say, you actually did surprise us dreadfully” laughed Bella-Richelle. Oh Bella-Richelle, we almost forgot why we dropped by besides wanting to hang out for a while. We brought you this doll since we know how much you like them….. Well how much you used to like them”, alleged Danielle.
“We don’t believe you like dolls anymore….. Or am I wrong”, asked Danielle. “Hmmm hahaha thanks for the doll, I’ll play with it once I get over the frightening jiffy I just went through” whispered Bella-Richelle. “What are you waiting for? Pull the doll out, I want to see what she looks like”, asked Danielle. Bella-Richelle began pulling the doll out and to her revelation, “oh wow she’s beautiful. Does she have a name yet”? Asked Bella-Richelle. “Wow how nice. The doll really is pretty. Ummm no I don’t believe she has a name yet so perhaps you can call her whatever you’d like Bella-Richelle”, thanked Danielle. “Well then I guess I’ll call her Claire”, said Bella-Richelle happily. “Wow cool doll. The name sounds great, I mean she does look like a Claire to me”, commented Bianca. “Awww thanks girls that was really thoughtful of you both”, thanked Alexis-Marie. Bella-Richelle was still frightened but at the same time actually really joyful. The four girls were getting ready for dinner so Bella-Richelle went to put the doll away in her closet so it wouldn’t get dirty nor break. As she opened the closet door to place the doll inside, she thought she had pushed a little button she did not know was there. The doll spoke, “you’re my best friend. I want to have fun let’s play a game”. Shocked Bella-Richelle ran to her sister and friends to show them that the doll could talk but also because she was scared that the doll talked so suddenly. “Wow I never imagined that this doll would talk. The guy didn’t tell me anything about the doll talking. Weird”, Bianca said fearfully. “Ummm well it’s only a talking doll what bad can happen? She’s fake, now Bella-Richelle go put her away so we can eat dinner. So you two are staying over for the night right”, asked Alexis-Marie. “Right”, they both said together. “Hey girls I’m not trying to sound creepy but….. Ummm does the doll have batteries inside them already”, asked Alexis-Marie. “Evidently yes Alexis-Marie, how else can the doll speak”, commented Bianca. “Your right; I guess I’m still freaking out about the movie. Gosh it’s just a coincidence that we watched that movie and now Bella-Richelle gets a doll. I don’t know I’m just still nervous about the movie. Forget what I’ve sound, it’s nothing”, Alexis-Marie testified. Meanwhile in the room Bella-Richelle, playful that she is, was playing with the doll before dinner time. Claire the doll began asking Bella-Richelle the same question over and over. The question was, “do you wan to play a game with me”? Unexpectedly it hit her; I’ll check to see if the doll in fact has any batteries.

As Bella-Richelle opened the cap, she saw that the doll did hold batteries. Bella-Richelle positioned the doll in the closet and went to join the others, and explained that the doll did contain batteries. While the four girls ate dinner peacefully, they heard a sound in the bedroom, after that somebody was speaking, “would you like to play a game with me”? Bella-Richelle, Alexis-Marie, Bianca, and Danielle jumped away from their seats half scared to death. “What was that”? Frowned Alexis-Marie. “I have no idea but let’s cheek it out”, answered Danielle. As soon as they walked into the room they saw that the doll was in a sitting position.

Alexis-Marie ran up to the doll, pulled her up to her chest and walked over to the closet and sat her on the top cupboard of the closet where she was first placed. She left the closet door open in addition to go back to the kitchen and finish their dinner. As they ate they played music to get their minds off the doll, they once again heard another noise that came from inside the room so they went to see what it was. This time they not only saw a note on the ground that read important printed on it but they saw the doll moving too. Danielle grabbed for the note as the doll did the same but Danielle was faster. They all ran out of the room and Alexis-Marie locked the door behind them. The doll kicked and pounded at the door screaming at the top of her lungs, “let me out or you’ll regret this”!

Danielle opened the letter and read out loud, “I’m sorry whoever bought this doll. I gave it away because it’s real, it talks to me and they person who sold it to me said that the doll only danced, that she was a dancing doll. The doll didn’t include batteries so I bought some (the doll was actually for my niece and I wanted to surprise her), and I placed the batteries where they belonged but then the batteries died almost immediately but the doll began to talk to me. She would always ask me if I wanted to play a game, a game of hide-n-seek; I did and lost; now you have to play hide-n-seek with the doll and try to win, hide somewhere she’ll never dare look. Remember the one the doll wants to play with is the one that gets asked to play.

Bella-Richelle was the first to speak, “b...b…bu…but she does have batteries! I saw them….. Those are the ones the guy was talking about…. Am I right”? “Yes those where the ones he was talking about an…. Has the doll been asking you if you wanted to play a game with her Bella-Richelle”? Muttered Alexis-Marie. “Yes she has! I don’t want to play! It’s scary!” snapped Bella Richelle in pain. “Maybe you won’t have to honey. Maybe you won’t”, thought Alexis-Marie as she started for the room all three girls following.
Alexis-Marie grabbed the doll with both hands and the doll just kicked a bit but Alexis-Marie was stronger. All four girls walked to the fire place and threw her into it to burn. As Claire burned, Alexis-Marie, Bella-Richelle, Bianca, and Danielle stood watching as the doll screamed and rolled around as if to put the fire out. Out of nowhere Alexis-Marie spoke, “let’s please go somewhere she will never find us. That’s what they guy in the letter said and so that’s what we’ll do”. They left the house and never again did they dare to go back. Bianca was still scared that the doll would still find them no matter what but two years passed and they never heard from the doll again. They lived a happy life in Florida just the four best friends that lost the doll known as Claire.

The author's comments:
The setting of the story is in S.Valley View Blvd. a small place in Las Vegas; Nevada. the house in which Alexis-Marie and Bella-Richelle live in. The story is based on a doll that lives and wants to be human. She tricks people in to playing a game of hide-n-seek with her. When she finds you, that’s where your life ends and the life she wins. This story is told all in one day, a day of torture for the two sisters and their friends.


Alexis-Marie: and her sister are from a small place called S. Valley View Blvd. Alexis-Marie is about 5’6 and weighs at least 109. She has a tan looking skin tone Alexis-Marie is 18 years old, heart shape face, black straight hair, and almond shaped green eyes. She and her sister became orphans when they both were younger and since then on, Alexis-Marie has been mother like to her sister Bella-Richelle. Most people would see them both as twins for the reason that they almost like identical. Alexis-Marie is intelligent, caring, and funny. She is always very secure when it comes to jobs, and school work. Always confident and relaxed when it comes to talking to people.

Bella-Richelle: is 5’4, weighs 89 and she is 12 years old. Her face is as well heart shaped with too tan looking kind of skin. Bella-Richelle also has black curly hair and blue almond shaped eyes. She is almost always secure, and confident of herself. You can say Bella-Richelle is mostly always excited but at the most confused. Bella-Richelle is child like and is an energetic type of person and has a great sense of humor.

Bianca: is 5’5, 18 years old and weighs 125. Bianca has a round kind of face, black wavy hair, and hazel almond shaped eyes. Bianca is also intelligent, funny, caring, and confident with herself and others. She too lives two blocks from Alexis-Marie and Bella-Richelle.

Danielle: is 17 years old, weighs 110 and is about 5’6. She lives two blocks away from Alexis-Marie and Bella-Richelle. She too has a heart shaped face, brown wavy hair and green oval shaped eyes. She is intelligent, friendly, caring, and overall really brave. She can be child like when she’s around Bella-Richelle

Claire: is a doll that enjoys to play hide-n-seek with little girls including grown man. She likes to take the souls of people whom she asks to play a game. After taking souls she gets life to become a human being. (in the story she only needed Bella-Richelle’s soul but Alexis-Marie did not allow that and they hid somewhere Claire would never find them). Claire is a 3’3 doll, blonde hair and blue eyes. You can describe her as evil but also a willing person.

Buyer (the first to buy the doll): he is a young handsome guy before he meets the doll. Now he has gray hair and green eyes. The doll stole his sole to live longer and to some day become a human when she has enough soles for that. The man sends a note on the doll without the doll knowing but in the note he warns them to be careful because the doll is real.

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