Some Things Are Not As They Seem

May 13, 2009
By Erica_Humble BRONZE, Ruston, Louisiana
Erica_Humble BRONZE, Ruston, Louisiana
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The gravel crunched under my feet as I walked up to my new house. This is my first house, its old. Like one of those creepy old houses that you read about in scary stories. Maybe it would be haunted, that would finally but some excitement in my life. I stuck the old key in the lock and turned it, the door immediately swung open without me even touching the handle.
“Maybe it is haunted, ha ha.” I said as I walked slowly through the door. The floor creaked as I walked towards the spiral stair case that was just to the side of the door. It looked interesting so I decided to go up. Once I got to the top there was a big long hallway with about three or four doors on each side, and in between the doors hung creepy pictures of people whose eyes seemed to follow you.
“Well hi.” I said to the paintings.
“Well hello there miss.” A man’s voice said.
“Whose there!” I said whirling around this way and that clutching my necklace.
“I don’t bite, usually.” The man’s voice said chuckling.
“Wh-Where are you?” I asked stuttering.
“Don’t be scared.” The man’s voice said, as something moved in the corner.
A black figure emerged slowly from the, it seemed as though he was just melting away from the wall. He turned around, a long black cape draped over his shoulders, and he had a hood on where you could barely see his face. His eyes were red and glowing and he was smiling with bleach white teeth.
“Don’t be afraid!” He screamed laughing.
He lunged towards me his arms straight out to his side, he seemed to float through the air with incredible speed. I screamed. He seemed to go right through me. I grew extremely cold, I couldn’t feel my body any more I dropped to the floor shaking uncontrollably. I turned my head to look at him, but he wasn’t there. I couldn’t move my muscles from my neck down just wouldn’t seem to work for me. The room looked like it was getting smaller and smaller. Everything seemed to be crushing in on me, I tried to scream but no sound came out, and soon with a big whoosh, the walls and everything came down on me and my whole world vanished.

Three years later, an old man came walking up the path. The path led to nowhere just a wide open space. He looked in the middle, there sat a little ball. He picked it up, and looked at it closely. Inside there was a picture of a long hall way with about three or four doors on each side, and in between the doors hung portraits of people. And laying on the floor was a girl looking up at him with tears running down her face. She screamed, and the old mans world came crashing down in darkness.

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