May 1, 2009
By Kayla Christian BRONZE, Fort Mill, South Carolina
Kayla Christian BRONZE, Fort Mill, South Carolina
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I woke up gasping for air. Once again I had a very intense nightmare. This has been happening ever since a month ago. I really don’t understand my nightmares; don’t they suppose to have people and places that look familiar to me? Aren’t they suppose to be about happy things, or at least things that have to do with my life? Like my last dream it went like:
Young girl, no older than sixteen who I have never saw before, walking down a dark alley in front of a red sign that flashed “Welcome to Greenies!” She was looking all around her while running and she looked like she was holding back from crying. Then out of nowhere a person comes from behind her and hits her in the head.
That’s when I woke up shocked and scared, the dreams have been getting more intense I am starting to feel what the people feel. They are always in the same place and killed the same way. Like in my last dream I felt the coldness of the night; I felt how scared the girl was of whatever was chasing her. Then last before I woke up I felt the pain as the man hit her.

I have not told anyone about my dreams because they would just think what they always say when I have something crazy to say, “You and your imagination!” I just don’t understand why I am dreaming about people I don’t know get murdered. I heard about people who had bad things happen in their life’s have nightmares and things like that but my life as been normal. Well, normal is an understatement, more like boring nothing different ever happens to me besides these dreams of course.
“Coming! Be down in a minute!”
That was my mom; it was Friday the last day of school this week and I have slept in to late so now I am going to have to get dressed faster than I usually do. I walk down stairs and I smell the crispy bacon, eggs, and biscuits in the oven. Mom was standing in front of the oven door waiting till the timer goes off. My mom has long brown hair, which now she is wearing in a bun, she was not a tall person but she was not short at all. Unlike my dad, who was sitting at the kitchen table, reading the newspaper like he does every morning before heading off to work.
“Sarah, you are late you better hurry up and eat, and get dressed or you are going to miss the bus…again,” my mom teased me.
“And I don’t have time to take you to school before going to work to day.” My dad interpreted.
“Ok...I will hurry don’t worry I won’t miss the bus!”
I ended up missing the bus anyways…just by a minute though.

The school day and that weekend went by normal, and the nights I been having that same dream of that girl in the ally but I have been getting more info though. Like I have heard the man calling the girl, Sam, but I am guessing it is short for Samantha. And the first time I dreamed the nightmare I could not see much because of the darkness well now I can see that the girl’s hair is dark black, and the street sign had Charles Pettus written on it. I knew that street I saw that sign before, while riding home from school couple of days ago.

Like most Monday mornings I walk down stairs while mama is cooking and dad is reading his newspaper again. But today they have the kitchen television on fox news. They were talking about a murder I was not paying much attention till I heard the name Samantha Shane. I turned to look at the television a picture of the same girl that was in my dreams. I could I fill my jaw drop but I could not get a hold of my self. After a couple of seconds which seemed like minutes…hours. I finally get control of myself and go to the TV and turn the volume up and the news person telling about the information.
“Samantha Shane fourteen white female murdered last night in the back alley of the street Charles Pettus. The cops have no leads on who killed the young girl or why. We think we are dealing with a serial killer. The only things that they are sure is that the girl was hit on the head and she died by blood loss like the other victims. The killer has taken the weapon with him so we are not sure what the weapon is for sure but we are guessing it is something in the shape of a bat.”

This was just like my dream that I have been having for the last couple days, and way before the murder has ever happened. Suddenly for some reason I felt really sick and dizzy so is sat down on the kitchen chair.

“Sarah you o.k. you look really white?”


“Yea I don’t feel so good I feel really dizzy.”

“Go lie down now we will call your school and tell them you are not coming today.”
I could barely make out who was talking but I figured it was dad’s voice because I didn’t see mom in the kitchen anymore. I walk up to my room and lay on my bed. I don’t know why I was feeling like this, I usually don’t get sick. I lay and bed thinking about my dream. Then I thought if that dream was true then what about my past dreams? I hop off the bed and grab my pink lap top and log on to the internet. I pull up and type in the names that I have heard before in my dreams like:
Nathan Star killed in another dark alley by getting hit over the head.
Ethan Wells killed the same way.
And so on I looked them up and they were all real murders. I felt sick again reading that I was watching all the murders happen. Then I thought when are they going to end? When they find the killer? What if they don’t ever find him will I still have the dreams forever? I could not allow that to happen in my next dream I will have to see the murder and warn the police. But what was I going to tell them I had a dream about the murder that is going to happen soon and the murder is who ever he is? They would laugh at me and send me to the crazy house. My mom walks in and cuts off my train of thought.

“Honey we are heading off to work are you feeling any better. I could stay home if you wanted.”
I can’t allow her to do that if I wanted to figure this out I can’t have her around asking questions about how I am feeling. I love my mom but she is sometimes over protective.

“No I am fine I just need some rest.”

“O.k. you know my number if you need me.”
I fall asleep waiting for my parents to leave the house. I was really tired as least that was not a lie.

A boy with short dark brown hair walking down the dark alley running scared to death. Turns around to face the man. This man had a big dark scar running down his face. With his front teeth missing and wearing dirty clothes. The boy gets hit in the head and…
I woke up gasping for air again. I know who the killer is he is the person who sits outside our school directing traffic to go which ever way. And the boy who got killed is my best friend’s brother. I decided I have to walk to school and warn her I don’t know when this dream will come true. As I get to school I run to her class room and knock on the door and ask for her. Once I tell her she just laughs at me. I told her don’t tell no one but by the end of the day it’s all over the school. I walk outside and see the murder standing outside the school looking at me. I run home and lock my doors. There was a knock as I open the door I come face to face with the murder.

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