Where is Summer?

April 30, 2009
By alyssaa BRONZE, Columbia, Illinois
alyssaa BRONZE, Columbia, Illinois
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“Where is Summer with my drink?” questioned Cohen. He walked, not thinking too much of it. When he took a glance over at the bar, not wanting to look impatient, he noticed I must be somewhere else. Feeling a bit nervous, he went to find our friends. “Have you seen Summer?” Cohen asked excitedly. “She went to get us a drink a long time ago and she still is not back.” As Cohen awaited their answers, shivers ran up his spine.
”No man, haven’t seen her, I’m sure she’s around here somewhere.”
“Last time I saw her, you two were hot and heavy on the dance floor.”
“She’s probably dancing with someone else Cohen.”
“I haven’t seen her but don’t go getting your panties in a bunch.”
Cohen stammered “This isn’t funny you guys, I think she’s gone.”
Cohen started pacing around; tears covered his big blue eyes. I wonder exactly what he thought happened. Grabbing all our friends, they went outside the club.
“Something happened to her you guys, SOMETHING HAPPENED!” Cohen cried. “We have to find her, we have to go look!”
Nervously and confused, they left in hope of finding me, Cohen’s love. They ran the streets calling out my name, what they didn’t know, I wasn’t in hearing distance.
“Summer, Summer can you hear me?”
“Sum where are you?”
They could keep calling my name, I would never hear. What they needed I thought; a hint; maybe that would help them come find me. How could I give them a hint though, I was already gone.
My necklace, where’s my necklace?
“Hush you pitiful child!” Roared the raggedy man walking in. “Not another word, or else.”
All I could do, obeyed by his orders, for I, scared of what could happen.
“Why are you doing this to me? Whispered Summer. “You don’t know me, what could I have done to make you do this to me?”
“What did I say little girl.” Warned the old man. “You now must pay the consequence.
WAAAAAAK. I quickly put a hand to my burning face. I cried out in pain, hoping this would not happen again.
“Say one more word and the worse is yet come home.”
He and the other man fled the room. I could hear quiet whispers and could make out what the younger man said.
“C’mon man, did you have to go and hit her? I don’t wanna do this anymore, you can do it by yourself I’m outta here.”
For what little hope I had, it all disappeared. The one man there I thought could help me, wanted to leave me to my horrible, painful death.
“Man look, isn’t that Summer’s necklace?”
Cohan ran so quickly, he stumbled when he tried to stop. Picking up the necklace he realized, the small silver heart shaped locket that lay in his hand, he gave to me on our 6 month anniversary. Tears began to fill his eyes again, he now knew I did not just leave, that something bad happened.
“Look at this! Do you see this! I gave this to her, she never takes it off not even in the shower! She wouldn’t just throw it on the ground. Something bad happened. We have to find her!”
They decided to split up, 3 went to the west side, 4 went to east, Cohen and John went north, down a long dark windy road. Cohen, holding the locket, burst into tears.
“Its good man, don’t worry. We’ll find her and everything will be okay.” Comforted John.
Walking down the dark bumpy road, they noticed over the tops of the trees, mountains, and coral reefs. John got distracted by the beauty of the sight, but Cohen, blazing with fury punched his arm and lured him back into focus. As they kept walking, they saw a white van parked along side of an old, rusty warehouse.
“John, go back and get the others, this doesn’t look good, but if Summer is in there I’m doing this alone.”
John scurried off in search of the others. Cohen continued walking, and got closer and closer.
“You’re not leaving Russell, were in this together. If I go down you’re going down with me.”
Hearing those words made me restless. Either he could stop this man from hurting me, or begin hurting me along. Stiffly, they both walked in the room.
“Please, please don’t do this to me.” Pleaded Summer.
“What did I say! Do you not listen?” Chuckled the older man.
Quickly the older man began beating me bad. Bruising my arms, busting my lips, and giving me black eyes, I knew my life, coming quickly, about to end. The other man stood off to the side, I thought I saw a tear in his left eye, but my eyes were blurry from the beatings, I couldn’t be for certain.
“Russell come teach this girl a lesson.” Laughed the older man.
Russell walked slowly and wearily over to where, my aching body sat. Standing in front of me, he did not move. Our eyes connected for a long second, I could tell he did not want to do this to me. Right before his hand hit my face, I heard him mumble,
“I’m sorry.”
Starting to bleed, I knew my lip had been bust open. My eyes were swollen, black blue from the punches, red from my tears.
“STOP! Did you hear that Kevin?” observed Russell.
“I didn’t hear nuttin Russell, shut up and keep going. I don’t want this girl to leave here alive.” Taunted Kevin.
The beating began again, getting worse and worse. My whimpers stopped, it started to turn black. Challenging me were my eyes, they wanted to close, but I fought to keep them open. I would not die this way, I would not die before saying goodbye to my one true love, Cohen.
Cohen, approaching the house, froze in his place.
“I didn’t here nuttin Russell, shut up and keep going.”
He heard the men talking, who were beating me badly; he knew he had the right place.
Cohen questioned himself. “Should I wait here for the others, or should I go in by myself?”
Continuing his journey to save his girlfriend, he walked on. Creeping up along side of the warehouse, he pressed his ear against the door. Eyes watering, he heard the sound of his girlfriends whimper.
“Stop! Kevin something is outside. I’m telling you man, go check it out.” Begged Russell.
“Fine you big baby, we’ll both go check it out. C’mon.” Grunted Kevin.
“What is that?” Thought Cohen.
Kevin and Russell were walking right towards the door Cohen, crouched low against, waiting. Cohen ran to the other side of the warehouse, trying to find a way in.
Kevin banged open the door.
“See man nothing there.” Teased Kevin.
Walking back inside to where they were to beat me more, and end my life, they noticed I disappeared.
“Where’d she go man?” Wondered Kevin.
Tears trickling down my face, as I opened my eyes to see my hero, holding me tightly. Hugging him, my sore body aches with grieving pain. I noticed Cohen’s eyes were glazed over, his body shaking fast. Rolling down his cheek were 2 little tears.
Russell said excitedly “Kevin look man! That guy has her!”
“Stop standing there watching them you nitwit go after them!” Rushed Kevin. “Go Russell, why are you still standing there?”
Turning around to the noise of crunching, I noticed my two worst nightmares were chasing after us.
“Cohen, just leave my behind, go save yourself.” Pleaded Summer.
Cohen looked down at my bruised and bleeding body, his tears dripping on my face.
“Never will I leave your side again baby.” Cohen said with care.
Gently, Cohen laid me on the ground. He turned to fight these men who had hurt me. I tried to watch, but my stomach started to turn. Listening, I felt sick. The sounds I heard where unbearable. Screams coming from them would taunt me forever. Slowly, somebody had me in their arms. Soft cold delicate lips touched my for head.
“Forever and ever baby.” Cohen promised.

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