What happened to Miranda

April 28, 2009
By Louiza Libeert BRONZE, San Diego, California
Louiza Libeert BRONZE, San Diego, California
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I can’t tell them. I can’t. He’ll hurt me. He said he would. But maybe he was just saying that to scare me. Maybe he wouldn’t. The police would protect me right? No. They wouldn’t be able to help me. I can’t tell them. He would hurt me, after what he did to Miranda… Miranda, my best friend. She would know what to do, but she cant tell me now, not after what he did. I won’t tell them. I can’t, Miranda wouldn’t want me to if He would hurt me for it.

“When did you last see Miranda?” said Officer Wilson. You mean when I saw my best friend being murdered by her own father? Or when he ran after me and said he’d kill me if I told anyone what I saw that night?

“I saw her yesterday morning when she left my house, after spending the night.” I said unassuringly. Officer Wilson looked suspicious, like he didn’t believe me. It was probably because I looked so nervous and unsure. Or maybe because I was lying. I hated being questioned by the police. They made me feel so uncomfortable and so did the cold blue room I was being questioned in. It was a small and unwelcoming room. I felt like a suspect.

“Are you sure you didn’t speak or see Miranda anytime after that or before she was mur- I mean before she died?’ Said Officer Wilson partly apologetic.

“No, I didn’t see her after that or hear from her that night when she was murdered.” I said sourly. Oh no. Why do you think he asked that? I should have answered it differently. They know I'm lying. He knows. Am I going to go to jail? What would my family think? What would my friends say? Okay Allison. Calm down. Get a hold of yourself. They don’t know, they think your telling the truth.

“Allright Allison, thank you for your cooperation.” said Officer Wilson, unconvinced. Then he got up and opened the door, and looked over at my mother and me. Finally, I thought. He was letting us leave, he was letting me go home, so I could just go to sleep and not have to think about anything. To be able to escape from this, from Him. So I wouldn’t have to think about Him or what he did to Miranda.

“Sweetie, are you ready to go?’ my mom said kindly.

“Yeah, I’m ready, let’s go.” I said, forcing a smile.

When I finally got home, I ran straight for my room and crawled into bed. I wasn’t hungry, I wasn’t sad, I wasn’t anxious, I wasn’t anything. I felt emotionless and distant. I’d never felt like this before. I felt like a different, cold person. I just wanted to sleep so I could escape from all of this, and be alone. I quickly fell into a deep sleep.

When I woke up, it was dark. I looked out my window and I saw the moon. I was confused, was it still night? I looked over at my phone. The date said Feb 5, that means I had slept all yesterday, last night and today. I thought about Feb 3, the day Miranda died. I thought about her for so long. I reached for my phone and wanted to call her. But I couldn’t, she was…. dead. I finally realized that my best friend was really dead. I wasn’t going to see her ever again, I wasn’t going to be able to hang out with her, speak to her or call her. Tears began to trickle down my face. It seemed endless, like I’d never stop crying, like I’d never be happy again.

I looked outside my window and saw that it was raining. I loved the rain…. so did Miranda. Then I noticed that there was a black SUV out side of the Benson’s house. There was something familiar about that car. I didn’t know why…. the Bensons didn’t own it. Wait. I remember know, that was His car. Mr. Evans had a black SUV. Miranda always got dropped of at school with it. That’s weird, I had also seen that car outside the police station yesterday, it was also there when we got home, and now it’s here. That car had been following me. He had been following me. He was out there, and I was here, home alone…. by myself. Suddenly a blanket of fear fell over me. I ran downstairs and locked all the doors, checked all the windows and turned all the lights on. I went to the window and saw His car, the black SUV, it’s lights where turning off. I went to the couch and sat down, trying to make the feeblest attempt to calm myself, I told myself that everything is okay. I’m going to be fine. Maybe its not Mr. Evan’s car. It’s probably not His car, I’m sure tons of people have black SUVs. I had finally convinced myself that everything was okay when…Ring! The phone rang. I was so startled that I jumped up and hit my knee on the coffee table. What should I do? Do I answer the phone? I was debating if I should pick up the phone or throw it against the wall. Alright. Calm down Allison, you’re fine, just pick up the phone.

“Hello?” I said, as I picked up the phone.

“I told you not to talk to the police.” said a deep, familiar voice. Oh no. I wish I wouldn’t have listened to myself. It was HIM. My heart began to beat so fast and uncontrollably, I started breathing heavily, and every hair on my neck stood up then a set of chills ran threw my entire body. I was petrified.

“What? Who-who is this? Why are you calling me?!” I said studdering, and already know knowing who it was.

“You know who it is,” he calmly said. There was a long silent pause.

“And I told you not to tell anybody. You weren’t supposed to talk to the police. And now you’re gonna regret it.” He said so casually. Click. The line went dead.

“Hello?! I didn’t talk to the police, I swear! Hello?!” I yelled. I was horrified and scared for my life. Then I grew angry with myself. Why hadn’t I told the police!? I threw the phone at the wall and began to cry, again. I started asking myself hundreds of questions, what does “you’ll regret it” mean? Should I call my mom? Should I go to the police? Yes. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll go to the police station and tell Officer Wilson everything that I had seen that night…that night had been so horrible. Abruptly I saw Miranda in my head, it was the night she was murdered. She was in her living room, she was yelling at her Dad. He pushed her into the bookcase; she fell to the ground and started to cry. Then she got up, grabbed a vase and threw it at her Dad, it knocked him down for a few seconds. But he got up and then kicked her; she fell to the ground and stopped moving. I yelled and started hitting my hands against the window of the living room. Miranda looked up at me and crawled towards me and reached out towards me. I’ll never forget the look on her face, the look of pure fear and helplessness. I had never seen her like that. I didn’t know how to help her, but then before I could do anything her Dad came from behind her with a knife and stabbed her over and over and over again. I screamed so loud, and my hands hurt so much from banging on that window. There was so much blood, everywhere. He just kept stabbing her and wouldn’t stop. When he was done he looked over at me with the least concern and smiled. It was a smile of his sickening and appalling perverseness. I wanted to run, I wanted to scream, but I was frozen in terror. He finally looked away and I began to run. I stopped by a park, sat down and cried. Then I saw Mr. Evans. I didn’t know what to do. He just slapped me and threw me to the ground.

“If you tell anyone about what you saw, I’ll kill you.” he said carelessly, and then left. I laid there for hours, crying and thinking of Miranda. I snapped out of my flashback and thought about what I was going to do. I unlocked my door and ran outside. I was going to go to the police. The burst of cold wind set a chill through my spine, but I just started to run. The rain whipping my face, felt comforting. But the I realized that Mr. Evans car was following me. I started to run faster, and faster but he kept following. Every step I took was more and more slippery, finally my foot twisted and I fell to the ground. The concrete was wet and cold. I laid there wondering, why would Mr. Evans do this? How could he kill his daughter? Why would he threaten me? I felt helpless and unsure of what to do. I thought of Miranda. But then I saw the SUV come towards me and I saw Mr. Evans face. He was smiling, carelessly like he had just been to a party. He was smiling exactly the way he had smiled after killing Miranda, it was the same perverse and sickening smile. The car came towards me so fast, and then everything went black.

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