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April 5, 2019
By SKennedyno.19 GOLD, Hereford, Other
SKennedyno.19 GOLD, Hereford, Other
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I moved into a new house in Hereford, a new life, a new beginning. The house was big, four floors, but definitely needed some refurbishment, it was built a long time ago, back in the days of King Henry VII, as three attached cottages, the biggest building in the village during its early years. I refurbished the loft, the second floor, first floor, and then it was time for the last floor. I went downstairs into the cellar, and it clearly hadn’t been opened for several years. It was dusty, the floor was made of rocks, the light was broken, light bulbs smashed on the floor, it was the biggest mess you could imagine.                                                                                                          

I called Guy, the man who sold me the house and asked if he knew anyone who could help me clear up the cellar, because it was very  messy and he told me six words, ‘Dan, do not go in there!’


I was confused and had no idea why he was telling me not to go in there, I tried to ask him why not, but, he hung up, therefore, I ignored him. I found some professional cleaners who cleaned up the cellar but unfortunately, they could not change the floor surface. After moving some cupboards around and dusting the walls I saw a doorknob.

I looked everywhere for the key to the door, but with no success, so, I just gave up and had some dinner. I had my mate Fletch come to hang out with me, we played some table tennis with each other and just watched some TV. At 10 o’clock I went to bed but couldn’t fall asleep. An hour passed… then another hour... and another hour passed. It was too quiet for my liking but that soon changed. I heard screams from below, I heard crying and anger. I went downstairs, scared to death, and armed with a lantern, down towards the cellar door, I opened it, turned on the light, and then, all the noise stopped. The light then turned off, then on, then off again, and started flickering. There was a noise that sounded like the howl of a wolf. When the light came back on I saw the skull of a wolf in front of me, I was in shock, I froze, then fainted.

In the morning, I woke up on the concrete, with my head in agony, I surely had concussion. I slowly limped up the stairs, then the light went off again, and my foot stood on something squishy, I left the cellar, and into the light my shoes were covered in blood, the light went on once again in the cellar, and at the top of the stairs, was the head of the wolf.

I called Dan and he told me what was causing the weird events to happen in the house.

‘Okay Dan, the owner before me, his ancestors built this house 550 years ago, originally, they were three separate cottages, but when I came here, I bought all three cottages and renovated them into one big house which you live in now. The first owner of the family before me had a wife and five kids after the cottages were built, he wanted one of his sons to find somewhere else to live now he was sixteen.'

‘Wait,’ I replied ‘What does this have to do with noises I heard’

‘Dan, let me finish,’ Guy replied, ‘The son didn’t think he could manage alone but his father said he had to, and after an argument, he went down into the cellar, opened a door, in the cellar, and locked himself in, he starved himself to death. Legend has it that he was trapped in there, so the Demons couldn’t access his body after his death, to take his soul to Hell; consequently, his soul remains in there, angry and very aggressive.’

I asked ‘Then how did you live with it when you were at the house?’

‘Dan, If I’m honest, it was never this bad when I lived there, you clearly angered him in some way?’


‘Move it back quickly’ Guy replied.

‘I have two more questions, firstly, why did none of his family try to open the door, and secondly, why didn’t you tell me all this before I bought the house?’

‘Okay, so that door is tough, it’s very stiff, and the son has awkwardly  barricaded it and back then, they didn’t have the tools to get it open, and it’s best for us if we don’t open it,’

I nodded.

‘Secondly, would you have bought the house if I told you this before?’

‘Of course not,’ I replied.

‘Dan, you’ve answered your own question.’

Guy left, I was very angry that he didn’t tell me about it this before I bought the house, I thought he was my friend, not someone who justs want money.

I felt very unsafe, my heart was cold, I was stiff, I stayed upstairs all day, never wanting to go down to the cellar. During the night, I found it hard to sleep again, and I heard a smash, and then screaming again, and then a massive crash. I couldn’t move, I was in panic mode, I just wanted to get out. It died down after an hour, I started to go towards the cellar, then there was an explosion, BANG, the floor started to fall behind me, I just about managed to scramble down the stairs, and all the lights started flickering again.

I tried to leave the house, but the door wouldn’t open, it was locked, I went to get my keys from the table, they were gone, I was trapped. I tried to smash a window, then I heard a voice, and there was a face made of smoke, he spat fire at me, then a force that was impossible to describe dragged me towards the cellar, and in through the door. The room was full of skeletons, and skulls of wolves were hung on the wall.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

‘What brings you here young man?’ a voice said, ‘why do you want to leave so soon?’                                                                                                                        

I tried to speak but no words would come out.

‘Answer me, young man, or you will be trapped in here with me forever’

‘My name is Dan,’ I stuttered.

‘What year is it?’ the voice asked.

‘2008,’ I nervously replied.

‘Wow,’ the voice said, ‘I’ve waited 527 years for this moment. The moment someone finally opened the door.’

PI was now gaining some confidence he didn’t seem like he wanted to hurt me, so I began speaking ‘So what’s your na-’

‘Silence!’ The voice screamed.

PI was shaking, and my confidence didn’t last long, the voice manifested into a ghost form. He was tall, skinny, and had a face made of smoke, he was the same spirit I encountered earlier. The ghost then turned towards me, clicked his fingers, and I froze, my body started to freeze and my bodily functions also started to freeze, I screamed fighting for my life, I coughed three times, and my body fell to the ground. My body transformed into a wolves body, and I was to be used as his next victim.                                          



Breaking news: A man named Dan Jones, 34 has been missing for four days, he was last seen by his house’s previous owner, Guy McAndie, 59. We asked for a statement from McAndie, but all he said was ‘I had a chat with him (Dan) over a cup of tea the other day, I then left him, went to check in with him next day, and no sign of him. I have no more to say on the matter.’


The author's comments:

‘I’ve waited 527 years for this moment. The moment someone finally opened the door.’

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