If Love Could Kill...Then This Would Be Its Playlist

April 16, 2009
Colorado Police Force
Police Report

Date of Incident: August 17th
Victims: Tanya Keller, Alexandra Reynolds
Suspects: Seth Roberts
Time Of Incident: 10:00
Police Officer Present: Carlisle
Age of Victims: 16
Scene of Incident: Cherry Creek State Park, 4201 S. Parker Road, Aurora, Co. 80014
Type Of Incident: Murder
Weapons: Pocket Knife, and a love letter
Deaths: Tanya Keller
At approximately 10:00 on August 17th, two freshman girls(Alexandra Reynolds and Tanya Keller) were packing up camp so they could return home, to get ready for school. As they put the tent in the car, Tanya apparently heard footsteps coming toward them. Alexandra had not heard such a thing, and closed the trunk door. Tanya, still a little jumpy went to sit in the car as Alexandra did one final check up. As Alexandra came close to the car, she heard a horrendous screech. Alexandra came running, only to find a pool of blood, and a lifeless Tanya. She found beside her a note and a letter with a fancy handwriting. She opened the letter, only to find that is was the same letter Tanya had allegedly sent to her admirer, Seth Roberts. Then she pick up the note and it read
Allie Reynolds,
You are her best friend and you should know who I am. I have loved her and will love her forever. I killed her for reasons so complicated, not even you could understand. You must hate me more than anyone, and I can only say one thing to that. You could not hate me more than myself. The reasons were right, but the action was wrong. But believe me, you will be next on their list, and I promise you this, I will not kill you. I promise you that.
Seth Roberts.
After reading that note, she had heard a gun shot and found Seth Roberts dead on the floor. She shrieked and called the police. At approximately 10:38 Officer Carlisle was found on the scene, and pronounced Tanya and Seth DOA.

*Chapter 1*
Walking into Cherry Creek High School on the first day of school is hard enough. Try adding the unnerving amount of tension, and attention that comes with being the best friend to the murdered girl that now rots in Fairmont Cemetery. People who you even met, because you’re a freshman, are coming up to you and saying all of these things like, “I am so sorry!”. I mean, that’s great that they are sorry, but it feels all fake. Nobody knew Tanya and they act like they care. Here’s a big FYI: They don't. I bet you that they don't even care a sh** about it. And know I am facing high school, alone just because a stupid, lovesick, creep killed her and then committed suicide. And he thinks he’s more mad at him self than me? Yeah, right. how would you feel, if you basically saw the whole thing unfold before your eyes and you couldn’t do diddly squat about it. Well, she was pretty much my sister and she was killed. KILLED!!! I had held it together pretty well, but I was falling apart at the seams. All I wanted was my best friend back and that was the only thing I couldn’t have. It just made me mad. Not mad, totally furious.

“DING!DING DING DING!!! DIIIIIIIING!” The warning bell rang. Great, time to face high school, without anyone. At all. Whatev. I walked into Mr. Gregory’s homeroom with my stoic face, the one that I have had to use so much, it might just be the only one I’ll ever have.

“Good Morning Class. I am Mr. Gregory and I would like to go through the expectations of you here at Cherry Creek High School. First of all, dress code…” He droned on and on, so I though this would be a good chance to take a look at the last link to Tanya and Seth I have.
Allie Reynolds,
You are her best friend and you should know who I am. I have loved her and will love her forever. I killed her for reasons so complicated, not even you could understand. You must hate me more than anyone, and I can only say one thing to that. You could not hate me more than myself. The reasons were right, but the action was wrong. But believe me, you will be next on their list, and I promise you this, I will not kill you. I promise you that.
Seth Roberts.
I have loved her and will love her forever. What a fake. If he loved her, why did he kill her? And what the hell are complicated reasons? Doesn’t anyone know that relationships, like, never last? Why did he have to get so territorial about her, so when he found a little bit of competition he had to kill her?? Why? Why, why, why? Maybe that’s life question; Why? Why did he kill her? Why am I here all alone. Why? I started to fell tears forming in my eyes. I clenched my fists as hard as I could, but it looked like I couldn’t stop it this time. They broke free form my crystal blue eyes and flooded my cheeks, making my vision blurry. So I sat their in the back of my freshman class crying silently about my dead best friend and her suicidal lover. What a story to start my freshman and my high school career. Well at least I though I was crying silently, but one boy saw me and came over to check on me. When he got closer, I recognized him. He was Tommy Walters, the hottie form eighth grade. Wow. I forgot how cute he was. I guess I wasn’t really thinking about boys, when my best friend just died.

“Hey, you ok?” He asked, his dirty blonde hair flopped in his gorgeous green eyes, and he pushed it away. Wow. W-o-w.

“Yeah. I’m fine.” I sniffed, and looked at him. I realized he knew me as well as, well, Tanya did. He’d been my friend since I’ve known Tanya and we used to be inseparable, until middle school. He tried out for basketball and he got on the team. He never turned back to his old life. By the time eighth grade had come, he had dated seven girls and kissed 6 out of them. It was like he had done a 180. So I guess I wasn’t as slow I though, considering he barley spoke to me in middle school.

“Uhh, don't call me an expert, but I know that something isn’t right.”

“Uhh, last time I checked, you really haven’t spoken to me since 5th grade.” I countered.

He shrugged. “Hey I was a busy guy.”

“You were too busy to talk to the girls you have known since pre-k, but you have time for 7 girls and kissing 6 of them?”

He stared at me with a confused expression on his face. I didn’t get it until I realized that I hit a nerve in him.

“I…I… I didn’t go--” He stopped short, and I turned around to see Mr. Gregory hovering above us both.

“Go to the Principles Office.” He said. I gapped at him.

“Mr. G? We didn’t kill anyone, so why are we being sent to the principle office?” Tommy said, looking at Mr. Gregory with fire in his eyes. When he said “kill” that hit me so hard, that I couldn’t control myself, again. I immediately started balling. That freaked Mr. G out bad. He walked over to me and looked at me incredulously. I looked at Tommy, and saw understanding dawn on his face. He went to Mr. G and told him the situation. He didn’t seem fazed. He still sent us the principles office and, it was one heck of a trip. On one end, their was a girl who couldn’t even hold it together long enough to get to the principles office, so she was crying in the hallway. Then their was the silent hottie who walked next to the emotionally unstable girl and looked completely lifeless. It took 10 minutes to get to the office and then we had to wait 20 minutes because she was in a meeting. The whole thing, meeting the principle and all of that, took about 2 hours. It was the most ridiculous thing ever. Finally we were dismissed for lunch. I sighed and ran toward the door, but Tommy’s long, muscular arm caught mine. I turn around and stand about 2 inches away form his perfectly formed face and his breath tickles my nose.

“Allie?” he asked, hesitantly.

“Yeah?” I said, a little to breezily.

“You… I … Her… Died?” he asked, completely lifeless in his once green, now gray eyes.

“Yes.” I whispered. He looked in my eyes and I in his, and I saw the hurt he was feeling and he saw mine. I couldn’t stand it anymore, I turned away, and started to walk to the cafeteria. He caught up with me in a heart beat. Mine, to be exact.

“Will you sit with me?” Tommy asked, with little hope in his voice.

I smiled. “ I would be honored.” He laughed we walked to the lunchroom with depression and some happiness at the same time.

*Chapter 2*
“Sweetheart? How was your first day of high school?” My mom asked as I walked in the back door. My mom is a fantastic baker. She always bakes when I have had one of those days. Like, when I came home form preschool and she made Tanya and me brownies with extra fudge. Or the time I had broke my hand. And the time when I came home crying form the police department after Tanya’s death. That night I couldn’t sleep or eat or even drink, without thinking about Tanya. It was the worst night of my life. So when I saw Mom mixing a yellow substance, I felt at home. Well, sort of. I mean, if it weren’t for the stranger sitting in my living room, watching my TV and talking to my mom.

“Uhh, Mom? Who the hell is that in our living room?” I asked, annoyed.

“Alexandra! Don’t you dare use that language in my house. Especially to our guest.” My mom said, with a very angry expression on her face.

“Monica, don't worry about. I would have the same response if I found a strange man in my living room. Its perfectly normal for this reaction. I am surprised she didn’t really flip out, after all, her best friend did just die.” Oh, great. The old fart is now analyzing me. By the way, how in the world does he know that my best friend just died? Was my mom telling him things?

“MOM!” I screeched. I heard a loud clatter and my mom was standing in the living room with cake batter all over her.

“What?” She said, reading my expression carefully. After Tanya’s death, my mom has been careful to read my expression before jumping to any conclusions. She had been more careful in all situations, come to think of it. She cooks carefully, eats carefully and even walks carefully. Its like she thinks that anything she does might traumatize me. this would be the only situation she didn’t do that.

“Who is he?” I whined. Whining usually got me my way, ever since Tanya’s death. Wow, a lot of things have changed since then. Sigh.

“Allie, he is John Mullen, my boyfriend.” My mom said, looking at John with adoration.

Wait. Did she just say boyfriend? I looked at my mom, then at John, then back to my mom. They’re going out? Like, lovey-dovey-kissy-huggy-boyfriend/girlfriend thing? My mom, and a guy named John?

“Allie?” My mom asked, worriedly, pulling me out of my trance.
“Bbb…Boyfriend?” I stuttered. I know I probably looked like an idiot, but my mom just admitted she had a boyfriend. A BOYFRIEND! I don't even have one. That’s what I call humiliating.

“Yes, sweetie. I know this all very sudden, but I really truly love him, and we are going out to dinner to celebrate!” She sounded so happy, happier than I have seen her in a long time. I had a feeling that it was because I wasn’t happy, she wasn’t.

“What exactly are we celebrating?” I asked.

“Something, special, but John won’t tell me.” She fake pouted. John winked, and Mom giggled, like a little girl. Oh boy.

“Uhh, I’m going to my room.” I said, and slunk upstairs to my safe haven, My Room. Actually, its more like a loft, because I designed it that way. Well, Tanya and I did. Ever since that day, when I came in here, I remembered, all the happy moments we had. I felt like she was still here and I didn’t worry all that much. Well that was in day time. At night, things were a little different. I occasionally had nightmares. They weren’t all that prevalent but they were bad when I got them. Just then, my phone rang.

“Hey?” I said causally.

“Allie?” Tommy’s voice said. Holy crap!


“What's up?” he said.

“Nothing, much. And you?”

“Oh, well. I know this is really sudden but, I have a question.” He said, hesitantly. Oh gosh. He might ask me out. Breath in…breath out…breathe in…breathe out.

“Shoot.” I said, calming down enough to at least sound like myself.

“Do you think I could crash at your house for a while?” I almost fell out of bed. What? Stay at my house?

“Uhh, do you mind if I ask why?”

“Things are… tough at my house. To say the least.”
“Oh. Sure, but why are you asking me?”

“Because we were best friends and I know about you as you do me. Well, at least through 5th grade.”

“Oh, well sure. Let me ask my mom.” I said.

“Wait! Open your balcony first.” He said. I walked to my balcony and pushed open the doors. There he stood, in all his basketball-god glory. He looked to be about 5’7 ½” and he was wearing his Bears jersey. He had a huge over night bag and one could only imagine what could be in that. His dirty blonde hair hung in a messy way over his emerald eyes that looked at me with pure longing.

“Are you sweaty?” I asked, trying to break the tension that was forming between us.

“No,--well err yeah.” He looked embarrassed. That was cute.

“Come on, you big, sweaty goof.” I started walking and I laughed when I got to the wall of pictures on the stairs. There was one of me playing in my swimsuit, when we went to Hawaii one year to see my grandparents. My dad was pretending to be a shark and I was laughing and running form him. I was about 3. The next one was my first day of preschool and we took pictures for our parents. I was sitting on a big bucket with a red, yellow, pink, blue and green checkered dress with two pigtail braids. It looked like I was about to fall of my bucket form laughing to much. my favorite picture was the one were Tanya and I were in 5th grade and we were making cake. We couldn’t reach the pan, so we “accidentally” made the mixer move and the cake batter went everywhere. My mom came down to see what all the commotion was about and saw that her kitchen had been transformed into a cake batter haven. She laughed when she saw us covered in chocolate cake batter and she took picture. We poses as models, as though cake batter was this seasons hottest trend. Those were the times.

“What are you laughing at?” he playfully shoved me. I looked at him and saw the old 5trh grader I knew. The one who like to playfully hit, and push people.

“Oh just the picture of Tanya and Me with cake all over us.”

“Oh and then the next day you came to school and still had cake in your hair.” I looked at him, secretly wondering how he remembered that, and then I cracked up.

“Hey, do you have any idea how hard it is to get chocolate cake out of hair as long as your tailbone?” I said, hitting him in the arm.

“Luckily you had dark brown hair.” He said, looking at my hair.

“Yeah. But you would have known anyway.” I walked downstairs, and lumbered into the kitchen, with Tommy following right behind me.

“Mom?” I asked hesitantly.

“Yeah sweetie?”

“Uhh…” How was I supposed to say this? You know Tommy Walters, my best friend who basically forgot about me after 5th grade? Well he needs a place to stays so can he stay here? Uhh, no. That would not only be awkward, but so mean to Tommy.

“Ms. Reynolds,” I head Tommy speak.

“Allie…Oh my Lord!” She gasped. “Who is this?”

“Tommy Walters, from 5th grade?” He prompted.

“Thomas Walters! What a pleasure it is to see you in this house again!” My mom smiled a 100 watts smile. My mom had always loved him, because of his manners. “He was always such a polite boy.” She would marvel.

“Yes, but I had a certain question that I would have to ask you.”

“What is it? Is your home life a little… tough?” She asked, with worry in her voice.

“Yes ma’am. I was hoping you would allow me to stay here until things get… uh sorted out.” He asked, looking directly at her.

“Why, of course! I’m sorry, but I don't have a guest room, so you’ll have to stay in the living room… Oh wait! You and Allie could share her room! Allie, don’t you have an extra “room” in your room?”

“Good, would you please show him the way? Tommy, we are going out to eat with John, so we will be leaving in about 20 minutes.”

“Thank you Ms. Reynolds.” He said, never failing with his politeness.

“Your welcome, sweetie. Oh and welcome back.” My mom hopped out of the room and I trudged back up stairs.

“Uggg. Dinner.” I said sighing.

“Don’t tell me your going anorexic too!” Tommy said, with horror in his voice.

“No way! I was hoping to avoid the whole let’s-talk-about-how-you-feel-and-what-this-super-special-surpirse-is talk with John. I think he’s a physiologist. Or psychiatrist. Which ever one analyzes people.”

“You think? And who is this ‘John’ guy anyway?” he asked.

“Well, I have only met the guy once for about two minutes and he’s my mom’s boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend? Really? I though she wouldn’t date after your father… passed away?”

“I thought so too. Here’s your room.” I said pointing to the door that had all my old preschool paintings on it. “You can take those down if you want.” I added looking a little embarrassed.

“No, no, I like them.”

“Yeah. Well, do you have dress clothes, because no doubt we’ll be going to a fancy place.”

“Yeah, I packed my whole wardrobe.” He said smiling.

“Ok, than, Mr. Fashonisto. Some of us need to change too, you know.” I said and closed the door in his face. I laughed and hit play on my stereo. It started playing “Something To Believe In” by FM Static. I went to my closet and pushed through cargo pants, and vintage T-Shirts, to my dress clothes. I hated fancy anything. Well I used to love them, back when Tanya was still here. We would fantasize about our homecoming and prom and look at all those magazines to find the prettiest dresses. In those days, I was the preppy, pretty cheerleader who did gymnastics all the time. Now, I was a punk rock, tougher girl. I guess I had changed a lot more than I realized, after Tanya died. I died my golden brown locks a blonde and streaked brown in it. I threw all of my dresses and accessories in the back of my closet and took all my jeans and vintage shirts and put them in the front. I started listening to a lot more punk artists, like Simple Plan, Fall Out Boy, Plain White T’s and things like that. I don't know why I died my hair blonde though. Maybe it was because everyone used to call me and Tanya twins, so I didn’t want to look like her, so I died my hair a completely different color. I still do gymnastics, and I’m going to try out for cheerleading because I still love that stuff. The rest of it though… its complicated. I ended up picking my baby blue halter, with my diamond necklace and earrings to match. They said that we were going to dinner, and I think they were talking about going to a play, so why not get dressed up?

“Hey, are you done?” Tommy asked through the door. Oops! I forgot Tommy was here. I quickly cleaned up my room.

“Yeah!” I called. The door opened and there stood Tommy in a tux. He had combed his hair and put some cologne that I couldn’t recognize on. Man, did he look good. I quickly looked away, hoping he didn’t catch me looking.

“Tommy and Allie! Time to go!” My mom called. I grabbed my clutch and ran for the door. Tommy beat me there.

“Ladies, first,” he said. I blushed and walked through the doors. As I walked down the stairs, I couldn’t help but wonder what Tanya would think. Would she approve of my dress? Or would she say the thing I’ve been dreading to hear ever since Tommy had come to talk to me this morning; that I am in love with Tommy? Am I? is that why I choose to wear this dress, the one I wore to 7th grade formal. He wasn’t there, because he had just had a game, so he couldn’t see me in my dress. Have I been hiding these feelings for a while?

“Allie! You look beautiful!” My mom said, glowing. “And Tommy! You look so handsome.”

“Thanks Mom.” I said, still thinking about my realization. Was I? Am I?

“You’d better get in the car,” John’s rough voice broke my thoughts.

“Yeah, I said quietly. I headed for the car and plopped down. I peered out the window and saw that Tommy and John were having a discussion. I hopped it wasn’t about what I think it was. Finally Tommy got in the car and looked out the window vacantly, just as I was. I sighed and took out my iPod and turned it to “Soundtrack To Your Life” by Ashlyn Parker Angel. The car lurched to a start and I was instantly swopped into my thoughts on all of what had happened in these last weeks. The death, the letter, the changes and of course Tommy. As I though about these things, the realization that had come earlier nagged at my brain. I looked over at Tommy and saw the answer to that nagging question:

Yes. I was utterly in love with my best friend.

Uggg. Could life get anymore cliché?

*Chapter 3*
Yep. That and lunch seem to be the most eventful times of the day. And this was no exception. Of course, the awkwardness was apparent already, what with Tommy being their. John seemed comfortable, sort of. I mean, if you call comfortable, sitting at the dinner table looking at my mom with big eyes the whole time we were eating dinner. It actually made me uncomfortable. Luckily, I had gotten a text, and asked to be excused.

Tommy_the_Train: Hey, u ok?

Allie_Care_Bear: Yeah. Wats w/ the nickname?

Tommy_the_Train: Well.. it’s a long story.

Aliie_Care_Bear: I’ve got time…. ;)

Tommy_the_Train: Uhh, I don't think we do.

Allie_Care_Bear: Why wouldn’t we have enough time?

Tommy_the_Train: Well, your mom and John are expecting us.

Allie_Care_Bear: They can wait, can’t—

Tommy_the_Train: Allie?
last text at 6:30pm, on 9/2

Tommy_the_Train: Allie?

Allie_Care_Bear: Tommy, we have to go back. My mom is looking for us.

Tommy_the_Train: Ok.

So, when we got back to the table, John said he had a big surprise.

“Shoot,” I said, in response to John’s outburst.

“Ok. Monica Reynolds, you are the prettiest , most wonderful person I have ever met. You have the funniest sense of humor, and you have a that certain spark I have always been looking for.” I drop my spoon in my wonton soup, but only Tommy notices. “Your compassion is endless and your baking is magnificent. So, Monica Reynolds, will you marry me?”

That was the last straw. I looked at my mom, then John, then Tommy. My mom was on the verge of crying, John was beaming, and Tommy looked as uncomfortable as I felt. This was all to much to processes.

“Yes,” I heard my mom whisper. I leaped form the table and ran as fast as I could out the front door. I knew I probably hit, like, 5 waiters, but at that moment, nothing mattered. All I knew was about to change… again. Wasn’t it enough that I had lost my dad? Then some freaky lover dude killed my best friend, the only real person who knew me. Now I was getting a new dad?

After I got out of the building, I walked to the nearest supermarket, which happened to be Albertsons. I walked inside and sat on the bench near the restrooms. I grabbed my purse and popped my headphones in and turned it to the first song I heard, “We’ve Only Just Begun” by Run Kid Run. Then I took out my phone.

New Messages: 0
Missed Calls: 0

That’s comforting. They really cared, didn’t they? My mom cared enough to let her only daughter run away, and not even call? John and my mom must be making out, not even noticing I’m gone. Tommy must have, though? We were best friends, right? I didn’t know anything anymore. I walked outside and braced the wind. Wait, wind? There wasn’t wind earlier? And what is that sound? It’s like a helicopter is right above me. I looked up and saw a helicopter above me. Go figure. As I walked toward the street, a ladder fell before me, and a ninja-looking dude came down.

“Hello, Ms.?” he prompted. I looked at him curiously. He was a guy in a ninja suit. A little voice in my head was screaming DON’T TELL HIM!! WHAT DID MOM ALWAYS SAY? NEVER TELL ANYONE YOUR NAME OR ANYTHING PERSONAL! But I was mad at my mom, and I didn’t care what she thought or said.

“Allie Reynolds.” I said and put my hand out for a handshake. Instead he took it and grabbed me. “Hey! Let me go!!” I screeched. Good job, Allie. Why didn’t you listen? I squirmed, and wriggled, without prevail.

“Ms. Reynolds, if you value your life, I suggest you stop moving. I looked up and saw a pistol (I think) directed at me. I screamed, scaring my captor so bad that he almost fell.

“Shut up, you little brat.” A different voice said and dragged me into the copter.

“Excuse me?” I asked, because no one has ever called me a “brat” before.

“I said shut your pretty little mouth, you brat.”

“No.” I said, blatantly. He took out his gun, and I instantly got quite. I looked down form the door of the helicopter and heard a familiar voice yelling my name.

“Allie!” Tommy. He did care! My heart soared.

“Looks like we have a hero,” The older man said, laughing manically.

“How shall we get rid of him?” The younger one asked.

“Get the machine gun ready,” Oldie said. They were going to kill him!

“NO!!” I screamed as loud as I could. I guess that gave Tommy the wrong impression because then he started to climb the ladder.

“No!” My voice got hoarse. The men laughed.

“Change of plans, Alfie. Go start flying the copter,” Oldie said. Tommy heard them, but he kept going.

“Tommy, just get down. Save yourself.” I said, my voice barely a whisper. I doubted he could hear me. Just then, I felt a lurch and heard Tommy whisper in my ear.

“It’s going to be fine. I’ve got you.” As he said those words, I realized that I had been crying the whole time.

“Look who we have here,” the old man said, locking eyes with Tommy.

“Let her go.” His voice was hard, a voice I wasn’t used to.

The man laughed. “Yeah, right.” He grabbed a hold of a brick and smashed me in the head. Oww.

“Allie!” Tommy said, his voice faltering.

“What?” I said, my consciousness was failing.

“Stay with me.” he said. When I didn’t respond, he said it again., a little more frantically.

“Tommy…” I started, feeling my consciousness slipping. I knew he wanted me to stay awake, but I couldn’t. I was just too tired. I felt my eyelids slowly closing and my body feeling really heavy.
“ALLIE! Please, stay.” I though I heard someone say, but I couldn’t tell. My eyelids finally fell and the last thing I felt was something cool and wet in my forehead. Then I drifted off to what might have been the most interesting sleep I have ever had.

*Chapter 4*
“Today’s the day!” I heard Tanya’s soprano voice fill my ears.

“Tanya?” I say. My hand flew to my mouth, but I didn’t speak. I was a ghost! The one who spoke was me, but in camping clothes and a confused expression plastered on my face.

“We get to go home to showers and automatic toilets!” she squealed. Me ,the “ghost”, instantly felt my stomach sink into my body. Today’s the day. Those were the words that I had dread after August 17. Today was August 17th.

“Tanya, we still have 5 hours. Can we just eat breakfast?” I laughed.

“Sure, Al. What are we making?” she smiled and my heart got heavier.

“We? I think you mean, ‘what am I making.” In that case, I am making pancakes.”

“Uhh, no, we are making pancakes.” Said Tanya picking up a spatula and knocking over the milk container. It was, of course, open. The milk spilled all over and we watched in mock horror.

“Whoopie Daisy!” She said, and smiled with embarrassment coloring her cheeks. I laughed and picked up the, now empty, milk carton.

“I guess pancakes are nixed. Looks like we’ll have to pick up something on the way home.” She smiled a mischievous smile and she instantly gave herself away. “You did that on purpose!” I accused. “You are pure evil!”

“But you know that’s why you love me!” she said.

“No, I love you for you. But that does come in handy.” We both cracked up.

“Come on T. We have to clean up camp if we ever want to leave.”

“Fine, but let’s go back to the reservoir for a while. You had said something about having 5 hours…” she trailed off, and started skipping toward the reservoir. I slowly followed. We sat their for about 4 hours talking and laughing, dipping our feet in the water and pushing each other toward the big, massive pool of water sitting in front of us. We reluctantly got up and went back to camp. We rolled up the sleeping bags and put the dishes away in silence, which it very peculiar for us. As I was strapping the last sleeping bag in, Tanya came up to me.

“Yo, Al. I think I heard footsteps form the lake.” She whispered.

“T, I swear I haven’t heard a single thing. But if your that worried, you can sit in the car.” I said.

“Ok.” Tanya crawled in the car reluctantly. Yes, I had a car. I was 15, & because I was held back in 1st grade (stupid Timmy!) I was going into high school. Tanya was in the same predicament, only it wasn’t Timmy, but because she had missed school 47 times. Yeah, back then. We were the juvenile delinquents that CSI never had. I finally finished tying the knot (on the sleeping bag!) and went to make sure I hadn’t left anything. I saw that I didn’t and walked back to the car.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH--!” Tanya’s familiar screeched awoke me from my trance. I ran to the passenger seat, only to find my best friend, dripping in a pool of red liquid. By her side I found a note and letter, clean as a whistle. My eyes, foggy with a salty substance beginning to fall, read the note with no hesitation.

Allie Reynolds,
You are her best friend and you should know who I am. I have loved her and will love her forever. I killed her for reasons so complicated, not even you could understand. You must hate me more than anyone, and I can only say one thing to that. You could not hate me more than myself. The reasons were right, but the action was wrong. But believe me, you will be next on their list, and I promise you this, I will not kill you. I promise you that.
Seth Roberts.

“No. This was not happening.” I shrieked. Of course it was though. I wanted so badly to go comfort me, but my legs weren’t working. BAM! The gun shot. The crying girl, peaked up and ran to the sound. Their she found, Seth Roberts lying next to his gun, his eyes closed. Finally, she screamed as loud as she could, signaling to the forest rangers, something was wrong. One of them came and saw the scene. She called 911 and in a mater of minutes, a band of police cars came rolling in. Then the scene went black. I opened my eyes, and looked around. I wasn’t in the helicopter anymore; but in a dark room, that was to small to fit this many people in. I heard something though, that really caught my attention: crying. But this wasn’t the kind of crying I was used to, no it was from a boy.

*Chapter 5*
The boy crying looked horrible. His face was streaked with black and gray, causing me to wonder how long I really was here. His hair was so oily that it looked like he dumped his head in butter. The worst part of this boy, though, was his eyes. The once startling green jewels were now as gray as the floor beneath us. They were dead and cold, as if his reason for living was now gone. I wanted to run to him, scream anything, but I couldn’t move, much less speak. Also, my head hurt like crazy.

“Why?” Tommy kept repeating . I wasn’t fully conscious yet, but that was crystal clear. It was a logical, legitimate question too. Why was I here? Why was Tommy here?

Suddenly, Tommy’s mood changed, dramatically. He looked over my way and then to the younger one, his face had “ANGRY” written all over it.

“You killed her!” Tommy’s voice shook with rage.

“No! I ain’t no killer, man. She’s still alive!” The young one, Alfie, said defensively. Well I think that’s what he wanted. To me he just sounded like a scared goose.

“Has anyone checked?” Tommy asked.

“No, but—” Alfie started.

“Then I don't care. You killed her! You killed my best friend. She…she…she” Tommy didn’t finish, much to my dismay. Instead, he looked at Alfie, and I could’ve sworn he saw the emotion I felt when Tanya died. The hurt, the anger, the depression. It was the longest day I had ever had to live.

“Hey, man, I’m really sorry, if he,” Alfie pointed to the old one sitting on the floor sleeping. “ killed your girlfriend.”

“She never was my girlfriend.” Tommy said quietly. That got my attention. Did he regret it? Did he like me? Or was he done with the whole yelling thing and decided to tell Alfie that in a quiet voice?

“Never? Surely you must have asked her?”

“No, never did ask her. I guess I was a really big jerk during middle school.” No way was he was admitting this!

“How so?” Alfie pressed.
“Well, she said that I never talked to her or Tanya, but I did go out with 7 girls and kiss 6 of them.” He took the longest breath I have ever felt.

After a few moments of silence, Alfie said, “Go on.”

“I only did that to make her jealous! I never liked any of them! They were all cheerleaders, who cared more about clothes and stuff. Never could I actually talk to them. I could always talk to her. Always.” I gasped quietly.

“To make who jealous?” Uggg, he is starting to sound like Dr. Phil.

“ALLIE!” He cried, exasperated. At that moment, I could feel my legs starting to move and I could find my mouth. That didn’t matter though. He loved me! he had admitted it!! Wow, if it only took that, why did Sleeping Beauty need a kiss? Not that I would have minded if he had decided to.

“Tommy?” I said hoarsely. Ok so I wasn’t actually back to normal, but I could move! I’ll take what I can get. I honestly can say that I scared the living daylights of him. He turned so quickly that he fell right on his are. I gasped and hopped of the bed.

“Allie?” He said, wincing as I examined his arm. My father was a doctor so, he taught me a few tricks of his trade.

“Yes?” I asked, looking intently at his bruised, but not broken arm. Only, he didn’t need to know that just yet.

Tommy looked at Alfie, as if to ask, Should I tell her? Alfie nodded encouragingly.

“Allie, I have to tell you something,” Tommy started. I waited. And waited. But he never finished.

“Uhh, what is going on in here?” A very high, and familiar voice filled our ears. “Alexandra! Thank goodness your finally awake. It’s sooo nice to see you!” The girl said. I sensed that false, sickeningly sweet voice that only one person would use.

I stared at her, “ I know you.”

“I would hope you do.” She laughed, but not that good natured one, “ I’m Bianca di Winthrop. Remember? Your worst enemy and the real reason Tanya was killed?”

*Chapter 6*
I gasped. “Bianca di Winthrop!” My stare turned into a glare at the sight of her.

Ok, so I guess I’d better explain, considering how many confused readers I’ll get. Bianca di Winthrop used to be Tanya, Tommy and my best friend. Wondering why your never heard about her earlier. I’ll get that. Every Tuesday, we would all go to Bianca’s house for after school snacks and home work help. In short, we were inseparable. Unfortunately, middle school had other plans for us. Tommy had just been accepted on the basketball team and hadn’t spoken to us in days. it was hard on all of us, especially Bianca because (she wont admit it) she had this huge crush and still does on Tommy. So after we figured out that he was gone, Bianca had turned. For the worse. She went form little Ms. Sunshine to little Ms. Brat. She was the meanest girl in all of Campus Middle School. We, as in my and Tanya, hated that about her. So by the 3rd week of school, after Bianca had “successfully” mad all the 6th graders cry and 10 eighth graders go to counseling, we decided to tell it to her straight. We said she could either drop the attitude, or she’s dropped. Let me tell you, she did not take that very well. She the proceeded to tell us off and walked away laughing. We dropped her like a hot potato. Bianca di Winthrop had hated and is still hating our guts form that day onward. Apparently though, she thought that now was perfect time to get her revenge.

Tommy, though, was puzzled. “Bi?” he whispered.

“Yes, Tommy. Bi is back and better than ever! You see anything you like?” she smiled mischievously. My anger flared up inside me like a hot air balloon.

Tommy surprised me. “Yeah.” He said. I looked over at him, to see what exactly he liked. Apparently it was me he liked, if him staring at me was any indication. I blushed profusely. Bianca saw this and instantly turned lethal.

“Well, well, well. Time have definitely changed, haven’t they Allie? One of us has gotten smarter, and the other had turned into this boy magnet.” Her wild, hazel eyes narrowed.

The whole boy magnet caught me off guard. “What?” I said, looking genuinely clueless. Obviously, this was a riot because Bianca cracked up.

“Little Ms. Allie doesn’t realize what a hottie she had turned into!” Bianca snarled. That got my back in the right mindset.

“Why don't you shut your big mouth.” I counter. If I valued my life, I wouldn’t have said that. Apparently, though, I do not. At least not enough to shut up myself.

“What you say, freeeeak?” She elongated the freak, as she spat it out.

“I said, shut up and please, if you must speak, say it don’t spray it.”
Stupid Allie, when will you learn?

“Allie, you’ve learned some sass!” she hurled her fist at me. I wasn’t paying attention so I was instantly knocked to ground, gasping for air.

“Allie!” Tommy breathed.

“No! No, I’m fine.” I got up and brushed off my already gross blue halter dress. My eyes burned with anger as I get ready.

“Ohhh so noble. Trying to save Tommy’s life, are we?” she lunged and I backed up. Bianca looked flustered as she pulled herself up.

“Looks like someone is going to have to learn a few new moves.” I said, nonchalantly. She growled . Tommy’s face went form shock to pure afraid.

“I think we all need to calm down now,” Tommy said peacefully.

“NO!” Bianca and I screamed and lunged. The boys were really scared. I have to say, looking back on this, we fought like boys. There were punches and kicks form both ends. By the time we were done, we looked like freaky, ugly corpses.

“Well then Allie. Time to take this up a notch, literally.” Bianca said, crawling to the roof of this mansion I was held captive in. Tommy looked at me with unfailing concern. I looked away, knowing the exact emotion he would feel if I really died. I couldn’t back down, though. It felt natural, like I had to do it, fight Bianca. She sent the memo to kill Tanya and Seth was only trying to save her. He admitted that it wasn’t the brightest move and even killed himself because of it. I had to avenge Tanya’s death, and I couldn’t let this opportunity go. Call me stupid, crazy or suicidal, I don't care. This was my best friends murderer, and I wasn’t going to let her get away with it.

“Well freak, it seems that you’ve gotten over your fear of heights.” She smiled, and I have to say that smile still haunts me in my dreams. That was the smile of a cold blooded killer.

“The only freak I see, is one who kills for revenge.” I say, my voice unusually calm. Because I wasn’t over my fear of heights, and Bianca knew that.

“Can’t you come up with any better comebacks? Or was that Tanya’s job?” she said, laugh maliciously. For some reason, the mention of Tanya sent me over the edge. My eyes narrowed, my heart was beating wildly. My mind went form thinking to involuntary actions. I’ll admit it; I had no idea what was going on, but I realized that I wasn’t going to be normal until Bianca was out of the picture. For good. I looked over my prey and when she was least expecting it. She was laughing so much she had no idea what was going on. I sprang forward and landed on Bianca’s perfectly fake face. I clawed her face till it was bleeding. She was screaming bloody murder and I hopped off her. I walked away, not exactly knowing why. I called 911, then sat down on the lump bed. I sighed, and was ready to cry.

“Hey Al. You ok?” he asked. He saw that I was on the edge and pulled me into his big, muscular arms. I felt safer than I ever had before. I took one big breath, and it came out in a big mess of tears.

“Allie, the police are here,” I heard Alfie say. Tommy let go of me, and went to see the police. Bianca was out cold, and being taken to the nearest hospital.

“Ms. Reynolds? I have a report saying you called?” An officer said, looking at his clipboard.

“Yes, officer.” Then I proceeded to tell him the whole story, starting with Tanya’s murder. He listened carefully, nodding and writing down the points that he thought mattered. It felt good to get it off my chest, at least the cold hard facts. The rest of it was still to personal, to raw to tell anyone just yet.

“Ms., I understand that you are convicting Bianca di Winthrop of being a murderer and potentially killing you, but we have to proof of that.” The officer told me. I tried to explain that she did try to kill me, but he kept repeating “No proof.” Just then, Alfie came running out to us.

“Wait! We do have proof!” he yelled. I looked at him like he was crazy.

“I am a film student at UCLA and I was making a video when I ran into Bianca talking to Rafael (the old dude) about her plan. I never deleted it because I thought it would make a good movie scene.” Alfie explained. He gave the tape to the officer, who popped it into a portable VCR he had. Man, were police officers always this handy? He watched it 5 times, writing down all the dialogue he could.

“Thanks, son,” He told Alfie. He blushed, then standing up straight, said. “its all in a days work.” We all laughed.

“Uhh, Excuse me.” Tommy’s deep voice said.

“Yeah?” The officer said.

“Where exactly are we?”

“Why, your in San Francisco, California!” The old officer laughed, and walked away mumbling.

“SAN FRANSISCO, CALIFORNIA?” I nearly had a coronary. No way were we in California. But sure enough, I looked out and there, standing in all its red glory, stood the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge. I gasped. “Crap.” I mumbled.

“Yeah, I know the feeling.” Tommy said, gazing longingly out to the majestic San Francisco bay.

“Did you also have a plan?” I asked, growing worried.

“Kind of…but I’ll need to have a cell phone and a lot of luck.”

I pulled out my cell phone and said, “Your wish is my command, oh mighty one.” I giggled. He shook is floppy head and dialed the most familiar number in my phone: My Mom.

“What? What in the world are you going to say?” I ask.

“Something, now you be quite, or we might never get home.” As much as I was very mad at my mom, I shut my mouth. Besides, if I got to go home, I could take a shower. And I could go back to scho—school!

“Tommy, do you realize that we must have missed about 5 days of school?” I tell him.

“No, more like 3 weeks. Now shhh,” Tommy said, nonchalantly, and tapped me on the nose. 3 WEEKS! Crappy, crap, crap. After a lot of “ok’s” and “sounds goods” Tommy finally got off the phone.

“Ready to hear this?” I nodded slowly. “We will be getting on the plane back to Colorado tomorrow at 12:17pm on United Airlines 1796. Ok.”

“Yeah, its fine.”

“Are you ok?”

“Just tired.” He pulled my into his arms and I fell asleep to the sound of ambulances and waves crashing on the beach.

*Chapter 7*
“Allie, wake up.” I felt a gentle nudge, and my eyelids fluttered open.

“Uck, what time is it?” I asked groggily. I was taking up 2 seats on the plane. Well kind of. I took my chair and the lap of Tommy. The window showed that it was at least 7, but my mind was so wacked up form my dream that I didn’t even realize that I was on a plane till 3 minutes ago.

[Dreams actually…]
I awoke in a very beautiful palace room, with pictures of famous kings and fruit ( one quick question: why do palaces always have fruit pictures in them???). The bed in which I awoke in was fluffy, with gold trimming on it. There was a canopy that I could pull down for more privacy. Despite the renaissances-look and feel of the room, this was definitely a modern palace. They had 4 TVs and 3 laptops in my room alone! I slowly got up and threw on some slippers and a robe and hurried down stairs. When I (finally) reached the kitchen, my mom was there, cooking, with John. They hadn’t even seen me come in. They were smiling and laughing, and I felt as though I was intruding. I slowly retreated up stairs and decided to get dressed. I threw opened the closet. Lo and behold, what do my eyes see? Hangers and hooks dedicated to the fanciest, most expensive gowns there ever was. Now, mind you, I was still very much my current self, the post- Tanya, so this did not delight me. At all. I sighed, and threw on the most decent looking one I could find (there weren’t many, actually. Apparently, I was some kind of a skank in this world.) and threw on some accessories to match. I, obviously hadn’t lost my talent for coordination, because I came down and my mom gasped. John coughed, as though to warn me. It wasn’t my mom, or even John’s expression that intrigued me. It was the tall, athletic boy sitting across from John’s expression that made me double back. At first I didn’t recognize him. But then again, I didn’t even recognize myself this morning. I looked again and who I saw took my breath away. Tommy Walters. Only since we were supposedly in the times of kings and queens (believe me when I say, I don't believe that lie at all.) he was dressed as a prince. Which meant…I was a princess. I gasped and lost my balance.

“Whoops,” I said, as Tommy helped me up. I looked at his captivating green eyes, and smiled my goofy, I’m-in-love smile. Could I have been anymore blatant? Well, I bet I could have, but I didn’t care to think of those possibilities, because they took my mind away form the god that was standing in front of me. From the corner of my eye, I saw my mom smile and John look at her warily. She waved her hand and went back to reading the news. John kept watching and sighed.
“Are you ok?” Tommy asked, and he set me on my feet.

“Of course,” I said, dusting my dress off.

“Would you like to take a walk?” He asked again. Would I? What a silly question to ask.

“Yeah, I would like to go on a walk,” I smiled, and followed his lead. Before I knew it, the scenery had changed. No longer were we in a big palace, but in a small garden filled with my favorite kind of flowers; plumerias. I smelled there super strong scent and smiled.

“Would you be mad if I asked you one last question?” Tommy asked, politely. I said no of course and he got on one knee. I almost fell down again.

“Alexandra Reynolds, you are the most important thing in my life. You are the center, my everything in life. You brighten my day and when your sad, you make my day sad. I would die if anything ever happened to you, and to make sure no one can hurt you, I ask you this, Will you, Alexandra Reynolds, marry me, Thomas Walters?” He finished, and I couldn’t breath. He was asking him to marry him? Now? I wanted so badly to say yes, but I never go the chance.

****End Flashback****
“Yo, Allie? You look like your in a trance.” Tommy said, poking me.

“Huh? What? Oh, never mind, I am fine. So any update on time?”

“Uhh its 8:30, and we are leaving.”

“Oh. I guess we’d better get off.” I wriggled my way out of his lap and hopped to the aisle, looking a little flustered. He came next to me and grabbed me before I fell. I stood up and blushed.

“Ready to see your mom and new father-in-law?” he asked. I nodded, but inside I felt like puking. Tommy must have either felt my nervousness or something so he pulled me into his arms. I slowly melted into him and felt at peace. As I ran down how this reunion would go, I realized Tommy would always be there for me. That odd sense of reassurance washed over me as I went to meet my mother and her new fiancé.

“And that’s how my dress go torn up.” I said, finishing up the hour long story. Well the abridged story. The one where I ran off to San Francisco and how I was laying on the ground crying, and bloody form falling. Yeah, how different was it really?

“Sweetheart! Don't you dare run off again, no matter the circumstances. Tsk, tsk. Look at you,” my mom had been on the verge of crying since I had come home. Now she looked ready to bawl at any minute. John stood over her and looked at me with compassion, but disappointment.

“Sorry Mom,” I whispered. And I truly was sorry. We had been gone for a bout a month, and my poor mother went crazy. She had mad some many baked goods, John got sick. Her paranoia did do some good, though. It drove her to confront Tommy’s parents about their “issues” and then she got the “ok” for Tommy to live with us—permanently. Not like a brother or anything, but as my best friend. My mom looked at me and hugged me for about 20 minutes. In those 20 minutes, 10 were spent crying and the rest in silence. It made me sad to see my mother this way, but I realized that it would gave been much worse if John wasn’t there. I finally agreed that if my mom loved John that much and he loved her, they were in the right mind to get married.

“Mom, and John,” I started, pulling away form my mom’s iron clad grip. “I am really sorry for giving you guys a hard time. If you really are in love, and I can tell you are, because, quite frankly, if anyone can keep up with my mom’s need for baking fits, that’s true love. Anyway, you guys are too in love to not get married. So go for it. I smiled, a genuine smile. My mom looked adoringly at me and I knew I had done one thing right.

“Sweetie, you don’t know exactly how much that means to me. To both of us.” She beamed. Then she turned to John, and said, “We’d better get some plans…” and walked into the living room.

“Thanks, Allie.” John winked.

“JOHN!” My mom yelled.

“Oops. Gotta go.” And then he was gone, leaving me alone with my hero, practically.

He took a hold of my hand. “Do you want to take a walk?”

“I would love too.” We walked out to my ever changing backyard. I can still see the indents that my old jungle gym mad, back in elementary school. To my left, I saw that our (Tanya, Tommy and I) tree house still stood. Now a days, we have a 10 foot pool with a diving board and a lanai ( pretty much a balcony that’s HUGE!) so you can suntan. I sighed. I wondered if we were going to move. I hoped we didn’t have too. As much as this house made me remember Tanya, I would never want to move.

“Allie, do you remember that I was going to tell you something?” Tommy asked, pulling my to the bench under the cherry blossom tree. My mind dimly remembered that he was about to tell me something, and I thought I knew what it was, but then Bianca came in.

“Yeah…I think so,” I said, trying to remember more.

“I was going to say…that I, I,” He looked so pained, trying to tell me it, but it wouldn’t come out.

“Go on, you can—” I didn’t get a chance to finish, because in 5 seconds flat, his lips where on mine, and I was instantly relaxed. It was the most amazing feeling ever. I never realized how awesome it felt to be kissed by someone who loved you. And who coincidentally you loved back. Tommy pulled away, and smiled. I probably looked like the goofiest girl alive, because my smile was taking up my whole face.

“Now you know.” Tommy said simply.

“Yeah, and I think you know my feeling on this subject as well.” I stated. He looked at me with confusion, and I leaned down and kissed him lightly on the lips. He laughed and we walked back to the house. When we got back, the kitchen was a mess, but not the usual, cooking utensils, but pens and papers and phonebooks scattered everywhere.

“Joan, I know this is such short notice, but I would love if you would come!” My mom said, trying desperately to get my aunt to come. “Thank goodness. Oh, Jack and Jackie must come. Ok, see you on October 17th.” I stopped in mid tracks. October 17th? That was my birthday!

“Mom, you do know that your wedding is on my birthday,” I informed her.

“Sweetie, of course I know that. We have a very special surprise for you on that day,” she winked at John. I sighed, and completed my journey up the stairs, to my room. I plopped on my bed, and Tommy went to his room, so he could make it more, uh, masculine considering he lives here. I walked to my closet, and pulled out a box tucked away. I blew off the dust and set it on the table. I opened it carefully, and there were all of my preschool pictures of the three of us. I removed those and found the picture of Tanya on her birthday, August 11th, just 6 days before her death. She was smiling at the cake that I made, but we frosted together. We had frosting on our noses and it reminded me of the 5th grade picture on the wall. I had an inspiration and instantly grabbed my pen and notebook. You see, I used to be a writer. I loved writing and Tanya would always tell me what I did right or wrong. But when Tanya died, I hadn’t written one thing. I finally felt the urge to write, to write a poem.

Best Friends Never End
Best Friends are always true,
I promise never to leave you,
You were there when I got scared.
You should know I will always care
So here’s to us…
No matter where you are,
If you’re here or if your far,
Best Friends are always true,
Best Friend, I love you.
R.I.P Tanya Keller
August 11th, 1995 – August 17th, 2009
I miss you,

*Chapter 8*
“Beep. Beep Beep. Beep Beep Beep, BEEP!” My alarm clock rang. I groggily checked the time. 7 am. I groaned. Then I realized the date. October 17th. My birthday and my mothers wedding. I hopped out of bed, and I could hear the wedding band warming up "Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin". I sighed. In approximately, 6 hours I would have a new fatherly figure. I secretly snuck in the bathroom and took my shower before Tommy could. I giggled at my little plan. I took about a 10 minute shower and threw on my coziest robe. I looked at the clock: 9:30am. Wow! I guess my shower wasn’t 10 minutes. I blasted my music, playing “Attention” by The Academy Is…. I grabbed my favorite pair of sweats and the first clean T-Shirt I could find. Coincidentally, it was an “I ♥ San Francisco” one. I rolled my eyes, remembering my near-death experience in September, there. I didn’t want to go back there anytime soon. I ran downstairs, not expecting anything elaborate. I slowly walked in the kitchen, making sure everyone in there was decent (One phrase: John in Shorts –Shudders Violently--) and sauntered into the room, like every morning.

“Good Morning,” my mom yawned. John winked. He had a tendency to do that. Tommy was no where to be seen.

“Good Morning, Mother, and John,” I said, sounding very formal.

“Would you look at that? Looks like a very special girl is having a birthday!” I rolled my eyes. No way was I in the paper.

“Mom, cut it out. I know your making it up.”

“Sweetheart, I am not pulling your leg.” My mom looked as serious as a heart attack. I looked up, suddenly intrigued.

“What?” I snatched the paper. Sure enough, on the front page, in big, bold font, lay the headline:

Teen hero celebrates her sweet 16th.
Alexandra Reynolds, 15, now 16, must have woken up thinking today is just my 16th birthday. Sorry, sweetie, but this town had a little more in store for you. The 16 year old came home to her worried mother and boyfriend just a little over a month ago, after being held captive for about a month in a mansion on the upper side of San Francisco. Bianca di Winthrop, who allegedly had killed her best friend, on August 17, had kidnapped her and her friend, Tommy Walters and brought them to California. They were in a small closet-type room for a month and in that time, Alexandra was hit in the head with a brick, not waking up for at least 29 days. She did wake up, and fought to avenge the death of Tanya Keller. Miraculously, Alexandra did not kill Bianca, but did manage to put her in extensive care. Bianca is know in a mental hospital, and staying with her mom. Congrats, Alexandra and Tommy, and enjoy your birthday!

OMG! My mom read that… crap! She knows the story. I reasoned with myself that I wouldn’t bring it up, until she did. It was inevitable.

“Congrats, sweetheart, but I have to ask, where is Tommy? Did he see this?” My mom asked.

“No, I have no idea where he is.” I said, and my mind started to go into overtime. Where was he? Did he get sick of this house? Did he just leave? I almost started to hyperventilate, but then the doorbell rang.

“Allie, go get the door, please,” my mom said, obviously watching me breakdown. She still had no idea we were dating, but just another minor detail we left out. I silently walked to the door, hoping it was Tommy. I threw opened the door, only to see a very surprised mailman. I blushed.

“Sorry. Did you need something?” I ask sweetly.

“Yeah, are you Allie Reynolds?” He asked. I prayed to God that he didn’t want my autograph.

“Yes, I am.”

“Sign Here, please.” He handed me a pen, and I signed on the dotted line.

“What exactly is this for?” I was puzzled.

“For all of the present that were addressed to you.” He stressed the word all, a little to much for my comfort.

“All?” I said, meekly.

“Yeah, like two whole trucks full,” he said warily. Great.

“I’ll get them,” I said, and pushed through the door and grabbed the hydraulic lift, that was supposed to be for my mom’s wedding cake, and started shoving present on it. it only took about 20 trips before I got them all.

“Oh, and Ms.?” The mailman said.

“Yeah,” I breathed. Because, have you ever moved 200+ presents into the living room? That what I call a workout.

“The last present is in your room.” He smiled, and before I could ask him what he meant, he drove away. Typical. I sighed and walked back into the kitchen.

“Just and FYI, all of those present in the living room aren’t yours, their mine.’ I sighed, and my mom followed me to the living present storage. She gasped.

“Allie. Looks like you have many fans.” She smiled and left the room. She popped her head in the door on last time and asked, “Do you need help?”

“Nah, I’m fine,” I proceeded to carry the first of many, many trips. I finally got to my room. I threw opened the door, and dropped the whole load of presents (Thank goodness my “fans” thought that I wasn’t in need of breakables).

“Tommy!” I yelled and ran into his arms. I felt like I was 4 again, staying in his warm grasp. “Where were you? Did you see the article?” I fired off questions like bullets.

“Yes, I did see the article and I was getting your present.” He said.

“Great, more presents. Have you noticed the amount of presents that are living in my mom’s living room? It gives that name a whole new meaning.” He laughed and tapped my head.

“Silly Allie. You know, most people would love to get 2 post office trucks full of presents for their 16th birthday.”

“Yeah, but most people still have their best girlfriend to spend it with.”

“Allie. Please, don't spend your 16th birthday moping around. She wouldn’t like that.” I knew he was right, but I always spent my birthdays with her. He could tell that I still wasn’t happy, so he brought out a small box, with fancy writing on it. I knew Tommy hadn’t written it, but I still wondered what it was. It turned out to be a dialogue that he had found and typed up for me.

Girl: Do I ever cross your mind?
Boy: No
Girl: Do you like me?
Boy: No
Girl: Do you want me?
Boy: No
Girl: Would you cry if I left?
Boy: No
Girl: Would you live for me?
Boy: No
Girl: Would you do anything for me?
Boy: No
Girl: Choose--me or your life
Boy: My life
The girl runs away in shock and pain and the boy runs after her and says...
The reason you never cross my mind is because you're always on my mind.
The reason why I don't like you is because I love you.
The reason I don't want you is because I need you.
The reason I wouldn't cry if you left is because I would die if you left.
The reason I wouldn't live for you is because I would die for you.
The reason why I'm not willing to do you anything for you is because I would do everything for you.
The reason I chose my life is because you ARE my life.

As I finished reading the short dialogue, I felt Tommy slip something around my neck. At first, I had to admit, after everything I’ve been through, I though he was trying to choke me. I tensed up, and Tommy felt me get tense. He put his hand on my shoulder and I calmed down, somewhat. He finished placing the item on my neck and I took my mirror to examine it. On my neck, there was a beautiful gold necklace, with diamonds embedded in it. in the middle, there was my birthstone, opal. I gasped, and I felt the tears coming in my eyes. He had seen my dress, and he knew this would match perfectly. Either that, or the fact that my mom’s whole wedding was based on my birthstone, but I liked the first better. My fingers traced the necklace. I looked at him, and he looked at me. For a brief second, it felt like we were 7 again, and Tommy had just given me a homemade picture. He smiled, looking genuinely happy. I sighed, and hugged him.

“Thank you,” I whispered. It was the sweetest present anyone could give me, and the fact that Tommy had gave it to me, made it 200 times better.

“I’d better help you get those presents up the stairs,” Tommy said, suddenly a little anxious to get out of my room.

“Ok, but I think we should—”, I started, but Tommy scooped me up and carried me to the living present room. He gently put me down and my mom came in the room.

“Tommy! Glad your back. So, did you see the paper?” John asked, as he came in the room. My mom raised her eyebrows, but John winked at Tommy, as if he knew exactly where and what Tommy was doing. I had a feeling he did. Apparently, though, nobody filled my mom in. Her eyes traced the room, looking for some incriminating evidence she could use to make herself feel better. None was found. Well, I thought that none was found, but her eyes traced my neck, and he eyes got wide.

“Allie! What a gorgeous necklace. Who did you get it form? It will go great with your dress.” She beamed.

“Its from Tommy.” I looked her over, her expression changed ever so slightly.

“Tommy. What a sweet gesture!”

“Thanks Ms. Reynolds.” Just then, the doorbell rang. My faced turned to horror, silently praying that it wasn’t more presents. Tommy and John peered at my face and then busted out laughing. My mom, once again, was oblivious to my facial expression.

“What?” She asked, annoyed. She opened the door, and my mouth fell open in more horror than expected.

“Kelsey! You came. And look at that, Lola as well.” My anger flared in me. Lola Peterson was my aunt’s daughter, which makes her my cousin. I know normally you hear about evil stepsister, but Lola is the closet thing in my family to evil anything. And I don't take that word lightly. Lola is my age, height, and body type. She had the same exact features, yet they were different colors. Lola was practically me, back when Tanya was still here. Except, I didn’t dye my hair crazy colors every week. But she was punk, I was that too. The reason she’s my mortal enemy (besides Bianca. Only they were best friends when she lived here, d

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Fashionista828 said...
May 6, 2009 at 8:34 pm
OMG!! i love this story!! you have to finish it or i am going to track you down!
Jk but you should seriouly finish it!!!
but why doesn't allie tell her mom where she really was?
that's my only question!
SallySunshine said...
May 6, 2009 at 5:22 am
this is amazing
but please finish it!
i want to read the rest!!!
if you finish it and do a grammar and spelling check i think your almost there!
you need more details, defining qualities, relationships.
stretch out the chapters and add more info

it is amazing tho so please keep writing!
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