April 26, 2009
I thrashed my way to the surface, willing the sound that escaped my mouth to be louder than the roar of the yacht’s engine. It was useless, and the boat was already speeding away leaving a wash of salt water that poured into my mouth, gagging me. As a last resort, I stuck my arm out and pulled it back toward me in one long stroke, and to my surprise the movement had pulled me forward some. I tried again with the opposite arm, and began kicking, utilizing my strong swimming skills. It wasn’t enough to chase down the receeding boat. I stopped suddenly, and tried to level my head. It wasn’t the end of the world, after all. I recalled being in much more danger than at that moment, but a certain uneasiness plagued me. Struggling out of my clothes, I summoned up all my might and let out a roar, hoping that someone on the yacht would hear my distress. I watched the lights from the yacht steadily move further away from me, engulfing in blackness.

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