The Ghost Horse

April 24, 2009
By Dnasia Faison BRONZE, Townsend, Delaware
Dnasia Faison BRONZE, Townsend, Delaware
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Everyday I go to the horse farm. I clean out the stalls, bathe the horses, and even sometimes have some one-on-one time with the horses. Feeding them carrots and talking to them about my life. I have to do that everyday, it's my job. Im a a horse groomer at Haunted Hill farm In Nasville,Tennessee. It's fun there except the name kind of creeps me out the farm looks scary too. There are cobwebs everywhere and rats and mice running around. I bet you more than 5 mice a day get killed by the horses because the horses are so big they can not see them so they step on them not knowing it. I a kind of glad that they step on them though I kow thats kind of animal killer mean but I am terrified of all kind of rodents.

All the stalls here are painted dark blue. The paint is kind of well not kind of really faded. I know why though, because the owner said that the farm is over 50 years old. Still, I think the name is scary and sometimes I get goosebumps when I am walking around. I even think about quiting my job at times but I remember horses are my fav animals they are just so unique. Each individual has there own personality just like they are humans. They get you interested even if you are not a animal lover.

The owner said that they would be renovatingon the farm soon so all of the horses are goona be staying at different farms in Nashville for a while. I don't think thats a good idea, but this isn't my farm so I got to do what he says. It is 2 more days until they start renovating on the farm they are starting to move horses to different farms already. I have mixed emotions, im happy because we get days and days off from work. But I am also sad because some of my favorite horses are leaving me. I am so used to seeing them every day, its just gonna be odd for me. They are some of the best horses you could ever meet. No horse is better than my fav horse he is light-brown with a blonde maine and tail. I feel so comfortable when I am around him.I never want to go to any other horses but him.I am so close to him I tell him my deepest darkest secrets.Not like he is going to tell anybody.But I am sure he tells his hore friends.I know haven't told you my horse's name yet.Even though it is not my horse I got to name him.Nobody knows his name that I gave him but me.Strangly the owner doesn't know the horse exsist.Like when I tell him about my horse all he says is okayeven if it's not something to say okay to.

I went down to see my horse today it was'nt my normal time I went there,but when I went I didn't see my horse.I looked all over for him,but he was no where to be found.I yelled his name(which you don't know yet).I heard a horsse whine.I walked around going in a circle watching all corners of the plain seeing if I see him.But still he was no where to be found.I rushed back to the barn,my heart beating as fast as a bullet train.I looked for everybody so I could tell them about it and ask them to help me find him.I looked everywhere I saw nobody,not a soul.I was scared,terrified,I didn't know what to do,so I sat in a corner and cried.Think what you would do if you were at an empty horse farm named Haunted Hill! Key word HAUNTED!!! I am so scared.I have to stay here all night by myself.Iwish I knew where my horse was.I wondered if he died or if the owner finally realized him and sent him to another farm just like the rest of them.I have mixed emotions again.I feel sad because I dont know where my horse is and I feel mad because the owner probably gave him away without telling me and I feel scared because I am at a creepy place alone with nobody else here.So I have so many emotions I don't know how to express it s,so i sat in the corner and think,imagine.I imagined what was happening inthe world around me.

I was wondering if my parents were looking for me.I always told them to get me a cell phone,but they never listen,they say Im to young even though I am thirteen going on fourteen.Now I bet when I get home I am going to have a cell phone incase of emergencies like this one.But anyway I wonder if my horse is okay.(I know I still have not told you his name).I try to walk in the dark cold night.No lights are on the farm,so I can hardly see my feet.I am shivering very hard and can't even walk straight.I am trying to find the barn that has the tv and a refrigerator.I find a flash light in the barn I work in.That helped a lot because the barn with the tv and fridge.I look in the fridge and I find a cold can of chicken noodle soup.I tell myself that it is better than nothing and forced it down my throat.I turned on the lights and the tv.That always makes me fall asleep.I start watching Judge Judy.I don't know why,but shows about other people''s drama seems to entertain me.while I am dozing off I hear a horse cry ouut a whine ,so I get up and grab my flash light.I shine it outside and in a distance I can see my horse.He is running towards me just like I am running towards him and give him a great big hug very tight.then all of a sudden I dont feel him anymore.It is like he just dissapeared.I start to cry right there,then I run back to the barn with the tv and refridgerator,which I find a sign that says it's called the Harris Barn. I watch more judge shows and soon start dozing off again trying to get my horse off my mined and soon enough Im asleep.

When I wake up I see light,sunlight.I see cars and trucks passing by on the main road. Better than any thing I see my horse. I run to him again but this time he dosen't run to me. I hug him hoping he dosen't vanish again. He didn't. I sat there and told him all about my night and how scared I was. I even asked him what happened to him last night. Not like he was going to answer me or anything but I was curious.Today I hopE that somebody would come and save me. It is only two mor days until they start renovating onthe farm. And if I have to stay here 2 more ays They would probaly find me dead of starvation somewhere.I ate all of the rest of the food inthe fridge. I can't stay here another night. It's the evening and the only way I can tell is because the clouds are pink, I can still see my horse I tell him I have to go. He neighs ,like his way of saying bye and I walk away. Then I stop I see my horse trotting towards the forest I always wondered where he would go so I followed him. I didn'y want him to see me so I went and as hiding behind the bushes and trees.I looked back to see if anybody was behind me ,stalking me.Then after I looked back And looked at my horse again he was gone. I was wondering If I was going crazy, becoming a maniac. I looked all around but all I saw was open space. Im confused. Where did he go? At least I know my way back to the farm. Walking back I wonder puzzled what happened to my horse. But I don't know. Mabye he would come back.Mabye?

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GraceM said...
on May. 5 2009 at 8:23 pm
First off, this story has potential. But because of the puntuational errors it was hard for me to understand what was going on some of the time. Re-read it and find all of the missing punctuation, misspelled words, and confusing sentances; then you will have yourself a great story :)


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