Discovering Experience

April 23, 2009
By Anonymous

Did you ever feel so scared that your mind just told you what to do? This is what happened to me, Brett K., and Brett L. Brett K. was an average height and was built like a rock. He was a nice guy and it was perfect to have him for what was about to happen. Next, is Brett L. He is a pretty tall person and is also built like a rock. He is kind of stupid at times but yet he’s smart at making decisions. Then there’s me. The strongest of them all. The shortest was me but that didn’t match my strength outside and within. We were all perfect candidates for what was about to happen this night. It all started five years ago. It was a cool summer day. The feeling you get when you walk outside and just get a chill down your spine. It was a perfect night for us three boys to get together because our parents were gone. We also would’ve had to be smart that night by using prior knowledge or reacting fast because if we hadn’t done that this night we wouldn’t be here today!!

It all started at about 12:00 in the afternoon. My friends and I decided to hang out and have a sleep over this night because our parents were in Milwaukee, WI for a concert and they had to stay over night. Well, our parents didn’t want us to stay home alone together while they were gone so we decided to have a three man sleep over. The whole day was pretty much laid back. I mean we went to the gym to work out. After that, we went to the park with everyone to shoot some hoops. Then, we went to subway to get some subs. You know it’s like a pretty typical day. That’s what we all thought until later that night when the sun goes down and the feeling you get when you know you’re alone and your parents aren’t there to help you!!!!!!
Well, it all started at about 7:00. We all went over to Brett L’s. house to sleepover. He has the Playstation 3, so it was all good. Well, when ever we have a sleepover, come on; you always got to put a nice, warm, good tasting pizza in. We set the iron timer to about 10 minutes. You could just hear the tick-tock of every second going by. We went down his carpet stairs to the chilly basement. We could smell the tomato sauce of the pizza cooking while we waited patiently downstairs. We decided to put a movie in and got lost on time and we suddenly realized that our pizza must have been burnt now but how come we didn’t hear a timer go off?
Brett K. said that he will go and check and see what is up with the pizza. While he’s walking upstairs, he looks in the pizza oven and nothing is there. He becomes worried and is wondering what is up. He asks if we want a soda, and he goes out in the summer cooling air and goes out to the garage and grabs us a soda. When he gets out to the garage, our pizza is smothered around the pavement like blood everywhere and the sauce of the pizza spelt out the words. YOU BETTER RUN AND HIDE!
Brett K. had been really scared and had tried to run but it had been too late. The person who was behind this supremacy had caught Brett K. and had carried him to a place where we do not know where. Brett L. and I were worried now. It’s been thirty minutes and Brett K. had still not come back from the garage to get us our sodas. We decided to take a peak outside and realized that Brett K. was gone from sight. All there was was a trail of pizza sauce and it looked like blood that led into the woods.
Brett L. and I bursted into tears knowing that our best friend might just have been killed. Brett L. and I took awhile to regroup that our best friend was missing. We had to find him no matter what it took. We went in Brett’s garage. He pulled out an iron shaft of a golf club. It was shining through the night sky. I grabbed a wooden Louisville Slugger baseball bat and we were ready for some business to find our friend.
We had to look for a path of wherever they went. I remembered just before that there was a path that led to the woods out in the field. Thanks to Brett K. stepping in the pizza sauce, we now know where he had gone. Brett L. and I went inside to get any materials to see. We got a compass, flashlight, two water bottles a piece, and decided to head out to the damp, wet, dark woods together. We headed off into the woods not knowing our surroundings and what was inside. Brett L. and I held close together knowing that one bad move could cost us both our lives. Brett was shining his flashlight all over trying to look for a path, any path to know what direction we should be heading. We had a sign; there was a rope about 13-15 ft. long and some barbwire that looked as though there could have been blood on there. Brett L. and I looked away knowing that that could very well be our best friend. Brett L. and I were dedicated to find the person who was up to this and kill him once and for all for rejoice.
We were about 50 yards in the woods and we heard a moaning and groaning and someone screaming the word, HELP! We figured this was our friend Brett K. so we darted in the direction of his voice. When I saw him I dropped my bat down and ran to see how my friend was doing. He looked awful. There was a stab wound in his arm and leg and he couldn’t walk anywhere. He could barely talk because he was loosing so much blood. He tried to tell us to look back, and hurry get out of here.
Brett L. turned around and smack. The man hits Brett L. right across the head with my Louisville slugger bat. A grabbed Brett L’s golf club and smacked him right in the place where the sun don’t shine for a man. He gets down on his knees and starts yelping. He told me he’s sorry for almost killing my friends and to just let him go and be on with his life. This wasn’t satisfying for me so I hit him right in the head. Not hard enough to kill him but enough to knock him out and call 911 emergency and report this all. I had been checking Brett L. and Brett K’s pulse very often and it was still going. I knew that now my best friends were alive and that it was mainly cause of me and my great sense of nature and its surroundings. I look to left and my god the man I had captured had left with himself and my baseball bat. I wait for the emergency to come in the woods. They finally come about 20-30 minutes later and the man had still not come back.
We were all rushed to the ER and were laid out on 3 beds; one for each of us. The last thing I remember before they put Brett L. to sleep was a thumbs up and his words, “thanks best friend.” You really showed yourself out there today. If I don’t make it through this I’m glad that a had spent my life with such a great friend like you.” All three of us guys were crying on our beds and when Brett L. had fallen asleep that would have been the last time I would ever see my best friend again. He had died from internal bleeding in the head.
Two weeks later Brett K. and I were out of the hospital, our parents grasped us with hugs and kisses knowing that we were all right. Brett K. and I met later that night and I told him this case was not over. I will find that man and when I do I will get him for what he did to our best friend. Brett K. agreed with the plan. The first thing we wanted to check out was Brett K’s finger nails and see if he had scratched the tall, husky built man. He said he was wrestling him a bit before he carried him out to the woods. We wanted to see how much it would cost for us to have an FBI test. The price was well over $5,000 dollars. There was no way anyone could afford that with the economy these days so we decided to tell the city about our story. The city was very well pleased with the story. They gave Brett K. and I a humanitarian award for our courageous efforts. They also rewarded us with $5,000!! That would be enough for the FBI test. If Brett K. had scratched the man, this whole thing would be resolved and we would find the killer of our best friend.
We went to the FBI testing facility and Brett K. had to do a lot of simple tests. First off, make a copy of his fingerprint. Next, he had to scrape everything off the inside of his nail. After that, he had to cut off the ends of the nail. I remember sitting in the lab looking at all the beautiful colors of the scenery and just picturing that night where it all went bad. I started thinking things like was it my fault? Should we of had a sleepover? Why didn’t I let them stay at my house? How could someone find out that were there alone? Why does this happen to us and no one else? I started thinking of all things I could think of in an 8th grade mindset. Brett K. had then come out and we had to sit there and wait until they ran results. It took about 2 hours and bam right away they had a DNA match to a guy by the name of Zyliss Corinsted. The name was very unfamiliar. They said that he had been spending time with his parents and had had many other little crimes before such as DUI, possession of marijuana, parking tickets, and a possession of firearm.
We knew that this guy must have been the killer of our best friend. The FBI had put on all there gear and had started a chase off to the woods to try and find some more evidence. They found out that he had stepped into some blood and it had lead to a shed way out in the field. What was inside the shed scared me but it was going to be all worth it in the end. There inside the shed was about five dead bodies hanging from barbwire. Then there was the man that was up to this supremacy lying there dead as a cat. The ambulance had come and police and cops surrounded the building. Someone put one last bullet through the man’s head to make sure he was dead. We took the dead body back to the FBI testing territory and found out that the name of this man was Zyliss Corinsted. He was known as the body builder of high school. He was 6 ft. tall and had many criminal cases against him. We knew that this was our match. I remember the ambulance putting his body into a bag. Things in my head were twirling around. My best friend had just died from this creep of a man. I started blaring these words. Why us? Will anyone tell me why it was us this happened too!!!!??? Why Brett L.?????????? He didn’t deserve it! People thought I was going psycho and they brought Brett K. and I home where we stayed there for a good 2 weeks before we headed back to school. They had a big story on this; it seemed like everyday on the news. I hate to say it but they actually got the whole story exactly the way it is.
When I arrived to school that morning, everyone was quiet. Brett K. went to a different school but I heard his day was bad too. When I entered school, people had started clapping for my heroic things. I had started crying because they shouldn’t have done this. I wasn’t proud for what I did. Two girls came up to me and gave me big hugs and knew I was side. Everybody told me to it’s ok. It’s not your fault. The more they said things the more I cried. I remember two of Brett L’s other close friends sitting by a locker. They also had red eyes and a stuffy nose. That whole day we had made a memorial to my best friend Brett L. We had made things to put in his coffin to remember us and show our respect.
I had appeared on CNN that night. People would call in and takes calls. Most of the people said thanks and you’re a great person. They asked me two questions I’ll never ever forget. What was Brett L. like? Was he a great guy? My answer was he was the best guy you could remember. He was funny, nice, athletic, and the perfect best friend. I also said that he was the perfect guy to compete with and he knew I would always win.
Just then I had a smile to my face. The first in a month. When I said that I knew that Brett L. was watching, because written on my sheet and on the projection and walking out of the CNN building. I had seen the words yeah right with a smiley face after it. I had started my trip back to home with being successful that Brett L. will still be there for me as well as I will for him. Brett L. and K. are great guys. I’m glad I have such great friends like them. All though I will never see Brett L. again I promised him when we were young that I’d visit his grave once a week and talk to him about sports and what is going on. I had done this for five years now and every week I go there and talk to him about random things.
Today, was the day I would go again. I went up to the grave and said a short phrase about how this was the day you died Brett. Remember before we ever got in this mess was the pizza. I haven’t eaten a pizza since Brett. Brett you know you can’t keep me from not having soda I said with a smirk on my face. I miss you so much Brett. Life isn’t the same without you I said with tears in my eyes. The last thing I said was keep in there bud and I hope I will see you in heaven some day.

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