The Girl

April 21, 2009
“저를 도우십시오 저를 도우십시오!” In other words help me help me a tall and dull colored Korean mother yells. " My daughter my daughter she was right here now she is gone,” the women cried. “I can’t live with out her,” she distressed. While she yelled and cried, she grabbed a strange and unusual teddy bear that is also a semi police helper. “You look like you can help me so you better because it’s my daughter so your going to save her cause I can’t and that’s the end so you please… ,” “Maim I I I… can’t I’m going to a meeting,” he said. “So it’s my daughter,” the woman yelled in his face. “ Okay I’ll save her while I go report it to the police please,” he said back. "Well what’s your name,” She replied. “Axxel, Axxel Kong,” he said mysteriously.

Duuuuuuudun duuuuuuuudun duuuuuuuudun the theme music of a Korean cartoon played as Axxel ran down the street. ,”Ah ha a warehouse and it has tire tracks ohhhh look a pear with 6yrs old bit marks on it hehehehehe I found a clue a clue yes (I totally nailed this case thing) but I need my own theme music,” Axxel said while reaching for his ipod. “ Let’s see,” “lips of an angel no no let the bodies hit the floor no no dunnadunna untouched dunnadunna no no , well here we go,” “Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me don’t cha…! ,” “Yes perfect,” Axxel said.
The next day Axxel woke up early and went out to explore. ,”First thing is first coffee is my fuel lets go,” Axxel yawned. Oh almost forgot axel needs his music and his theme song. ,” Don’t cha mmmmmm…” Axxel hummed. Axxel went to the store, to the beach, back to the warehouse and broke in to the warehouse office. Then while he was humming he slipped on a seemed to be an oiled newspaper with cheesy fingerprints. ,”Ah what’s this I I I hoope it’ss nooot blood,” Axxel shuddered with a gulp at the end. He stuck it in a zipper upper bag and took a look around. All you could hear are his little paw prints on the wood office floor –thump-. The floor made little noises in-till he found a looses board he went to left it up…”A clue a clue I found a clue she left me a note and a shoe,” Axxel yelled to himself. He started to read the note…

Dear who ever is trying to save me?

I am 6yrs old and miss my mommy I watch a lot of TV and read a lot of books
So here I go.
-One guy has a tattoo on his right ear of a dog
-The lady has 8 fingers and a lip ring
-The other man has a cut on his leg its gross
-And then theirs the guy that always going to
My mom’s store and tries to ask my
Mommy something mommy never
Tells me what it is so I don’t know
So please hurry I can’t wait anymore the
Men keep saying they are going to kill me if
They don’t get millions of green paper.

A scared and smart 6-year-old girl
Lillian Wong

Axxel put the note in another zipper upper and started to walk off but he heard someone or something run throw boxes knocking them down. Axxel ran to catch him or her. He leaped to grab and landed on the person instead bruising them unknowledgeable. ,”So who are you what do you want and where is Lillian ANSWER ME,” Axxel said the yelled in a tense voice. “I’M NOT TELLING YOU ANY THING I’M NOT TELLING YOU ANY THING NO NO NO,” she screamed while he took off her mask. “LET ME SEE YOUR HANDS,” Axxel yelled. “NO NO WHY,” she replied in yells. “Let me see I need to see them,” he replied and started to count her fingers,” one two three four one two three four you have eight fingers,” he said confused. ,”Yes yes now get off of me NOW,” she cried,” Sorry maim your coming with me and with no questions,” Axxel said rudely. “Why What NO NO!!!,” she raised her voice. Axxel put her in a cab with him and said “Police station A.S.A.P,” Axxel said with a high-pitched voice. The taxi drove on to the station “that’s 36buck Mr.,” the taxi guy said grossly. “ Put it on my tab please under AX thanks Dino,” Axxel said back. He pulled the girl out grad his evidence and rushed into the chief’s office.
“Chief Reeder Chief Reeder this is one of the kid-nap people its in the note Lillian gave me,” Axxel stressed out. “ Well your not so big now are you well let me see that letter?,” Reeder said in her city voice. “Here you go,” he said giving the note to her. Reeder read the note with a mumble.“Well put her in the interrogation room I’ll get Jerry to question her maybe we can get some answers,” Reeder replied in her normal voice. “Okay,” Axxel said in joy while visually seeing himself solving a case and becoming a policeman (bear).

After a few days of extreme questioning she cracked crying,telling everything. The police caught two guy not three the one what came into the store fled and was never found. They all got 20 to life in prison. When saw Lillian he was word bound he never know how beautiful she was in till now he took Lillian home and visits with her rarely. Axxel became a policeman and then quit he found a better job then doesn’t evolve guns and hunting methods but doing what he loves supporting kids. So pretty much Axxel lived happily ever after and so did Lillian after she graduated from Yell University at age 16. Now happy and almost an adult she'll live on. Yet every day she goes to the warehouse and smells the air as if she was a little girl again wanting freedom

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