The Kidnapping

April 20, 2009
By Mika Fester BRONZE, San Francisco, Other
Mika Fester BRONZE, San Francisco, Other
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Dan and Jeff entered their house. When they walked in everything was messed up. Sofas were turned, tables knocked down, pictures broken. At first it seemed that someone had broken in, but they looked up and their stereo was there and that’s pretty expensive. Also there was an mp3 that was left on the table earlier that didn’t seem to be even moved. Then after checking most of downstairs, Jeff remembered something.
“Juliana was here when we left earlier, come on; let’s check upstairs to make sure she’s alright.” They ran up and checked most of the rooms, and did not find her. The last one was her room. The door was shut and they were hoping to open it and see her, and alright. Dan turned the doorknob, swung it open, but saw no one. With this room also trashed, they became worried.
“Where could she be?” Jeff screamed. Worried, they looked around and there on the bed was a folded up piece of paper.
Dan noticed it first. “Jeff look, what’s that?”
“It looks like a note” said Jeff.
“I know but what does it say?”

“It says that they have taken our sister for ransom of 10 million dollars,” read Dan.
“Oh no,” said Jeff. “Where are we going to come up with that kind of money? And why did they take our sister and choose us to try and get 10 million from?”
“I don’t know. This is crazy, wait. It says something else at the end of the letter,” Dan paused. “It says that it should be easy because of our family fortune.”
“What?” Jeff yelled. “What family fortune? We are just an average family in an average house like everyone else in our neighborhood.”
“I know, this must be some kind of mistake. They didn’t even leave us any way of getting in contact with them. How are we supposed to talk things out with them?” said Dan.
“You want to talk things out with people who did all this?” said Jeff. “They trashed our house, kidnapped our sister, and left a ransom note. These guys aren’t going to just ‘talk it out’ Dan. These guys want 10 million dollars and it looks like they will do anything to get it, so we need to think.”
Then, the phone rang. “Who is it?” said Dan.
“I don’t know,” said Jeff. “Maybe we should answer it.”
“Ok Jeff, I have had enough of your sarcasm.”
“I’m sorry, I’m just worried,” said Jeff lowly.
“It’s ok, so am I. Now let’s hurry and answer it.”
Before they could answer it, the last ring rang and the message started. It was a man with a deep voice and he said “Do you think not answering the phone will help you? You are already making things worse for yourselves. I know you’re in there and I know you’re hearing this, so listen. You have a week to get the money for me, and exactly when the week is over, if I don’t have the money, then you can say goodbye to your sister.” They heard a cry in the background. “Oh yeah, you’re probably wondering how she is. Don’t worry; she is fine, unless I don’t get the money.”
At that moment, Jeff snatched up the phone and yelled at the man,
“Listen, I don’t know who you are, why you think we can get 10 million dollars for you, and why you’re doing this…”
The men interrupted angrily, “No, listen to me. You know why I’m doing all of this, and you know you have the money, actually even more then that. But if you’re going to keep giving me those excuses that you don’t know what I’m talking about, or do understand, then ask your parents, and look into your family history. Don’t even think about going to the police about this either, because know this, I’ll be watching you.” Dan and Jeff are very worried by now.
“Ok we understand, but please, please let us talk to our sister.” They heard slow breathing on the phone. Then the person began to talk. “Dan, Jeff, are you guys there?”
“Yes we are here,” said Dan “Are you okay?”
“Yeah I’m fine.” Julianne said. “What are they talking about, 10 million dollars? I’m so confused and scared, why is this happening?” she said.
“Don’t worry,” said Jeff. “We will figure everything out and try and get you safe.”
“Ok thank you,” she said “Look, I heard them talking about something that might help you, they said—” she got cut off and they heard another cry. “Julianne! Hello? Hello? She’s gone.” said Jeff, sounding angry and sad.
“Now how are we supposed to do anything to get her back? We have nowhere close to the amount of money they want, we don’t know where they are, and from the sounds of it, they sound dangerous as anything.”
“First, I think we should look at something about our family, anything that will get us closer to solving our problem. Now let me think. What could possibly help us?” Then suddenly Jeff jumped in.
“I know! Our parents have one of those fire safe tins that keep a bunch of important information in them. Let’s go look in there.” They rushed up to their parents’ room. Their parents were luckily on vacation so they had as much time as needed in there, and found the tin. There was a key hole on it and as they nervously went to open it, it was to their amazement unlocked.
“Well that was lucky,” said Jeff.
“Ok, now let me see,” said Dan “Marriage papers, checks, some money, wait.” He paused.
“What is it? What did you find?”
“It’s, it’s adoption papers” said Dan.
“So what’s that supposed to mean, we are, adopted?” said Jeff.
“I guess so, so this means that our parents now might not be the family that the man is talking about,” said Dan.
“Maybe, but than how are we supposed to find anything out about our other parents?” said Jeff.
“I don’t know; wait, maybe if there was something going on with them, there , might be history on the internet,” said Jeff.
“Ok let’s go check” They rushed back downstairs to the computer, and looked up the last name that was on the adoption paper and the first thing that came up was King of Korea.
“This isn’t right; we are just stupid to think that we could find our parents on the internet” said Jeff.
“Wait, look at this picture” yelled Dan. “It’s the king, his wife, and two babies.”
“Could that, could that actually be us?”
“I don’t know Jeff, but it just doesn’t seem like a coincidence. Just think, king, fortune, it all makes sense.”
“You’re right, but, how could we get our hands on the fortune?” asked Jeff.
“We’re not, we are going to find out where these people are, go there, and save our sister, whatever it takes.”
“You know Dan that sounds like a great idea but how do you expect us to do that? We have no weapons or skill to save her or fight the people holding her hostage.”
“Well let me think, they called, on a restricted number, I know! said Dan. That one nerd, Pat, he’s like an electronics wiz. I bet he could do something.”
“Ok, we can go over tomorrow, we should get some sleep,” suggested Jeff.
“Good idea, I’m going to head up now. Goodnight Jeff.”
“Goodnight Dan.”
The next day they headed over to Pat’s house. They knocked on the door and a short boy with a button up shirt, a tie, khaki pants, and glasses on answered.
“Hello may I help you?” he asked.
“Yeah, aren’t you like smart with electronics?” asked Dan.

“Well I guess you could say that. What do you need?” asked Pat.

“We want to know how to find out where a call came from when the number was restricted,” said Jeff.

“Yes, I could do that for you, but I’m going to need the phone that the call was made to.”

“Ok, come to our house with us and we’ll give you the phone to find out where it came from,” said Dan

They went to Dan and Jeff’s house and they handed pat the phone.

“Alright” said Pat. “Put this wire into the phone, then this part of the wire into the back of the computer, then press this button, open this program, then wait for ten seconds, then press this and voila. It came from the warehouse down the street from the church.”
“Well that sounds like that was easy. Anyway thanks Pat, you can go home now,” said Jeff.
“You’re welcome. Anyway who called you?”
“No one,” said Dan. “Probably some prank call, don’t worry about it”
“Ok, goodbye” said Pat
“See ya” said Dan and Jeff.
“Alright” said Jeff. “We need to call the police and get them there to save our sister.”
“Didn’t he say that he would do something bad to her if we call the police?”
“Yeah, but if we can get them to sneak up on them, and ambush them, then I think we could pull it off.”
“Ok Jeff, it’s worth a try”
They called the police and explained what happened. The police said that they could probably send in a swat team and even without anyone getting killed, save their sister. The swat team snuck along the building and threw in flash grenades, and blinded them for about a minute. They grabbed her and ran out while other swat team members grabbed the bad guys.
“Julianne are you alright?” asked Dan.
“Yeah I’m fine. Thank you guys so much!”
“You’re welcome, now our lives can go back to normal” said Jeff
“Hurry! Get in the car” yelled a cop running towards. “The leader of there gang has gotten away, we don’t know where he is. You’re not safe here. Get in the car and we’ll take you to the police station…

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