Non-Justice Neighbors

April 20, 2009
By Mike Barrella BRONZE, Horsham, Pennsylvania
Mike Barrella BRONZE, Horsham, Pennsylvania
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Once upon a time there was a boy named Luke. Luke was a justice boy on a justice street in a justice neighborhood until now… One day Luke was sitting on his justice porch when he sees a justice moving van, and then on that day he sees what will be his mortal enemy who Luke thinks is not justice. Luke’s justice mom tells Luke to meet his non-justice new neighbors. Luke is walking up to his non-justice neighbors when he sees their non-justice son Jeff. Non-justice Jeff seems nice at first but will later become and will always be non-justice.

“Hi,” Luke said to Jeff.

“Hello,” Jeff said back. “I’m going to annoy you and capture you in the night.”

“That’s wickety wickety wak,” Luke said. Then Luke ran home and told his justice mom.

“MOM!” Luke said.

“What did something happen?” Luke’s justice mom said to Luke.

“Yah the new neighbors are so non-justice and so weird,” Luke said to his justice mom.

“I bet they are alright,” she said.

“No they’re freaky deaky non-justice,” Luke said justisly.

“Alright I’ll go over and meet the non-justice neighbors,” Luke’s justice mom said sarcastically.

“Don’t come crying to me when you see how non-justice they are,” Luke said. So Luke’s justice mom went to the non-justice neighbor’s house with some of her freshly grown kumquats.
“Hello,” Luke’s justice mom said to Jeff non-justice. “I’m Luke’s mom. Where are your parents?” she said frightened by how non-justice he looked.

“I’m going to kidnap your son,” Jeff said freakishly. So then Luke’s justice mom came home to her house screaming like firecrackers on the 4th of July.

“See what I said,” Luke said acting smart to his mother.

“They are so non justice they should go to jail for being so non-justice,” Luke’s justice mom said out of breath.

“We should do something about it,” Luke said demandingly. So then Luke’s justice mom ran up a file about the Aqertuntu’s family history. She found out that the Aqertuntu’s had a family history of being non justice, that their son Jeff was arrested in every country in the world for being so non-justice and kidnapping people to touch them when they’re minding their own business.
So when Luke’s justice mom got off the computer she told Luke to build a justice moat around their justice house, and to put some radio active sea bass in there which were very aggressive for starters. So after Luke did all of that he had to put in a device so when non-justice people got near it, it would say,

“Non-Justice is heating up my device and they are so non-justice that I will attach to their body and blow up if they don’t leave in 3, 2, GET DOWN!” It says the best. That device never even had to go off until one night that was justice but then later it started to get non-justice. It all started to get non-justice when I saw Jeff in his non-justice porch staring at me when I was doing my justice jog. Then he got on his non-justice moped with non-justice nitrous and started following me around until he got next to me when I stopped.

“Stop following me around man. I know karate. Well really I don’t know karate but I workout. But I really don’t workout but stop following me around you know!” Luke said franticly. ”Non-Justice!” he said franticly again.

“You’re so cute!” Jeff said injusticely.

“No Jeff I’m not cute!” Luke said angrily.

“Yes you are you’re so cute!” Jeff said like he meant it.

“Lay off me man lay off me!” Luke said because he wanted some justice round here. “Jeff if you touch me I’m gonna beat your butt down to China Town just like what TD did to Commerce!” Luke said with lots of justice. After that Jeff ran away with his little Italian minion Dan. Dan had a very large Italian accent and always gave out Stromboli to Jeff but it was non-justice Stromboli instead of the justice ones Luke ate very often. Also Dan had an evil minion laugh that sounded like maymaymaymaymay. When Luke got home he was getting ready for war with his non-justice neighbors. So he got the entire justice neighborhood and got them suited up for WAR! They had nail guns and eggs with heat seekers on them and he also got out the heavy artillery, the 200 millimeter tomato cannon that was pretty intense.

“Let’s do this AHA!” Luke said with the most justice of all.

“AHA AHA AHA!” the whole justice neighborhood said.

“Move to the non-justice house and prepare for close contact!” Luke said. So then all the justice neighbors moved to the non-justice neighbor’s house. But then they saw that the non-justice neighbors had a Calvary line full of mopeds with non-justice nitrous. While Luke was at his justice house Jeff captured him while his clan of justice was firing the artillery that held 500 tomatoes. Jeff took Luke to his non-justice interrogation room. Meanwhile the non-justice army charged at the justice army while they were firing at them non-stop with their nail guns and took out a lot of the Calvary. But then in the interrogation room Jeff was poking Luke in the stomach.

“What do you want Jeff? Huh what do you want?” Luke said with justice.

“I want you!” Jeff screamed. But then right outside the door Luke’s minion Pat was planting a tomato bomb to blow off the door. 3, 2, 1 boom. The door fell off and Luke escaped after Pat killed Dan. Then they both ran out onto their lion with nitrous and Pat did some serious sharp shooting. Soon after Payton came beside them with his unicycle with nitrous. But then Tim was behind them with his moped with non-justice nitrous and started shooting at Luke. Then Payton turned around and pulled out his mini gun that shoots tomatoes and started firing non-stop at Tim and then finally Tim died because he drowned of tomato juice.

“Good job Payton. That is justice!” Luke said. Then Payton grew a justice mustache. It was so unbelievable that we had to get a new narrator that had a Spanish accent.

“Hola Senior Mochas, Gracious for putting me in your story,” I said.

“Why are you talking?” and then Payton killed the narrator with Luke’s nail gun. Then we had no more money in the budget so we had to get another narrator with a normal accent. But then Jeff came with his non-justice pirate ship. So then Payton through Luke off of the Lion, and then Luke had a grenade launcher and blew up the pirate ship and Jeff died. All of the non-justice army’s heads exploded and the universe was safe from non-justice people, and the world turned into a carnival and Luke became the king of justice. Three weeks after one more non-justice man came to the world George W Bush, and the battle is on! That is how justice is served.

The End for Now!

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