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The Boy and The Frog
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Boy:    I haven't heard you croaking after the rain. Frog:   We can't sing a song, we are in pain. Boy:    What happened? Are all of you sick? Frog:   Yes, certainly, poisons and wounds made us weak. Boy:    But how? Who did this... (more »)
Worst Meditation Teacher Ever
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Hey, welcome everyone. I hope everyone has had a calm and peaceful day, free from stress and worry. I’m  Leila, the leader of this meditation club. I’m here to help you relax. Now, I want you all to think of putting all your... (more »)
The Leap Year Club
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Martha: Welcome to the quadrennial meeting of the Leap Year Club! We’re so thrilled to see you all here. As you all know, the big day is coming up in a couple weeks, so today, we’re here to discuss this big event with people who... (more »)
And i jumped....
“And I jump….” SCENE I (The stage is dark lit with a soft white spot light; it concentrates on a wooden chair located center towards the audience.) Woman off stage: life is a strong word you can phase in some ways. You’re born, they... (more »)
The year 1923. The pleasant middle-class American home of the Dalton family, New York, New York. George Dalton, 19, the older of two siblings, sits listening to the radio. Radio Announcer: ...and that was the latest from Duke Ellington. Hear... (more »)
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Characters: Christopher- Age- 14 Build- Bulky/Overweight Archetype- Main protagonist Trait notes- Christopher is socially inept and barely hinged to his sanity. Extremely lonely with possible schizophrenia. Slight lisp, clumsy.... (more »)
No Particular Order
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Ashley: It’s a beautiful day considering how gloomy it is. Taylor: What are you even talking about it looks like the sky is sad, do you think sad is beautiful? Ashley: Stop talking with your mouth full Taylor: Sorry Ashley: Anyways no I do... (more »)
The Good and Bad
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Characters: Catness-The daughter Michael- The father of Catness Blaze-Michael’s younger step-brother Situation: Blaze blames Catness for his divorce and wants her to pay for it.  Michael gets angry at his step-brother and tells him to... (more »)
Big Trouble
Steve: I have to talk to you right now. (Steve slams classroom door behind Candice) Candice: What’s going on, Steve? (Candice crosses her arms across her chest) Steve: Something’s...wrong. Candice: Is that why you forced me to sneak back... (more »)
The Caller
Scene I: (Scene opens to a clean hotel room with a large, puffy bed and a black suitcase sitting atop it. An old man is sitting in an armchair on the far wall, facing an open window. Sounds of birds and faint construction noises are coming in.)... (more »)
Ask me How I am This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Setting: A therapist’s office with both the therapist and the patient in the room. The patient is sitting in a lounge chair across from the therapist with a side table next to him with a box of kleenex on top.  Therapist: So John, has... (more »)
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The Agenda
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SCENE 1 Two lovers holding each other at gunpoint, they’re crying as the shots go off and they fall to the ground. Maniacal laughter can be heard in the background. Lovers  (Screaming) (Lights go out and the actors quietly exit stage)... (more »)
Family Drama
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Characters: Mother (Mary), Father (Harold), their Daughter (Tina), and the mother's best friend Lily. Starts off with mother and father arguing in the kitchen early in the morning. Mother (Mary): I can’t believe you would do this to me!... (more »)
The Tunnel
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Characters Jordan Overholt/Camera - Girl behind camera, only see her at the very end. She is behind the camera filming all the events. Camera is alway looking around, shaky footage. Long brown hair pulled into a ponytail, average height, not... (more »)
Dreams of Death
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SETTING Person’s bedroom CHARACTERS PERSON (male or female), a knowledgeable character that seeks to preserve their own life, angsty DREAMERS (1 and 2), hiveminded characters that serve and protect Hypnos (God of sleep), they seek to... (more »)
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Setting: 1987 America, during the Iran-Iraq war. Characters: Harriet Johnathan Max Eric SCENE ONE: (As the lights dim on, two conversing voices are heard over the distant sound of waves crashing quietly upon a shore.)... (more »)
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