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By , Monett, MO
FADE IN: INT. HIGH SCHOOL LARGE GROUP- MORNING The room was full of football players and the smell of fresh donuts and chocolate milk filled the room. COACH (Derrick Uhl), 30, Tall, Curly hair, Kakis, Big guy.  ... (more »)
The Call
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(This playwright does not fit the prompt. So she made up a conflict on Thanksgiving. This is all fake.) THE CALL RENARD: Where is the silverware Laena? CELAENA: In the cupboard. RENARD: Go behind Celaena and hug her. LIZZI: Ugh, can... (more »)
Hudson River
By , Jakarta, NY
I looked up the sky, the light blue sky comforted me, as if someone was giving me a warm hug, but nobody ever did. I couldn’t contain the tears, it flowed under my eyes, I wiped it with my bare hands and left the park. I walked out of the... (more »)
Quest for the Team
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QUEST FOR THE TEAM Original Edition Characters: (W/O Commercial: 10 Female, 6 Male, 1 Flexible; W/ Commercial: 15 Female, 7 Male, 1 Flexible, 1 Ensemble) (In Order of Apperance) Narrator (Flexible)= Lucy Davis Sara Greene, President of the... (more »)
Buffalo Socks
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(AGNES, a little girl, and JOY, her slightly older sister, sit together at a table, backs to the audience, staring at something in wonder) JOY What is it? AGNES It’s my socks. JOY Yeah, but why? AGNES Because they’re cute. JOY... (more »)
Adventures of Nimbus
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  “Hey nimbus, wassup man?” “Just floating man. What’s up with you?” “Not much. What is that guy doing over there? I always see him with that brief case.” “He’s a lawyer. He carries some documents with him.” “What... (more »)
Just Hangry, Not Angry
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Cast of Characters: JANE: 23. Clean but worn jeans, old crewneck sweatshirt, fuzzy socks. LOISE: 25. Old work slacks, blazer, off-white button up, overcoat, designer tote bag, disheveled but nicely cut hair. SETTING: A small loft apartment... (more »)
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The door creaks open and Henry silently tip-toes in and pushes his shoes off, making as little noise as possible. He slowly hangs the cars keys on the hook next to the door and begins to pass the living room. He stops in his tracks. Mom: Henry,... (more »)
Dare Flirt
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 (A school picnic table area. A group of boys chuckle, pushing a guy from the group to the direction of a girl sitting on a bench) BOY 1 I double dog dare you!   (Takes out Five dollars)      LUIS   (In a loud whisper) You really... (more »)
Cliche: a One Act Musical Satire
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[A big group of people singing in unison]: Flipping through pages of a new book, Watching the first few minutes of a somewhat promising movie, Watching that first episode of a new television show, Why, isn't that strange? You feel like... (more »)
Through the Seasons: A Few Short Scenes
By , Advance, NC
Act 1 Scene 1 Olive Rossi and Gabe Halliday have been dating for five months. They picnic in the New Orleans City Park often, usually beneath a large Oak. Their story is told through the roots and leaves of the tree. Olive sits under the tree... (more »)
The Release
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An old man is lying in a hospital bed, raveled up in blue-tinged sheets. The walls are a calm beige color, and a wide bay window reveals seas of buildings bulging up throughout the horizon. Wires stick out of every appendage of the old man’s... (more »)
The Neofolk Musician
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Jax Nichols -- Music student at the Conservatoire de Bordeaux Jacques Thibaud in Bordeaux, France. Pianist. Mathys -- Roommate of Jax. Cellist. Renée -- Best friend and love interest of Jax. Violinist. Prof. Dubois... (more »)
wicked michelle
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Just before Mason knew it he was in the dark fighting for his life, dodging every punch, kick, that came his way. You could hear his heart beating through his chest as he fought his hardest to get michelle off him. Michelle was a strange 12... (more »)
The Summer Holiday
By , Davie, FL
Ashley   (The third floor bedroom of the Brooks mansion, 2016, in Maui overlooking the crystal clear, azure surf. A grand balcony overflows with luxurious furniture, and to the left is a small, bistro table with a sterling silver breakfast... (more »)
Cutting Loose
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Cutting Loose   SETTING: SASHA, a tall, skinny twenty year old girl, stands up straight as she views her own art on the wall. The walls are white, her paintings are vibrant, creating a contrast from the basic look of the room she... (more »)
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