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Annoying Project
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Chelsea- What does IDK mean Anne- I don’t know Chelsea- Oh Next Day Chelsea- What does Omg mean Anne- Oh my gosh Chelsea- Oh 2 days later Chelsea- What does lol mean and ROTFL mean Anne- Laugh out loud and Rolling on the floor... (more »)
Macbeth Act I Scene .5 A Scottish wood
[Enter BANQUO, MACBETH]   Macbeth: Arousing the rebels! The merciless, lacking all sorts of valor, The mongrel, slaughtering the innocent. The time has come upon us. To the fiery satan we will send The dung visaged Macdonwald.... (more »)
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FADE IN INT. ALICE’S BEDROOM – LATE AFTERNOON, PRESENT DAY The room is dimly lit, cluttered with makeup and tacky decorations, homework scattered on the floor. LANCE, a 16 year old hipster wearing black large-framed glasses, a flannel... (more »)
The Train That Runs On Time This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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(HORACE, an older gentleman, is sitting on a train. He pulls out a pocket watch, puts it away upon seeing PETULA, a young, childlike woman.  She gets on, takes seat immediately next to him, though there are other available seats.) Petula:... (more »)
Coming Out
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Molly Wait your gay right? Brett What? Molly I said are you gay? Brett No of course not. Where did you get an idea like that? Molly Oh.. um a friend. Brett Oh. Brett turns away and has a moment of reflection. Great for the millionth... (more »)
Accidents: A modern High School Fairy Tale
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Fade in on a high school Narrator- girl Mia, kind of nerdy and awkward hides beauty underneath glasses. High School is a confusing time and this story is no exception. High School is like a fairy tale you have your ---- hot mouth fire... (more »)
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In a big city, a female reporter is in front of a sky scraper at night. Reporter Tonight, I sadly report the suicide of seventeen year old Aiden Smith. He decided to take his own life by jumping off the very building behind. According to... (more »)
Two Years Was All It Took
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Hey … How long has it been? Two years? … I still can’t believe it. … Can you? .. No, of course not. How could you? … I mean, it only changed me completely. … But you... You... (more »)
Step by Step
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CURTAIN Lights up SR (BEN wheels in LAUREN from SR.) BEN: We’re here. LAUREN: (Pause) Yep. BEN: (Walks around and kneels down to face LAUREN) You can do this. I know you can. LAUREN: But what if I can’t. What if the... (more »)
Story of Revenge
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Before I say a word, a word about myself. I’m known throughout the world as a master storyteller. I have been far and wide, telling stories both fictional and factual. What is my name? You needn’t know that.   My story begins in a... (more »)
Teens vs. Zombies - Episode 1 - Pilot
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Opening - Pre-Credits EXT: Day, Sunny. Outside of a high school in PA. PAN: over school, into a window of a class room Desks and Chairs lay around the room, Papers are scattered across the floors, and we can tell something happened... (more »)
Family Forever
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PROLOGUE           A Picture of an elderly man and woman are sitting on the           table.... (more »)
Red Funeral
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REV. ALLRIGHT: We are gathered here today in order to reconcile our grief over the tragic loss of one Adelaide Gayle Gibbons, a tremendous woman of tremendous girth…I…uh…I meant stature, tremendous stature. Many of you... (more »)
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Goodnight Luce
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GOODNIGHT LUCE a play in one act   CHARACTERS  Steven, 23 years old, Loyal, Hardworking Lucy, 21 years old, Drastic, Strong-willed Dr. Jones, Lucy’s doctor, Sympathetic, Firm SETTING The living room of small, clean, new-looking... (more »)
Broken Crown
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Broken Crown (KING DRACUL is seated at a table, patiently awaiting a guest. His son ALASTAIR enters, takes a low bow, and stands up straight again) ALASTAIR Good evening, father. KING DRACUL Good evening, my son. ALASTAIR May... (more »)
With Held
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SCENE 1 - OPENING           A College girl sits up in bed at night, She breathes heavily           as if she was having a bad dream. She leans over and grabs a           notebook from her nightstand.... (more »)
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