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CHARACTERS ALEX, a twelve year old boy. Has dyslexia and ADHD. JOAN, Alex’s mother, in her early forties. KYLIE, Alex’s sister, seven years old. DAVID, Alex’s father, in his early forties. LD (Learning Difference) GOBLINS, the... (more »)
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  Characters JANUARY: college student, avid reader, shy THOMAS: film student, avid moviegoer Setting A movie theater. Two theatre seats sit in a row, facing the audience. The actors’ action ns reveal that the movie... (more »)
Secretive Sapphics - Scene 1
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1 NYC Apartment     A couple sits in their shared apartment on a fancy couch center stage. The set is split cleanly in two, directly between the couple; a bushy-haired redhead (EMMA) sits stage left and a short-cut brunette (LISA) stage... (more »)
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DANNY And that’s how my family got from Ohio to here. Since then, my parents have moved back, but I stayed. There’s just.. something about this city, you know?   The tattoo gun in MARK’s hand whirrs and DANNY repositions himself on... (more »)
The Multiverse Theory
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  ACT I Scene 1 Science classroom. No teacher present; students mingling around classroom. Enter PRESLEY and JAX. PRESLEY has a book with a picture of EVERLY on the cover. Presley Okay, so over the weekend I bought this... (more »)
Business as Usual
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“Dennis? Is that you?” “Ethan? I thought you moved.” “Yeah, but I came back to work as an administrator. Any luck yourself?” “Oh yeah, lots of luck...good luck...I have a great job.” “Where are you now then?” “Uh,... (more »)
Free Thalia
By , clarkston, MI
I often find myself in and out of trouble, I practically live in the principal's office. This time isn't any different, except I have to talk to the school counselor, I already have a therapist and do not want to talk to any school... (more »)
Johnny Boy
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1 INT. APARTMENT BUILDING HALLWAY - EVENING 1 We see a long, rundown hallway of an average apartment building. Its cream colored wallpaper has some chips in it and we follow the path of a long red carpet. We see FINCH, a tall, brown haired,... (more »)
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Marissa has been here this whole. time. Loving you consistently, always being there for you. She has always been by your side no matter what. She throws her problems away for you. Yesterday, when she saw that dead body? She called you and she... (more »)
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Characters:   FATHER- An enthusiastic yet confused man in his 40s who is trying to spend some good, old-fashioned bonding time with his son.   SON- A fourteen-year-old boy who is dreading his father’s attempt to... (more »)
Don't Pretend for Them
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Setting/Timeline- Conservative Christian School. At the beginning of the film on the bulletin board at school there's a sign about the "Alice in Wonderland" themed prom this weekend. The camera shifts to focus on all of the lockers... (more »)
Eulogy To The Moon
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Characters: Maeve(deceased) Depressed for most of her life. Had a hope of getting better before being emotionally crushed only to die two months later from a mix of overdose and vertical slits to the wrists. Now lying in her casket at the... (more »)
Are Words Enough
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The lights come up with a table on stage, with five chairs around it. A typewriter rests on top of the table. In the up stage right corner, next to the door is a hat and coat rack with two hats and two coats. Adam Cline is sitting in one chair... (more »)
The Dollhouse
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Characters: Kora and Mr. Chuckles Setting: The Dollhouse Situation: Kora is a porcelain doll forged from the purest crystal. After years of neglect, she’s become insane. She talks to the other items in the room and very rarely do they ever... (more »)
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A Bunny in a Classroom
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Characters: Alice (Ms. Bunny), Mrs. Blumberg, Kindergarten Students Setting: Mrs. Blumberg’s Classroom Situation: Alice is an art major in college and is requested by Mrs. Blumberg, a Kindergarten teacher, to come dressed up like a bunny... (more »)
In Spite Of
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(Scene opens in an empty café. It’s run down and messy except for the seemingly neat table Collins sits at. The two chairs and table are shining, as if brand new. Collins is nervous but doesn’t show it. Zai stands stoic, glaring at her. )... (more »)
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