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Alphonse didn’t know & frankly,...
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Scene 1: (Setting: Alphonse’s study) (Narrator is standing with his/her arms folded in the center) Narrator: Good day ladies, gentlemen, children, old age pensioners, hobos, aliens, zombies, chickens and whoever else has bothered to show up... (more »)
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Lights up. HE and SHE are sitting at small, wooden table in the middle of their apartment, HE on Stage Left and SHE on Stage Right. HE has a newspaper at his setting; SHE has a book at hers. She puts down her book, having just completed it. Their... (more »)
Shot Down Shakesphere Style
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Act I-Scene 1. H.O.T. Lunch at HSHS in 3700s. Enter STEPHY. Stephy. Exhale. I know I bombed that test. Wherefore doth we take tests? Fie! Hie me hence with such burdens, and be fain conversational. [Enter MADI, KAITLIN, &... (more »)
The Perfect One
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“Next!” Mr. Smith called blankly at the child on stage that was performing a monologue. The confused child paused and gave us a puzzled look. “But…” “Next!” Mr. Smith called again firmly. “Please get off the stage!”... (more »)
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What would happen if Time completely perished from Earth? Time is as essential as the directions is to a vessel at sea. How do we know the Time from time to time? Watch. Watches help us know the Time. Now, it is Time for a show on watches.... (more »)
The Rose Bud
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Alice, a frail young woman, wearing a black pants and a plain t-shirt with black, clunky shoes is waiting in a bland therapist studio staring at the four yellowed walls that surround her. Alice is sitting on a dirty brown couch, playing with her... (more »)
Satan's Flock
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ACT I: SCENE 1 Lucifer [narrator]: [looking around as if he shouldn’t be talking about this] Ever since Asar’s son joined my ranks and overthrew me, I’ve been locked in the jail of the place that I created. His brothers followed except one.... (more »)
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"Hello? Mama? Yeah, it's 'Thena...hiii, Mama. How are you?.... Oh...I'm sorry, Mama. I miss you!...what? Oh! Nolan says hi! Yeah, we're gonna watch a movie...the audition? Oh, was awesome! What happened? What was... (more »)
Truth be Told
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HADLEY (preoccupied and in his own world) Adkins top of the key running the offense. Around the screen a no look lob to his open teammate. Adkins cuts to the basket, gets the return pass goes for the fadeaway...and makes it! Adkins has won the... (more »)
is it worth the risk?
“My name’s Water, but you can call me H2o.” “Soda, me being a water and all, here’s some advice. I am here to inform you that it’s vital you include me in your caffeine filled life.” “However, I cannot say the same about you... (more »)
The Knock
By , O'Fallon, MO
THE KNOCK Setting: Maddie, Andrea and Ciara are all sitting around a table studying for finals. Andrea: Do you have the answer to number 57? Ciara: No, I skipped that one. Andrea: Do you have it Maddie? Maddie: Uhmmm I’m on number 3…... (more »)
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Letters From Walter
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1908, Age 12 Dear Mother, I am going fishing with the boys. I will be back soon. It’s just that perch are best caught before dawn. I’ll be back Tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that— I’ll be back with loads and loads of... (more »)
Writer's Block
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WILLA- 17 year old female JACOB- 4 year old male THOMAS- Jacob's 5 year old brother WILLA stares down at the blank paper in front of her. She writes a few words, then stops and stares out the window. We follow her gaze and see JACOB and... (more »)
A Book and It's Cover
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Musical! The Musical
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CAST OF CHARACTERS GOOD NARRATOR, the narrator who knows the cast better than his or her own family. BAD NARRATOR, the anti-narrator who likes to anger Good Narrator, but is easily annoyed his/herself. FASHIONISTA, loves to dress up and... (more »)
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A Wish Granted, A Lesson Learned.
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Cast of Characters: Lucy: 16, straight-A student, has a big imagination. Holly: 17, cheer captain, known by everyone who attends Valley View High. Katy: 16, Lucy’s best friend, intelligent, more cautious of the two. Mrs. Caldwell: Holly’s... (more »)
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