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Brave Faces Save Lives
ACT I Scene 1 Lights up on a hospital hallway. We see the nurses’ station in which a few nurses are sitting, filling out paper work. ALLISON (Dr. Blake) stands in front of the desk, talking to NURSE JACKSON, standing behind the desk.... (more »)
The Widow and the Wasp
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Characters: WENDY: A loud abrasive black widow. She has a nasty dislike for wasps and always has something to gossip about. She is a widow (after eating her husband) and is caring for an egg sack. She lives in a flattering web at the end of the... (more »)
She Isn't Real
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(In an apartment, nothing can be seen but an average couch and coffee table in the spotlight, the rest of the apartment is very dark. On the couch is Daniel and Emily. Daniel is very average looking, with glasses. Emily is clearly gorgeous,... (more »)
When Life Gives You Avocados
Emily is picking up a knife from the steak knife block. Megan runs over from the other side of the kitchen and takes it from her, putting it on the counter. MEGAN                   No knives for drunk girls EMILY I’m... (more »)
Why and How
Y Characters The speaker: He is a young man, who is young and charismatic.  He is very cocky with a slightly dangerous feel and a quick smile. Setting: A nearly empty room with a chair and table .  Act I, Scene I The speaker is dressed... (more »)
Vigilant Justice #0 Sneak Peak -- Comic Book
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PANEL 1 Aerial view of a burning twelve-story hotel building in Raven City at night. Fire lights up many of the rooms and emerges out of shattered windows. Other tall buildings nearby are shown, not on fire. Below on the streets, firetrucks and... (more »)
What Cannot Be Seen
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INT. Bathroom – NIGHT  GRACE, 15, is seen brushing her teeth. Her eyes are trained on her reflection in the mirror. The camera is focused on her reflection. She occasionally spits her toothpaste out, and turns the faucet on and off in time... (more »)
Nothing Lasts Forever
WONDER Walks around the circle again Ring-a-round the Rosie… GALAXY I’m starting to catch on to this. Beauty will be replaced with Ugly. BEAUTY How rude of you to define me as that; I find myself very attractive. GALAXY It is only... (more »)
Thanks For Listening
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Characters: Danielle: everyday girl on the surface; has lately spent her time contemplating the meaning of life Riley: a bubbly, girly-girl character; old friend of Danielle’s Mr. Northtart: school counselor with a reputation for simply... (more »)
You Should Never Have Gone
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Scene-tropical forest . Tall trees. Two friends Krissy and Mica are in the forest. Mica is pulling Krissy through the trees Mica: Come on! Don’t be so gloomy…. This is supposed to be fun. Mica lets go of Krissy and spins with her arms out... (more »)
The Wow Thing
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Characters Ella: Age eighteen, tall and rather ordinary looking, she was named for the jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald. She carries herself with grace and composure. When she was eleven, her parents left her with her Nona and her Grandpa... (more »)
Mia's Break
Curls that coiled like copper wire hung from Mia’s head as she watched them chase the wind while dancing around her dressing room. The paint was barely gripping onto the walls, as its deep maroon color was now more of a deep pink. Mia... (more »)
The Fortune
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I was having a great day and then things turned very suddenly. I began my day with my daily routine going out to coffee and chatting it up with anyone I came across, like their was no tomorrow. The whole morning went by pretty fast and by now... (more »)
Blinded Heart
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Cast of characters GARY SCANLON:               A man in his mid-60s. JIMMY CLARK:                A man in his early 20s. ELAINE SCANLON/RUTH:             A woman in her mid-20s, daughter of Gary... (more »)
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Nothing More: A Script by A Single Lady
Sometimes I wonder if you think it’s strange the way I stare at your eyes so long. I’m captivated by the light is reflected in your eyes, like sun in a reflecting pool. Sometimes I wonder if I get a stupid smile on my face when you smile at... (more »)
The Ants Don't Stand a Chance
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List of Characters 1. Capitalism 2. Chaos 3. Communism 4. Nature 5. Order 6. Religion 7. Science 8. Teacher 9. Technology   Setting Modern day elementary school classroom   Props, Actors, and Setting The teacher... (more »)
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