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Dreams of Death
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SETTING Person’s bedroom CHARACTERS PERSON (male or female), a knowledgeable character that seeks to preserve their own life, angsty DREAMERS (1 and 2), hiveminded characters that serve and protect Hypnos (God of sleep), they seek to... (more »)
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Setting: 1987 America, during the Iran-Iraq war. Characters: Harriet Johnathan Max Eric SCENE ONE: (As the lights dim on, two conversing voices are heard over the distant sound of waves crashing quietly upon a shore.)... (more »)
By , Wilmington, MA
FADE IN: EXT. 1 Wilmington Ma In: Market Basket (Sunday Morning) At the register JOE: Today has been the longest day thank god we only have an hour left. MORGAN: Right, I hate when its slow. I feel like were here forever. JOE: I wish... (more »)
Slave for morality
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(Enthusiastic) I loved life. I loved it. With friends and family. I thought I had everything. (Confused) But then, something (hits chest with hands) hit me. Right in my chest! And with my blood it spread from the heart, (reaches for the toes)... (more »)
Jerry and Jeffrey
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Characters Jerry and Jeffrey, generic middle-aged men that can take many roles, should be played by identical twins. Tom, A young doctor. Sandra, A young nurse. PROLOGUE Setting: A small bridge outside an unspecific British town in the... (more »)
Flash Back to Heartbreak
Flash Back to Heartbreak A Play in One Act Cast of Characters Audrey Jane            Depressed girl Dr. Chinly Reid           Therapist             Paul... (more »)
The Loneliest Disease
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The scene is in a high school hallway. The halls are empty except for two people. Hailey is a seventeen year old girl that is walking down the halls. Tyler is a seventeen year old who is by his locker putting his books away. Hailey accidently... (more »)
Actually It Is Drama
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Setting: Restaurant with a long table, folded napkins to the right and forks atop them at the right of each napkin. To the right, there are circular plates. Chairs are aligned perfectly corresponding with each plate, a person taking up each... (more »)
Super Q
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EXT. Main Street - Day QUINN and ISAAC stroll down a sidewalk. Quinn, small and bespectacled, wears wet clothes, his hair matted down, stray feathers clinging to him. A "LOSER" sign taped to his back falls onto the sidewalk. He holds a couple... (more »)
Ronald Reagan: Robot Master
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CHARACTERS RONALD REAGAN: President of the United States ROBOT MASTER: An adult man who, halfway through the movie, fuses himself with a robot. Then he is half-robot and has a metal body. The only parts that aren’t metal are his head and... (more »)
Regrette Rien
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Cast of Characters Alexandra (Alex): A 16 year old Southern girl. She’s never                      felt like she fits in. She... (more »)
A Forbidden Love
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Enter Left stage arguing about their forbidden love while walking on a trail in the woods. Mary Jane- “But Bill, I can't run off with you and you KNOW that! I can't just leave my parents like that, do you understand?” Bill- “No, no I... (more »)
"Take The Shot"
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Take The Shot By: Nate Liam: Secret Service member for 5 years, has a son, married to Rachel Waters. Damon: Secret Service member for 12 years, single, no children. President Richardson: Corrupt president, abusive of power, looks at... (more »)
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INT. BEDROOM - MORNING TEX sleeping wrapped in covers. His phone alarm begins to ring on night stand next to the bed. TEX wakes up rather lazily.  Hair a mess and only in boxers and a t-shirt. He rises slowly and sits on the end of his... (more »)
Fangs, Fur, and Feathers
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Cast of Characters: Ithúriel of Beauty: An Angel that appears to be twenty. Lucian Hélfyre: A vampire who  appears to be twenty but is much older. Nuka Greymäne:  A werewolf in his early twenties.... (more »)
Annoying Project
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Chelsea- What does IDK mean Anne- I don’t know Chelsea- Oh Next Day Chelsea- What does Omg mean Anne- Oh my gosh Chelsea- Oh 2 days later Chelsea- What does lol mean and ROTFL mean Anne- Laugh out loud and Rolling on the floor... (more »)
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