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The Stars in Her Eyes This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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(The stage has only minimal blocking, with a lawn chair or bench center stage right.  If possible, a bush is to the left of the chair, between the chair and center stage.  A cane is hidden behind the bush or chair, unseen by the audience. ... (more »)
Techno Rehab
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Girls 2, 3, 4: *stare at cell phones and look ultra-absorbed*   Girl 1: Hey, guys don’t you think we should be rehearsing our lines?   *Girls continue to stare at cell phones*   Girl 1: Umm… Did you hear me??   Girls 2... (more »)
23 year old Ryan Witt is an orphan in Carbondale, Colorado. Abandoned at the mere age of 6 months by drug addicted parents, he learned to strive on his own and be independent. -Room in an abandoned building- *Talking to himself* *Ryan... (more »)
Past Promises
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(two six-year-old kids, a boy and a girl, are playing in a yard) Josh: (suddenly) You know what we should do? Get married. Madison: But you’re leaving in a few minutes! Plus my mommy says I’m too young for stuff like that. Josh: What... (more »)
Monologue: The Fault in Riches
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CLARISSA: [Enters stage through side entrance. Walks to the center.] When people look at me, they see money spurring from my pockets in hundreds. [Reaches in and spills cash from her pocket; lots.] And I don’t mean hundreds of bills. I mean... (more »)
Alf Hymer's Restaurant This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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CHARACTERS: GRIGOR MARKOV: Russian concert pianist; entered the restaurant at 60 years old EARL ONSET: WWI veteran; entered the restaurant at 50 years old ALF HYMER: Founder/manager of the restaurant; has a constantly upbeat manner. EMILIA... (more »)
The Sugar Act of 1764
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Narrator- America, 1764. A new tax has just been passed by Parliament. It places a duty on sugar and molasses imported by the colonists. Although England has just won the French and Indian War, they have spent a lot of money on it. Moreover,... (more »)
A Puppet's Heart
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CHARACTERS HUNTER, YOUNG HUNTER London detective, age 30-45 AGLECA, YOUNG AGLECA An ugly human from birth, age 50-65/ 10-15 ABIGAIL The Puppeteer’s surviving puppet, age 10-16 GUY, YOUNG GUY Head of Chalgrove, age 50-65/... (more »)
Alphonse didn’t know & frankly,...
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Scene 1: (Setting: Alphonse’s study) (Narrator is standing with his/her arms folded in the center) Narrator: Good day ladies, gentlemen, children, old age pensioners, hobos, aliens, zombies, chickens and whoever else has bothered to show up... (more »)
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Lights up. HE and SHE are sitting at small, wooden table in the middle of their apartment, HE on Stage Left and SHE on Stage Right. HE has a newspaper at his setting; SHE has a book at hers. She puts down her book, having just completed it. Their... (more »)
Shot Down Shakesphere Style
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Act I-Scene 1. H.O.T. Lunch at HSHS in 3700s. Enter STEPHY. Stephy. Exhale. I know I bombed that test. Wherefore doth we take tests? Fie! Hie me hence with such burdens, and be fain conversational. [Enter MADI, KAITLIN, &... (more »)
The Perfect One
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“Next!” Mr. Smith called blankly at the child on stage that was performing a monologue. The confused child paused and gave us a puzzled look. “But…” “Next!” Mr. Smith called again firmly. “Please get off the stage!”... (more »)
The Rose Bud
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Alice, a frail young woman, wearing a black pants and a plain t-shirt with black, clunky shoes is waiting in a bland therapist studio staring at the four yellowed walls that surround her. Alice is sitting on a dirty brown couch, playing with her... (more »)
Satan's Flock
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ACT I: SCENE 1 Lucifer [narrator]: [looking around as if he shouldn’t be talking about this] Ever since Asar’s son joined my ranks and overthrew me, I’ve been locked in the jail of the place that I created. His brothers followed except one.... (more »)
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"Hello? Mama? Yeah, it's 'Thena...hiii, Mama. How are you?.... Oh...I'm sorry, Mama. I miss you!...what? Oh! Nolan says hi! Yeah, we're gonna watch a movie...the audition? Oh, was awesome! What happened? What was... (more »)
Truth be Told
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HADLEY (preoccupied and in his own world) Adkins top of the key running the offense. Around the screen a no look lob to his open teammate. Adkins cuts to the basket, gets the return pass goes for the fadeaway...and makes it! Adkins has won the... (more »)
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