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Family Feud
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FIRST FAMILY FEUD FADE IN: INT. FAMILY FEUD STUIDIO - DAY ANNOUNCER: It’s time to play family feud! Give it up for Steeeevee Harvey! STEVE walks out to family feud music. STEVE: Hey everybody, how y’all doing today? Boy have we got a... (more »)
Skating Loose Screws
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Skating Loose Screws Cast Elizabeth(protagonist)- Victoria   Iain- Derek Hailey- Elise Elizabeth’s dad-Joel Riley (antagonist)- Lauren Chorus- Mena, Laura, Kailey Poetry-readers- Laura, Kailey Narrator- Carrie Background party... (more »)
Bear-ly Coming
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Title: Bear-ly Coming  Characters: Hannah: Britney: girly girl Victoria: Katie: valley girl Mia: Lainey: hunting girl Monica: narrator Bear: Carter Chorus: Carter, Zack ,Livvie Poetry: Livvie Zack: Noises Props: Suitcase, make-up... (more »)
Road Trip
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Main idea: A group of friends on a road... (more »)
The Resurrection
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Characters Tony, thirties, male, any ethnicity, fitness trainer Michael, early thirties, male, any ethnicity, lawyer and Bob’s best friend Kadya, twenties, female, Caucasian, blonde haired girl Bob, thirties, male, Caucasian, bald, has a... (more »)
The Great Investigation
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Characters- Jim- 50 year old man who is a detective and is called to look into recent complaint from a warehouse worker. Bob- 30 year old man is Jim’s partner and is new into becoming a detective Officer 1- First arrival on the... (more »)
Hen and Egg
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Cast of Characters Miriam Fairfax: A woman of about 50, she is Andrea’s mother and is concerned for the family name if their financial troubles are revealed. Andrea Fairfax: A girl of about 20, she is loyal to her friends and family... (more »)
By , Spotsylvania, VA
Characters Aubrey: Fifteen years old, long brown hair, sky blue eyes, and freckled. She loves to paint, read, and rollerskate. Mother: 41 years old, bald, tattoos cover skin, wears white robes. She loves to cook vegan foods, dance the rekata... (more »)
Love without Faith
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It is a Sunday afternoon. Everything is peculiarly calm and quiet inside the hospital. Avila walks into the elevator and pushes the button that leads to the third floor, a button she has pressed so many times that she does not even have to make... (more »)
Some People We Found on the Street Jeopardy
By , Toronto, NY
FADE IN: INT. GAMESHOW STUDIO – DAY Somewhere in Hollywood, a knock off jeopardy show is recording an episode in front of a live studio audience. HOST, a middle-aged man in a suit enters from behind a wall, smiling and waving to cheering... (more »)
What button?
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On stage A desk and chair with a box (the button) on right. Two chairs on left. ON RISE John and Mark are sitting on the two chairs.   John You know, I’ve worked here for a long time and I’ve always wanted to... (more »)
The Train That Runs On Time This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This work has won the Teen Ink contest in its category.
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HORACE, an older gentleman, is sitting on a train. He pulls out a pocket watch, puts it away upon seeing PETULA, a young, childlike woman. She gets on, takes a seat immediately next to him, though there are others available. PETULA: Hello!... (more »)
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I had another nightmare. I was standing in an unhappy crowd. I was all alone among bitter nameless people. I tried talking to a few but it always backfired. every time one opened its mouth, ugly terrible creatures poured out. destructive and... (more »)
Nerd is the Word - Epilogue
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(We then cut to the outside of a prison in Seattle, with a lighthouse swirling a spotlight in all directions. Then white writing appears on the bottom reading “TWO DAYS LATTER.” We then cut to the inside of the prison where Dylan, Evan,... (more »)
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Natura is sitting on the tree branch waiting for her friends to arrive. HRAG (Walks in with Flare and Scorch from SR) Okay kids now The King said that Natura would meet you both here. I will come back for you after the meeting. SCORCH... (more »)
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CONFESS A play in III acts         CHARACTERS JAKE Leader of group, acts tough, but really isn’t. CARL Acts guilty and looks suspicious, can’t keep his mouth closed. ELLIE NORMAN DEPUTY SHELBY  Know it all, stuck... (more »)
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