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[A lamppost outside of the STARRY NIGHT CAFÉ. A poodle and a pug sit quietly, watching their owners dine.] POODLE, snooty: And who might you be? [She pauses.] POODLE: Your derrière is not smelling très chic. PUG, in abrasive New York... (more »)
Dorothy is a Jewish Name
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[1944. This takes place in a small town in Berlin where Johnsons are facing a rough time, with all Aryan resources flowing to the central treasury and their son about to attain seventeen. Their Jewish relative, Dorothy has to face the surge of... (more »)
Follow the Leader
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                                                            Characters:                                            MELODY: Celebrity, early 20’s... (more »)
On Death This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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ON DEATH [A solitary figure is sitting in a chair in the middle of the stage. S/he is reading a book. S/he suddenly slams the book shut.] FIGURE: So help me, oh mighty God. [The figure notices the audience staring at him.]... (more »)
About Your Son
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Simon: a middle-aged, father with a strong, British accent; has black hair and a long moustache, wears a black/white suit along with a red tie and black dress pants. Mr. Emmerich: a middle-aged, father with a strong, British accent; has black... (more »)
The life of an orphaned teen
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CHARACTERS BLAKELYNN 18 years old. An orphaned teen, raising her sister and living with her boyfriend. CORA 7 years old. An orphaned child being raised by her sister and her boyfriend. CAMERON 20 years old. Dating Blakelynn, and living with... (more »)
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Diner Talk
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Characters: Mr. G- an overweight, middle aged crime boss with a thick New York accent; wears a black/white suit and always smokes a cigarette Ronny/Donny- skinny twins in their late 20's that work for Mr. G, wear matching black leather vests,... (more »)
The Viewers
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Characters: Hitman 1- an older man in his late sixties with a New York accent; he wears a striped, black/white suit and black pants Hitman 2- a young man in his early thirties with a New York accent; he wears a tight leather jacket and tight... (more »)
Moriarty and Iago Have A Conversation
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Iago and Professor James Moriarty from the Sherlock Holmes stories have a conversation discussing which of them is the more effective criminal. Iago is at a contemporary prison, having been arrested for his criminal acts. The Professor is... (more »)
Agree to Disagree
By , Santa Margarita, CA
Agree to Disagree Act i, Scene i: High School Track Jessica:  Come on! [Out of breath] And why not? Caleb:  [Out of breath] I told you. I’m going to do football instead. Jessica:  Why are you going to do football over cross country?... (more »)
The First Date
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  I've been single for 2 years now. I can't stop thinking about how I need to get my life together. I'm going to be 32-years-old this April; everything should be coming together by now. I should be married and have a husband but my good for... (more »)
A Night in the Mind of the Man Named Benjamin
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CHARACTERS BENJAMIN A young man who struggles with the mundane qualities of his life. AMETHYST A young singer from the 1990’s who is unhappy with the way her life played out. DR. SUTTER A World War I doctor who went crazy because of what... (more »)
AA meeting
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Hippy cultist Simon Young Joined to be a part of something Claire Harlington 12 year old who wanted snacks Ginger Krank Meeting runner is deeply disturbed and the conversations always return to himself Frank Jones One feels like they're... (more »)
Staring Stars
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The screaming grew louder and louder until it became unbearable to my ear drums. They were at it again and it seemed like they could go on for years without knowing it. Voices of rage and despair bounced off the walls like pinballs until they... (more »)
The Necklace
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Characters: Maidservant – a young woman in her early thirties with a heavy c***ney accent; she wears a plain brown dress with an apron and a white bonnet Lady – a woman of approximately the same age; she has a posh British accent and wears... (more »)
Couple Whimsies 2
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I considered becoming an alcoholic so that I could join alcoholics anonymous for the companionship. It seems like something you carry with you all your life, like a tribe, somewhere where you'll always belong. Now, as my days get lonelier, the... (more »)
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