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Eulogy To The Moon
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Characters: Maeve(deceased) Depressed for most of her life. Had a hope of getting better before being emotionally crushed only to die two months later from a mix of overdose and vertical slits to the wrists. Now lying in her casket at the... (more »)
Don't Pretend for Them
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Setting/Timeline- Conservative Christian School. At the beginning of the film on the bulletin board at school there's a sign about the "Alice in Wonderland" themed prom this weekend. The camera shifts to focus on all of the lockers down the... (more »)
Are Words Enough
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The lights come up with a table on stage, with five chairs around it. A typewriter rests on top of the table. In the up stage right corner, next to the door is a hat and coat rack with two hats and two coats. Adam Cline is sitting in one chair... (more »)
The Dollhouse
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Characters: Kora and Mr. Chuckles Setting: The Dollhouse Situation: Kora is a porcelain doll forged from the purest crystal. After years of neglect, she’s become insane. She talks to the other items in the room and very rarely do they ever... (more »)
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A Bunny in a Classroom
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Characters: Alice (Ms. Bunny), Mrs. Blumberg, Kindergarten Students Setting: Mrs. Blumberg’s Classroom Situation: Alice is an art major in college and is requested by Mrs. Blumberg, a Kindergarten teacher, to come dressed up like a bunny... (more »)
In Spite Of
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(Scene opens in an empty café. It’s run down and messy except for the seemingly neat table Collins sits at. The two chairs and table are shining, as if brand new. Collins is nervous but doesn’t show it. Zai stands stoic, glaring at her. )... (more »)
Letter to Ophelia
By , Auckland, New Zealand
Oh! My dear sweet Ophelia how your virgin crants still surround you, even after death, in that shallow grave following such maimed rites. Alas, I fear the fault is mine that you did not receive a better burial. For one so lovely, so sweet and... (more »)
The Ugly Prince
By , Overland Prak, KS
Narrator: We start off in the land of Florida, the night of Prince Jack the Handsome’s Ball. There lived an ugly prince named Jiff and his cool brother, Prince Jack The Handsome. Jiff was always trying to win his oldest brother's approval, but... (more »)
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Same Love?
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{we open to the sound of an elevator door open with a sound of a ding, a boy walks out. He is only 16. He has short brown hair, light freckles cascade around his cheeks, and he is in comfortable clothes. His hands in his pockets one hand... (more »)
By , Monett, MO
FADE IN: INT. HIGH SCHOOL LARGE GROUP- MORNING The room was full of football players and the smell of fresh donuts and chocolate milk filled the room. COACH (Derrick Uhl), 30, Tall, Curly hair, Kakis, Big guy.  ... (more »)
The Call
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(This playwright does not fit the prompt. So she made up a conflict on Thanksgiving. This is all fake.) THE CALL RENARD: Where is the silverware Laena? CELAENA: In the cupboard. RENARD: Go behind Celaena and hug her. LIZZI: Ugh, can... (more »)
Hudson River
By , Jakarta, NY
I looked up the sky, the light blue sky comforted me, as if someone was giving me a warm hug, but nobody ever did. I couldn’t contain the tears, it flowed under my eyes, I wiped it with my bare hands and left the park. I walked out of the... (more »)
Quest for the Team
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QUEST FOR THE TEAM Original Edition Characters: (W/O Commercial: 10 Female, 6 Male, 1 Flexible; W/ Commercial: 15 Female, 7 Male, 1 Flexible, 1 Ensemble) (In Order of Apperance) Narrator (Flexible)= Lucy Davis Sara Greene, President of the... (more »)
Buffalo Socks
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(AGNES, a little girl, and JOY, her slightly older sister, sit together at a table, backs to the audience, staring at something in wonder) JOY What is it? AGNES It’s my socks. JOY Yeah, but why? AGNES Because they’re cute. JOY... (more »)
Adventures of Nimbus
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  “Hey nimbus, wassup man?” “Just floating man. What’s up with you?” “Not much. What is that guy doing over there? I always see him with that brief case.” “He’s a lawyer. He carries some documents with him.” “What... (more »)
Just Hangry, Not Angry
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Cast of Characters: JANE: 23. Clean but worn jeans, old crewneck sweatshirt, fuzzy socks. LOISE: 25. Old work slacks, blazer, off-white button up, overcoat, designer tote bag, disheveled but nicely cut hair. SETTING: A small loft apartment... (more »)
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