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When You're Home Alone
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You: Bye guys!   Mother: Who was that? I don’t remember another kid.   Father: Me neither. (shrugs)   Family: (closes door, and drives off to do secret fun things without you, even though they’re supposed to be getting... (more »)
Some Will Be Pardoned, Some Will Be Punished:...
By , Beaverton, OR
Some Will Be Pardoned, Some Will Be Punished An Epilogue to Romeo and Juliet   Enter Prince PRINCE: Citizens of Verona. We are gathered here due to the tragedy befallen that of Juliet and Romeo. We all bear fault, myself included. The... (more »)
When You See Your Crush At The Store
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Our scene begins with you casually walking the halls of the local grocery store around 9 pm with a basket in hand. It’s Friday night, and you have absolutely no plans because for some reason you don’t socialize with people at school, or on... (more »)
When Your Crush Sees You In The Hallway
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     Our scene begins with you exiting your 1st period class with your best friend by your side.   Best Friend: She’s trying to kill our social life. She has to be! 12 chapters?! There are child labor laws keeping me from making any... (more »)
Lord of the Flies Parody: National Fashion...
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Checklist: Fabric Needles Patterns Pins Sketchbook Thread Wireless sewing machine (battery powered) Sarah’s Journal Day 1: I am about to board the plane for the National Fashion Design Convention (NFDC). I am pretty sure I have... (more »)
When Self-Destruction is an Old Friend
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The apartment bathroom was dim – slivers of light peeking in from the scummy shower window. A mess of bottles littered the room, covering the floor and the counter and the bottom of the tub. He was wearing a holey t-shirt that looked like it... (more »)
Alltime Treasure: August 17th
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DATE: August 17th LOCATION: Hidden Cave, Fallon, Nevada TIME: 9:17 p.m.   (Camera opens to a desert-like road at night. Then it zooms in on a car on the road, which appears to be a black jeep. We see Harris Montgomery... (more »)
When Your Crush Walks Into Your Class
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Our scene begins in the middle of math class, with the entire class silently working on their laptops. The only sound to be heard is the tapping of fingers on the keyboard.   Class: *silent*   The door to the classroom opens,... (more »)
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The Wake Up Call
By , Littleton, MA
- If you are unfamiliar with plays/scripts, O.C. stands for off camera. In this script in particular, the voices are coming from a cell phone.    ACT I Scene 1   GRIFFIN, 17, is asleep on a bed. A phone ringing waked him up.   ... (more »)
When You Get A Text From Your Crush
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Phone: *ping*   You: Later.   Phone: *ping*   You: Gosh Darn It! Who do you think you are? *picks up phone*   Crush: Hey   You: *makes pterodactyl noises* Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. *smiles like an idiot* He texted me 1st. He... (more »)
Nerd is the Word - Seattle
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(One day later, in Seattle, Washington.)   Dylan: You guys get off here. I’m going to AppleCon ‘16.   Evan: Where is AppleCon? No, better questions: What and why?   Dylan: Right next to the donut store. And I’d rather go... (more »)
Nerd is the Word - Epilogue
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(We then cut to the outside of a prison in Seattle, with a lighthouse swirling a spotlight in all directions. Then white writing appears on the bottom reading “TWO DAYS LATER.” We then cut to the inside of the prison where Dylan,... (more »)
Nerd is the Word - Suffolk
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The next day….   (The bell rings. Students flood out of the building. A black car containing Tom and Sarah drive in while Dylan, Ryan, and Evan are walking.)   Tom: Watch and learn, Sarah. You gotta change.  ... (more »)
The Lizard, the Fox and the Crow
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OVER A BLACK SCREEN: A computer voice relays an automated voice message and MAGGIE NEWBAKER’S voice announces her name. As the tone goes off: A light blue sky with fluffy clouds is shown. MARY JEAN (V.O.) Hi momma. MARY JEAN, (#8 years... (more »)
Family Feud
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FIRST FAMILY FEUD FADE IN: INT. FAMILY FEUD STUIDIO - DAY ANNOUNCER: It’s time to play family feud! Give it up for Steeeevee Harvey! STEVE walks out to family feud music. STEVE: Hey everybody, how y’all doing today? Boy have we got a... (more »)
Skating Loose Screws
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Skating Loose Screws Cast Elizabeth(protagonist)- Victoria   Iain- Derek Hailey- Elise Elizabeth’s dad-Joel Riley (antagonist)- Lauren Chorus- Mena, Laura, Kailey Poetry-readers- Laura, Kailey Narrator- Carrie Background party... (more »)
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