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Mia's Break
Curls that coiled like copper wire hung from Mia’s head as she watched them chase the wind while dancing around her dressing room. The paint was barely gripping onto the walls, as its deep maroon color was now more of a deep pink. Mia... (more »)
The Fortune
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I was having a great day and then things turned very suddenly. I began my day with my daily routine going out to coffee and chatting it up with anyone I came across, like their was no tomorrow. The whole morning went by pretty fast and by now... (more »)
Blinded Heart
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Cast of characters GARY SCANLON:               A man in his mid-60s. JIMMY CLARK:                A man in his early 20s. ELAINE SCANLON/RUTH:             A woman in her mid-20s, daughter of Gary... (more »)
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Nothing More: A Script by A Single Lady
Sometimes I wonder if you think it’s strange the way I stare at your eyes so long. I’m captivated by the light is reflected in your eyes, like sun in a reflecting pool. Sometimes I wonder if I get a stupid smile on my face when you smile at... (more »)
The Ants Don't Stand a Chance
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List of Characters 1. Capitalism 2. Chaos 3. Communism 4. Nature 5. Order 6. Religion 7. Science 8. Teacher 9. Technology   Setting Modern day elementary school classroom   Props, Actors, and Setting The teacher... (more »)
The Glitz and Glamour has Faded Away
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(Scene: DAISY BUCHANAN and TOM  BUCHANAN are outside of JAY GATSBY’S house, center stage. It is nighttime. The mansion glimmers in the moonlight. The uncut grass and weeds outside the home add an eerie feel to the setting, as if the house was... (more »)
After Ever After..
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(The scene opens with Katie lying on her bed reading a book before throwing it down.) Katie- Ugh! Fairy-tales are so lame! I mean, who has a fairy-godmother!? (Fairy godmother appears, dusting off her clothes.) Fairy-Godmother- I was... (more »)
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Vanity and Glory
Vanity and Glory At RISE: (SPIDER, CATERPILLAR, MOTH, and WASP gather around the waterspout of a suburban home. The air is moist, hinting at the possibility of rain, and gray clouds cover the sky.) CATERPILLAR Oh, whatever may lie atop... (more »)
The Stars in Her Eyes This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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(The stage has only minimal blocking, with a lawn chair or bench center stage right.  If possible, a bush is to the left of the chair, between the chair and center stage.  A cane is hidden behind the bush or chair, unseen by the audience. ... (more »)
Techno Rehab
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Girls 2, 3, 4: *stare at cell phones and look ultra-absorbed*   Girl 1: Hey, guys don’t you think we should be rehearsing our lines?   *Girls continue to stare at cell phones*   Girl 1: Umm… Did you hear me??   Girls 2... (more »)
23 year old Ryan Witt is an orphan in Carbondale, Colorado. Abandoned at the mere age of 6 months by drug addicted parents, he learned to strive on his own and be independent. -Room in an abandoned building- *Talking to himself* *Ryan... (more »)
Past Promises
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(two six-year-old kids, a boy and a girl, are playing in a yard) Josh: (suddenly) You know what we should do? Get married. Madison: But you’re leaving in a few minutes! Plus my mommy says I’m too young for stuff like that. Josh: What... (more »)
Monologue: The Fault in Riches
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CLARISSA: [Enters stage through side entrance. Walks to the center.] When people look at me, they see money spurring from my pockets in hundreds. [Reaches in and spills cash from her pocket; lots.] And I don’t mean hundreds of bills. I mean... (more »)
Alf Hymer's Restaurant This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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CHARACTERS: GRIGOR MARKOV: Russian concert pianist; entered the restaurant at 60 years old EARL ONSET: WWI veteran; entered the restaurant at 50 years old ALF HYMER: Founder/manager of the restaurant; has a constantly upbeat manner. EMILIA... (more »)
The Sugar Act of 1764
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Narrator- America, 1764. A new tax has just been passed by Parliament. It places a duty on sugar and molasses imported by the colonists. Although England has just won the French and Indian War, they have spent a lot of money on it. Moreover,... (more »)
A Puppet's Heart
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CHARACTERS HUNTER, YOUNG HUNTER London detective, age 30-45 AGLECA, YOUNG AGLECA An ugly human from birth, age 50-65/ 10-15 ABIGAIL The Puppeteer’s surviving puppet, age 10-16 GUY, YOUNG GUY Head of Chalgrove, age 50-65/... (more »)
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