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It'll Be War
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Scene 1 Lights up on a classroom on center stage, with a desk for the teacher and five students and a white board. The room can also have a bookshelf and any other appropriate furniture and decorations.   (LUKE creeps on from stage... (more »)
Discovering America
By , Boynton Beach, FL
Exploring America Christopher Columbus 1492   Characters • Narrator • Christopher Columbus: Italian explorer • Bartholomew Columbus: Christopher’s brother •  John II: King of Portugal • Isabella: Queen of Spain •... (more »)
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(Lights up SR. ANGI is standing SR, facing SL with a backpack and her arms crossed. CHRIS enters SR behind ANGI and covers her eyes with his hands.) CHRIS: Guess who? ANGI: (Laughs.) Hmm, I wonder. CHRIS: (Turns ANGI around and kisses her.)... (more »)
Mr. Lockedown
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Mr. Lockedown CURTAIN (SCOTT starts USR and slowly walks DS looking at his phone. NIKKI enters USR) NIKKI: Hey, Scott! (Walks to Scott who is stopped) SCOTT: Hey, Nikki. (Both continue slowly DS) NIKKI: Happy Birthday! Well, happy... (more »)
Bottled Up
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CURTAIN (Lights up. DAVID enters SR and walks around to SAM who is seated at a desk, working.) SAM: Good morning, Dr. Wahters. (Hands DAVID a clipboard.) DAVID: Good morning, Sam. How’s everything going so far? SAM: Pretty... (more »)
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Setting: Steel bridge in the city, clear night. Full moon, car horns beep nearby. Old Woman lead arm in arm of a young man onto the side of the bridge. Young man is well dressed in black pants and button down shirt, woman wears long dress with... (more »)
The Lifeguards
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(Lifeguard A is showing around Lifeguard B. A is being very bossy and "I'm better than you", but there is only so much B will take...) A. ...And this is the break room. Don't touch the stuff on the bottom shelf of the... (more »)
Noticeable Absense
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FADE IN: EXT. BUS STOP – DAY CHARLES, a bereaved and humbled old man, waits at the bus stop, cursing himself; when his ex-wife JOAN, a mid 50s but still attractive woman, stands next to him. She digs into her purse and smirks into a small... (more »)
The Lunch Club
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Characters: *Tina: An oddity; she brings life to the play with her random, but well thought out, actions; has a side of dark humor. Age: mid-teens Costume: imagine typical modern (but trendy) nerd (must have glasses and LOTS of bracelets).... (more »)
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Goodbye Tess
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Goodbye Tess (Tess is laying on her stomach doing homework in the classroom) Tess: I had a feeling you would be mad at me. Alice: What are you talking about? I'm not mad. (smiles) Tess: Yes, you are Alice. I don't kno-... (more »)
The Ouija Board Characters: Elna: main Character, late teens Jason: 16yrs Noah: 11 yrs Ted: From the Ouija Board Ouija Board: ...the board Lisa: Elna’s older sister Setting: Starts in up north Wisconsin in a dark basement. Elna,... (more »)
Simply Beastly
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Two dogs were dating. The male dog confesses he’s fallen in love with his owners boyfriends cat after he has been caught cheating by his girlfriend Characters: -Max: Male Dog -Sasha: Female Dog -Lolly: Neighbors cat Setting: -This story... (more »)
Do you mind if i date him?
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Angelina's Ex  (Robbie) walks in to the food place that Angelina works at,  she goes up to the cash register and he doesn't want her to take his order.    Robbie   Can i please get some other employee?... (more »)
The Devil Play
“The devil is as real as you and I” “Why, father, I’m looking at he” “At who?” “At you” “At me? “The devil” “I see” “In you” “Oh please.  Hush up.” “At midnight I did see you become less than a... (more »)
I Don't Get It: A One Act Play
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(Lights up on a classroom. TEACHER is writing on a whiteboard, which is perpendicular to the audience. There are three desks arranged in a loose row, facing the whiteboard. STUDENT #1, who is trying to take notes, occupies the first desk.... (more »)
The Seminole Tragedy
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Act I Scene 1 A run down café in Belgrade. CONSPIRATOR 1, CONSPIRATOR 2, CONSPIRATOR 3, CONSPIRATOR 4 and GAVRILO PRINCIP are all sitting in the back of the shop. Enter CONSPIRATOR 5 CONSPIRATOR 5:  [sitting down and holding a package]:... (more »)
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