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The Sailor Dream
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Location/s: Tearoom of a Mansion, Storm Shelter. Characters: Betty, Mother. Setting: In the tearoom of a humongous, white mansion which belongs to a Father, Mother, and daughter (Betty). Mother and Betty are sitting at a dainty, mahogany... (more »)
Flowers of Forgivness Act 5
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Act 5 Scene 1   Madelyn “Looks like this is the place. You know what you’re getting, right?” Neveah “I have absolutely no clue” Madelyn “Whatever it is you’re getting,... (more »)
The deathless death
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I always thought life was an assemble of great stories and that everyone you meet or encounter are characters in their  story, each with a mind and soul of their own and somehow intertwined with each other's life and I was a sucker for  great... (more »)
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Characters Dylan Rob Lola Gavin Councilor   Scene 1 ( In the grass on the field at recess.  All the kids are running around and Gavin approaches the gang)   Lola (with excitement) Recess is my... (more »)
Flowers of Forgivness Act 4
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 Act 4 Scene 1 Conner (Runs outside) “Neveah, what happened?” Neveah “I’m going to find Valentina. No one should feel unsafe or alone for that matter.” Conner “But what if you don’t make it?” Neveah... (more »)
Flowers of Forgivness Act 3 (edited version)
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Act 3 Scene 1 (It is peace-treaty eve. It’s 9:05 and Madelyn and Neveah are admiring the decorations and conversing) Neveah “I like how the decorations came out” Madelyn “Thank you, and they’re quite lovely, aren’t... (more »)
Flowers of Forgivness Act 2
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Act 2 Scene 1 Madelyn “So exactly why did you go to an antique store when you were clearly supposed to get decorations?” Neveah “I did what I was supposed to. I just wanted to see the electronics. They’re not anything new; most... (more »)
DIM BAP IS THE SIM BAP or Life is nothing but...
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DIM BAP IS THE SIM BAP or Life is nothing but the sadness of rain or The Universe is misery and penultimate death or The Sublimity of the Cacti or The Agony of Living or The Sedate Beast of the Human soul A messy... (more »)
Flowers of Forgivness Act 1
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Flowers of Forgiveness London, United Kingdom February 2815 Act 1 Scene 1 Two teenagers are having a sleepover Neveah “Hey, Madelyn, how long do you think it will take to travel to the nearest star?” Madelyn “Distance is like... (more »)
Beauty and the Beast and the Accidental Star
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Dramatic Personae: Sophia, the actress who plays Belle Phil, the actor who plays Adam/Beast Janet, an eccentric member of stage crew who falls asleep and causes problems Billy, an attractive male on lighting crew Martin, a stage manager... (more »)
The Babysitters
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The Babysitters script Scene 1 April: It all began on a cool August in New Hampshire. (Scene changes) (April is walking and bumps into Avery. They don’t know each other… yet.) Avery: Excuse me. (Flips her hair and rolls... (more »)
How Sex Ed. Came To Be
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Scene 1 Cut to: Cramped room, small windows near the ceiling to show they are in a basement. Many plastic tables lined together, covered with plastic tablecloth with donuts and water bottles. Middle-aged adults talking and walking around... (more »)
The Audition
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The Audition script Scene 1 Phoebe: I’m so nervous. Christy: Don’t worry. You’ll do fine. Phoebe: I hope so. Christy: It’s true. You’ll be awesome. I promise. Phoebe: Okay. Thanks for the support. See you soon. (Phoebe walks... (more »)
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Loneliness isn’t something you feel; it’s something you become, something you embody like a demon from Hell. It hangs over you until all you can think about is how lonely you are in a roomful of people, and how not even the little voice in... (more »)
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Waiting At The Bus Stop
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Quinn approaches the bus stop from side stage, moves to stand next to Nicole. She doesn’t recognize her at first, but in a moment it sets in. Nicole is feverishly devouring a cheeseburger. Quinn: Nicole! Hey what’s.. uh.. up? Nicole:... (more »)
The Last Two
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Characters: Cody is a 23 year old, male that believes he runs the world since him and Grace are the last two humans in the world, he is extremely rude to Grace daily as if she wants to even be with him. Grace is an 18 year old female that... (more »)
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