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Once again...
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Jamie is 17, male and has a little sister named April which is 14. Jamie comes through the door, quietly, its dark, and about 1 AM, April sits waiting for him. At the table, close to tears. April: Am I a joke to you? [teary eyed] Jamie:... (more »)
The Mother Mystery
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Lights up in Pete and Jan’s kitchen JAN: Pete, she’s been asking about them again... PETE: What did you tell her? JAN: The same as always. That we don’t know. PETE: But we should know. It’s our responsibility as her foster parents.... (more »)
my beautiful flower
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FADE IN: CUT TO WIDE SHOT: EXT. FLOWER SHOP TUCKED AWAY OFF A BUSY STREET -DAY Set in modern day on earth, the front of the store is made with a brick front with a wide open window and a door next to it. The sign hung above the window... (more »)
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Hook - Understanding Peter Pan
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A man sits hunched over his writing desk. The evening breeze had long since dried up the lines of writing on the page before him. One hundred years down the line, the man is a renowned author, one of the finest to ever contribute to literature... (more »)
Troubled Hearts
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Setting: man, named Liam, fighting with his wife, named Cassandra, in their living room. Liam: How could you?! Cassandra: I’m sorry! If I had known before, I wouldn’t have married you! Liam: How could we have had a CHILD together,... (more »)
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Setting- 1-1:30am at a very large red brick house. The house has a nice big aqaurium with fish inside, and all the typical things you would expect to find in a rich person's home. A very handsome teenage boy wakes up gets out of his bed. He is... (more »)
The Woman Behind the Glass
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  Cast: Hope Johnson   Faith... (more »)
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                                    Character description Anna White is 27 years old and lives with her best friend Charlotte Jones in San Francisco. She’s most at home in jeans, oversized sweaters and her favorite suede... (more »)
I Would of Never Thought
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[Maya is an 18-year-old girl who’s 5’6, has thin blonde hair, dark brown eyes, spotted freckles across her face, she’s wearing a floral summer dress with sandals. She slowly walks into the kitchen where her parents are,... (more »)
Please Hear Me
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Setting- A typical school building consisting of red bricks, and many class rooms, but we'll focus on one particular class. This class has about fifteen-twenty students, but there is one student that is different from the others. The teacher'd... (more »)
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CHARACTERS ALEX, a twelve year old boy. Has dyslexia and ADHD. JOAN, Alex’s mother, in her early forties. KYLIE, Alex’s sister, seven years old. DAVID, Alex’s father, in his early forties. LD (Learning Difference) GOBLINS, the... (more »)
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  Characters JANUARY: college student, avid reader, shy THOMAS: film student, avid moviegoer Setting A movie theater. Two theatre seats sit in a row, facing the audience. The actors’ action ns reveal that the movie... (more »)
Secretive Sapphics - Scene 1
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1 NYC Apartment     A couple sits in their shared apartment on a fancy couch center stage. The set is split cleanly in two, directly between the couple; a bushy-haired redhead (EMMA) sits stage left and a short-cut brunette (LISA) stage... (more »)
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DANNY And that’s how my family got from Ohio to here. Since then, my parents have moved back, but I stayed. There’s just.. something about this city, you know?   The tattoo gun in MARK’s hand whirrs and DANNY repositions himself on... (more »)
The Multiverse Theory
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  ACT I Scene 1 Science classroom. No teacher present; students mingling around classroom. Enter PRESLEY and JAX. PRESLEY has a book with a picture of EVERLY on the cover. Presley Okay, so over the weekend I bought this... (more »)
Business as Usual
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“Dennis? Is that you?” “Ethan? I thought you moved.” “Yeah, but I came back to work as an administrator. Any luck yourself?” “Oh yeah, lots of luck...good luck...I have a great job.” “Where are you now then?” “Uh,... (more »)
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