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The Lunch Club
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Characters: *Tina: An oddity; she brings life to the play with her random, but well thought out, actions; has a side of dark humor. Age: mid-teens Costume: imagine typical modern (but trendy) nerd (must have glasses and LOTS of bracelets).... (more »)
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The Ouija Board Characters: Elna: main Character, late teens Jason: 16yrs Noah: 11 yrs Ted: From the Ouija Board Ouija Board: ...the board Lisa: Elna’s older sister Setting: Starts in up north Wisconsin in a dark basement. Elna,... (more »)
Simply Beastly
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Two dogs were dating. The male dog confesses he’s fallen in love with his owners boyfriends cat after he has been caught cheating by his girlfriend Characters: -Max: Male Dog -Sasha: Female Dog -Lolly: Neighbors cat Setting: -This story... (more »)
Do you mind if i date him?
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Angelina's Ex  (Robbie) walks in to the food place that Angelina works at,  she goes up to the cash register and he doesn't want her to take his order.    Robbie   Can i please get some other employee?... (more »)
The Devil Play
“The devil is as real as you and I” “Why, father, I’m looking at he” “At who?” “At you” “At me? “The devil” “I see” “In you” “Oh please.  Hush up.” “At midnight I did see you become less than a... (more »)
I Don't Get It: A One Act Play
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(Lights up on a classroom. TEACHER is writing on a whiteboard, which is perpendicular to the audience. There are three desks arranged in a loose row, facing the whiteboard. STUDENT #1, who is trying to take notes, occupies the first desk.... (more »)
The Seminole Tragedy
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Act I Scene 1 A run down café in Belgrade. CONSPIRATOR 1, CONSPIRATOR 2, CONSPIRATOR 3, CONSPIRATOR 4 and GAVRILO PRINCIP are all sitting in the back of the shop. Enter CONSPIRATOR 5 CONSPIRATOR 5:  [sitting down and holding a package]:... (more »)
Blood Brothers This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
The Scene begins in a prison right on the outskirts of Boston. Sammy goes to visit his younger brother, Paulie who is serving a life sentence. Paulie has his hands cuffed together. They are speaking at a metal table during visitation hours.... (more »)
Witchcraft and Other Stormy Night Activities
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(It is a cold night, and rain is beating against the attic roof. The attic is a small, cramped, and dusty, with barely enough room to stand. There is a bed off to one side and shelves stuffed with books and old trinkets. Inside are four... (more »)
Generation Gap: A Drama
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Characters (In order of appearance) Alexandria Vestal: A 17-year-old junior in at a suburban high school. Very well versed in regards to technology. Christine Stuart: Alexandria’s neighbor and best friend. Equally as well-versed in... (more »)
Spring Ahead
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Flying Purple Giraffe looked into the table’s eyes, her own filled with passion.  “I’m here to help you,” she started, “but first you must admit you have a problem.” “A problem? I’m... (more »)
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Fade in: A TALL BLACK man sits on a bus in Washington reading a paper, rain pelting the windows.The narrative begins as if we are inside his head. SILAS I wish I could say I’ve had a normal life. I wish I could be going home to... (more »)
Lily. This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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A young MAN sits at a small, wooden table with worn corners and scuffed legs in an equally tiny but well-loved kitchen. The cabinets in the kitchen are painted sunshine yellow and the walls a bright shade of blue, but the rain outside the small... (more »)
Dream Guy
The scene opens with a picture of two girls on their graduation day of high school on a dresser. Shifting to the left, we graze over a laptop, a stack of text books, an almost empty pizza box and various open sketch books, most of them depicting... (more »)
Stuck in Death
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Setting: Serena stresses over her graduation speech and goes to find Don and Kale for advise. Serena: (Knocking on Don’s House door.) Don! Is Kale with you? Hello?  You there? Ugh! (Serena picks the lock with her hair pin and... (more »)
Snow in Florida
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Setting: Florida, outside, Christmas Eve, late at night Characters: Alice-23 year old girl, whose parents are both dead, (in a fire, not a cliche at all). She brings them pumpkin pie every Christmas and eats a slice by their graves.... (more »)
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