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The Day No One Was Expecting

April 17, 2018
By Anonymous

Scene 1

Background: As the curtain opens the audience sees the stage divided into 2 sections the living room and the bedroom (spot light follows the actors). The 6 teenagers sit on the couch of their dorm and wonder about how winter break will go for them they stress about all the test that they will have. They sit and ponder (looking at one another) on the thoughts of going to winter formal or not. Isabelle gets up and runs to the bedroom (which is to the left). Kaitlyn then follows her and asks her whats up. The others sit and continue to talk. The doorbell rings to the door of their dorm. Its Derek, Isabelle's coworker. The rest of the group all go out for coffee. Isabelle and Derek go to the couch. (the house lights are all the way up)

Isabelle: The main character who is very caring and loves to have a good time. She is shy but loyal to all. 

Derek: The boyfriend and coworker of Isabelle. Loves to write, is very concerned about what his parents think.

Kaitlyn: Best friend of Isabelle and is confused on her feelings about many things 

Travis: Very friendly and loves fashion 

Nick: Football player and video game addict

Sarah: Sarah is the quiet type she doesn't talk that much unless something is bothering her. She is very private about her feelings

Chris: Chris is the star football player who is the quarterback and has started to slack on his grade

Madison: The mean popular girl who thinks that everyone sucks and that she is the best person and she's the only one that matters.

Opening scene:
The Teenagers sit on the couch whispering to one another. Isabelle and Kaitlyn are faced 1/4 left and 1/4 right towards the middle couch which is at center stage. The others are all placed full front towards the tv and table. The 6 teenagers are sitting and start to talk about the effects that the school year has had on them. And what they look forward to next semester.BAM BAM BAM someone knocks on the door. It is Derek... Isabelle's boyfriend who is coming to take her to see their professor. Travis runs to open the door.

Nick: Who is it Travis?

Travis: It’s Derek..


Derek: What are y’all up too?

Isabelle: Just about Formal and the semester and such

Derek and Isabelle leave to go to see Professor Charles about their next tasks they must complete in order to leave for break.

(opening the door to the literature room)

Professor Charles: Hello you two how are you both doing today?

Both: Fine. Thank you.

Isabelle: What can we help you with today Professor?

Professor: I need to write a story about you both and about your lives… is there a way that you could give me details about y’alls lives.

Derek: I don’t know professor that’s kinda a huge personal part of our lives. I guess we'll just have to see what happens.

Isabelle and Derek both walk out of the room together and head back to the dorm where the rest of their friends are.

Kaitlyn: Hey you guyssss!

Isabelle: Hi guys what’s up?

Travis: Oh nothing. We were just going to go to the coffee shop and get some coffee y’all wanna come?

Isabelle looks  at Derek and they both nod. (stage resets to trees and a fountain outside of the coffee shop) Walking out the door they all head for the coffee shop on the other side of campus as they are walking to the coffee shop they run into Madison. Who is the meanest girl of all time she is the school’s mean girl.

Madison: Ew why are you all making eye contact with me?

Sarah: Why do you act like you literally rule the school? You are even nice what makes you think people will listen to you?

Madison: Uhhh who are you and why are you talking to me.

Chris: Madison stop this is unnecessary.

Madison: Chris why are taking up for this loser and not me your girlfriend?

Chris: Because Madison they are my friends and I don’t like the way you are treating them.

They all walk away and stare her in the eyes… she glares back at them and gives them the meanest stare ever. ( the lights follow the group and move to the side of the stage.)

Sarah: Why are you dating her Chris? You are so much better than her.

Chris: I don’t know to be honest.

Nick: Hey y’all let’s sit her

All: Okay.

Isabelle: Are y’all going to go to Winter Formal?

Chris: I don’t know are you?

Nick: Yeah I think it’d be fun.

Travis: I gotta find a date

Sarah: Nick will you go with me?

Nick: I would love too.

Kaitlyn: Ew. Go be cute somewhere else

Derek: Isabelle will you go to Formal with me?

Isabelle: I would be honored.

All: Awe this is going to be so fun.
Isabelle: I don’t have a dress to wear, we need to go shopping.

All: Let’s go.

The 6 friends all go shopping to find dresses and suits. The girls go to the dress shop and find 3 beautiful dresses that are perfect for them. The boys find their suits and go to meet the girls and show them. ( The house lights go all the way up)  

Scene 2

Isabelle and Kaitlyn: YEAH WOOOO HOOOO GO CHRIS GO NICK!!!!

The friends go to Chris and Nick’s last football game of the year. They all sit and cheer them on until the last second of the game when Chris throws the winning touchdown pass to Nick and they score and win. They go out later that night and celebrate the win.

Isabelle: We are so proud of you two!!!!

Chris & Nick: Thank y’all!

Kaitlyn: Let’s celebrate

Sarah: Okieeeeee

Travis: Kaitlyn is right let’s go celebrate.

Later that night the 6 friends go out to buy their dresses and suits for formal. They all head for the mall but get a feeling they should go there so they turn around and go to the little store down the street. They pick out their things and head back to the dorm.

Isabelle: wow I can’t wait until tomorrow I’m so excited!!

Kaitlyn: Same

Nick: me too!

Sarah: yes!!!

Chris: mhmmmm

Travis: let’s do this thing!!!

Isabelle: I really had fun tonight! Y’all did so good!!

Chris: thank you Isabelle I’m so glad that y’all could come!! It really meant a lot.

Nick: yeah thanks guys!! We really needed that encouragement!

The next day…


Kaitlyn: shut up Isabelle I’m trying to sleep

Sarah: ughhhh what time is it?

Travis: why are there 6 people in the place I can’t even sleep….

Nick: y’all get over it.. y’all will miss this over summer.

Chris: (snoring) “zzzzzzzzzz”

Nick: how the heck is he sleeping through all this..?

Isabelle: I don’t know but I’m going to wake him up.

Isabelle goes to the kitchen and grabs a cup of water… she pours the cold water on Chris’ head and makes him wake up…

Chris: ISABELLE……( looking angry)

Isabelle: what stop being a jerk… I’m just trying to have fun…

Chris: I know but gah come on….

Isabelle: I’m sorry.

The 6 of them all go to the table to eat breakfast.

Kaitlyn: why am I up I never eat breakfast??

Nick: it’s good for you. Get use to it.

Kaitlyn: ugh whatever

Scene 3
The following day 5:00 that night the friends get ready for Formal. The girls head to the bathroom to get their hair and makeup done by Isabelle and the boys go to Kaitlyn. (Lights and music begin to play. The music is soft and upbeat)

Sarah: y’all we have to get ready if we are going to make it in time.

Chris: yeah Sarah is right.

Isabelle: boys I’ll do y’all’s hair. Girls Kaitlyn will do y’all’s and we will both do your makeup.


Travis: Nick why are you so excited?

Nick: Because I love dancing and I get to take the prettiest girl to it.

Sarah: aweee (trying not to blush)

Kaitlyn: y’all are gross….

Sarah: oh stop.

Isabelle fixes the boys hair and helps them with their ties. Kaitlyn does the girls hair and then they both do their makeup.

Travis: Wow! We all look so great.

Isabelle: wow y’all do all look so good!!

Sarah: Thank you

Nick: thanks Isabelle

Chris: thank you

Travis: oh yeahhhhhhhh

Kaitlyn: wow you did really good Isabelle thank you.

Isabelle: NO PROBLEM! Thank y’all!

The 6 friends head for the dance and get a bite to eat. They run into Madison on the way and she pours water all over Isabelle’s dress.. the 6 friends are all furious and try to help her but Isabelle is tooooo upset and starts to cry. She ruins her make up and 3 girls go back to the dorm to clean her up…

Sarah: it’s okay Isabelle. She’s a jerk anyways…

Isabelle: I know but that was so embarrassing everyone laughed at me.

Kaitlyn: well they won’t laugh at you with me around.

Isabelle: thanks you guys! I love y’all.

Kaitlyn: there ya go all perfect and new!

Sarah: you look gorgeous Isabelle.

Isabelle: (smiling with tears in her eyes) thank you guys… y’all made me look beautiful…

Kaitlyn: awe no you were already beautiful we just played off that..

Isabelle: awe gee. We better go back now. The boys are going to wonder where we are.

(There’s a knock on the door) Isabelle goes to answer it.

Isabelle: DEREK!!!! (Running to hug him)

Derek: Isabelle… you look beautiful

Isabelle: thank you… (kissing him on the cheek)

Derek: may I escort you to the dance?

Isabelle: I would love that!

They all head to the dance and meet up with the rest of the group. They dance for hours and have the best time ever.

Isabelle: wow that was so much fun!!

Derek: yeah it was.

Travis: best night ever.

Nick & Sarah: YES LOVED IT

Kaitlyn: where’s Chris?

Isabelle: he is with madison…..

Sarah: oh goodness

The 6 of them leave and head for the car… on the way to the car the friends find a group of kids drinking and tell them if they need a ride home to come with them. And they told them they were fine. The 6 of them all get in the car and head back to the dorm. On the way home, a car heads straight for the friends and hits them head on….

“911 what’s your emergency…”
Chris: “ there’s been an accident my friends have been hit…one of my friends is unconscious and the others aren’t able to get out. And one isn’t moving…”

911: okay where is your location..

Chris: uhhh I’m not sure let me look

We are just outside of Town Center Plaza.

911: okay help is on the way.

Chris: okay.

10 minutes later
The ambulance arrives and Chris is sitting on the curb.

Officer: what happened?

Chris: I’m not sure I was on the way back when I saw their car.

Officer: okay well from the looks of everything it seems the other drivers in the other car were heavily drinking.

Chris: …

Officer: sir are you okay?

Chris: Yes officer… I’m just really upset

Officer: I know I’m sure sir.

Chris: thank you

The officer and fire department pulls all the people out of the car. The officer walks over to Chris and gives him the news…

Officer: Chris.. I’m sorry but your friend Kaitlyn didn’t make it.

Chris: (head in his hands…) this is horrible..

Officer: I’m sorry. Can you call anyone she knows?

Chris: I can try.

Isabelle calls out after waking up from being unconscious. She calls for Chris. Chris comes running.

Isabelle: Chris? Chrisssss?

Chris: I’m right here Isabelle I’m right here.

Isabelle: what happened?

Chris: you’ve been in an accident & Kaitlyn has umm… uhh… she didn’t make it.

Isabelle: (tears filling her eyes as she lays on the ground) what?

Chris: (laying down next to her grabbing her hand) I know. I’m sorry.

The officer comes back over to Chris

Officer: Chris.. your friend Derek is unlikely to make it. He isn’t waking up and his lungs are collapsed.

Chris: oh my goodness why is this happening can you not punish this people?

Isabelle: (losing it with being upset ) I can’t believe this…

Chris grabs her hand again and sits her up. He kisses her on the head. Isabelle curled in a ball devastated. She’s lost her two best friends.

Officer: you other two friends are being taken to the hospital right away to get cleaned up and examined further. And Travis and laying on the ground trying to gain the strength to get up.

Chris: thank you officer.

Officer: are you okay ma’am?

Isabelle: I’ll be okay officer. Thank you

Officer: let us know if there is anything we can do

Isabelle & Chris: of course thank you.

Isabelle and Chris get up and head over to Travis to help him up so that the can go to the hospital to comfort Nick and Sarah.

Sarah: Isabelle?

Isabelle: yes Sarah it’s me. Everything is going to be okay (sniffing)

Sarah: what’s wrong.. Derek and Kaitlyn? Where are they?

Isabelle looks away and heads for Chris. Chris grabs her and sits her down. Chris approaches Nick and Sarah in their hospital beds and tells them what happens. They sit and silence until Sarah breaks down and cries.

Travis: who did this?

Chris: they said a group of people who were heavily drinking.

Isabelle and Travis looked at each other and so did Nick and Sarah.

Chris: okay that was weird what do y’all know that I don’t?

Isabelle: we saw people drinking before we left and told them if they needed a ride to let us know.

Sarah: omg… why didn’t we give them a ride…

Travis: this is all our fault

Chris: n….

Officer: this is none of y’all’s fault. We have been trying to get ahold of y’all.
This people have been drinking for 2 hours straight and they don’t even go to school with y’all.

Isabelle: are they going to be punished for what they did to us.

Officer: yes they are already headed to jail as we speak

Isabelle: thank you officer.

Officer: of course.

Chris: are y’all ready to head back?

Sarah: yeah what did the doctor say?

Chris: idk he hasn’t come in yet. Let me go find him.

Doctor: hello I was just coming to talk to you all. I’m Dr. Martin and I have reports on the two of your friends. Sarah (shaking her hand) you have a major concussion and a broken ankle… Nick (shaking his hand) you have a mild concussion and the airbag gave you some severe burns but they will heal but you also have a broken wrist that will heal pretty fast. I’ll bring you some crutches Sarah and I’ll give y’all some medicine to take home for the headaches. Sarah I will need you to come back in about 3 weeks so we can check on your symptoms.

Sarah & Nick thank you doctor for your time.

Dr. Martin: my pleasure

Chris: we better get y’all home to rest up and be ready for school next week.

Nick: yeah

Sarah: yep

Isabelle: I’ll help y’all to the car

Chris: yeah me too

The 5 friends all head back to their dorm. They all sit on the couch in silence… not saying a word until the there is a knock on the door… Chris gets up and heads to the door. He looks out the door and sees…

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