March 29, 2018
By tierra.allen BRONZE, Richmond Heights, Missouri
tierra.allen BRONZE, Richmond Heights, Missouri
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Mackenzie: A young teenage girl who is hospitalized with amnesia. She is the little sister of Justin and has a unique birthmark on the side of her arm.
Justin: An intelligent young man who has determination and drive to find his missing little sister, Mackenzie.
Dr. Cook: The doctor of Mackenzie.
Nurse Patricia: A very rude nurse who isn’t very helpful to Justin.
Security Guards: They try to get Justin to leave the hospital.
Girl Patient 1: The other patient in the hospital bedroom

The hospital bedroom on a gloomy day outside. The room has two hospital beds with a curtain in between them. The sounds of the machine beeping and the pitter-patter of the rain give an ominous vibe to the room.

[Enter Justin panting as he runs into the hospital bedroom. Enter Nurse Patricia.]
Nurse Patricia: [Sharply] What do you think you’re doing? I already told you that you can’t be in here.

Justin: And I already told you that my sister, Mackenzie has to be here. She just has to be here. [Aside] It’s my only hope.

Nurse Patricia: That’s all fine and dandy but at the end of the day you need to leave.

Justin: When I first arrived I told you, I received a call that my sister was here.

Nurse Patricia: Well I’m in charge of making call to families or family members and I haven’t called anyone yet for Mackenzie.

Justin: You don’t understand this is really important to me. I’ve been searching for her for over 10 years now and finally get a breakthrough that it might be her. Mackenzie and I were very young when she got kidnapped. We were playing outside in the snow just being kids, making snow angels and snowmen. I went inside the house just for a sec to get hot coco for the both of us. The next thing I know she was gone, nowhere to be found. I was devastated. I didn’t know what to do, it was all my fault, I blame myself for everything that happened. She was only five years old. [Begins to sob.]
Nurse Patricia: That’s awful! Where are your parents?

Justin: My parents died 2 year ago in a car accident.

Nurse Patricia: I am so sorry for your loss but to be honest I don’t really care. You are violating the rules of this hospital and I would appreciate if you would leave.

Justin: Please! I have been searching for Mackenzie for years and years, contemplating plans on how I would come to her rescue. This is why I must find her, she is all I have left.

Nurse Patricia: Sir, I must stick to protocol, you have to leave this room now!

Justin: I am not leaving until I see her. [Runs to the bedside of Patient 1.]

Nurse Patricia: Sir, you have left me no choice but to call security.

[Nurse Patricia exits.]

Justin: Mackenzie, I know you can’t hear me right now but I’m here for you. I will never leave you again, no matter what they try to do to me I will stay by your side. [Grabs the patient’s hand.]

[Machines begin to beep like crazy until the machine only produces one sound.]
[Enters Dr. Cook]

Dr. Cook: What are you doing in here? Never mind just move. [Tries to resuscitate the patient.]

[Justin watches from the side.]

Justin: Don’t stop, you have to save her! Try again! Don’t let her die!

Dr. Cook: We did all we could but she did not make it. I am so sorry for your loss.

Justin: [Yells] No you didn’t do enough, more, you can’t quit! [Runs back to sit by the bedside and cries over her.]

Dr. Cook: Sir, I am sorry but you have to leave now.

Justin: [Sobbing] She is all I had! You can’t do this to me! [Raises his head from sobbing and realizes she has no birthmark on her arm.] Wait a minute is this Mackenzie?

Dr. Cook: Ummm… sir this is not Mackenzie. Mackenzie is on the other side of this room.

[Justin gets up and goes to the other side of the room. He goes up to the bedside and checks to see if the patient has a birthmark on the side of her arm.]

Justin: Yes, this is Mackenzie, my little sister. I am positive of it. [Aside to Mackenzie] I love you so much, Mackenzie. Your big brother, Justin is here now.

Dr. Cook: She was rushed in last night unconscious. No one was with her. She has been asleep since last night. No need to worry she is healthy and doing well.

[Enters Nurse Patricia and the Security Guards]

Nurse Patricia: There he is! [Points Security Guards to Justin.] I am so sorry for the disturbance Dr. Cook. I was trying to tell him that he was prohibited to be back here and that he must leave this area at once.

[Security Guards take hold of Justin at once.]

Justin: Let me go! Let me go! That’s my sister, Dr. Cook please let me stay.

Nurse Patricia: Come on let’s go.

Dr. Cook: Wait, hold on a minute she did come into to the hospital all alone. You say you are her brother?

Justin: Yes, I am!

Dr. Cook: He can stay with me for a couple minutes until we can have everything straighten out. Nurse Patricia tell the Guards to unhand him.

Nurse Patricia: Yes, Dr. Cook. Let him go. [Motions towards the guards.]

[Nurse Patricia and the Security Guards exit.]

[Justin sits back down by Mackenzie’s bedside. Dr. Cook walks over with Justin.]

Justin: Thank you so much. She is very important to me. I appreciate it.

Dr. Cook: You’re Welcome.

[Mackenzie starts to wake up.]

Mackenzie: Where am I?

Dr. Cook: Hi Mackenzie, I am Dr. Cook you are at the hospital right now. Your brother is here with us as well.

Justin: Mackenzie I am here! I finally found you! You can return home now! [Embraces her with a hug.]

Mackenzie: Who are you?

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this one act play through my drama class for we are always acting out plays. I wanted to write a one act play of my own. 

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