Meet-up for Greek Villains.

February 10, 2018
By JenDovehaven PLATINUM, Pohang Kyeungbuk Heunghae-ub Namsongri 3, Other
JenDovehaven PLATINUM, Pohang Kyeungbuk Heunghae-ub Namsongri 3, Other
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Three characters sit at a table in a bright conference room. Grey notebooks lie untouched on the table. PPO wears an elegant black suit and red tie, with an out of place cloak draped over his chair. MM is a lovely woman with long red hair, dressed in a black silk dress, a silver silk shawl, and silver gloves. Across from the oddly dressed man sits a tall chunky personage, Z, with greying hair, a long beard, and a silver cane shaped like a lightening bolt. He is dressed in a startlingly red suit, with an orange tie, and a round black hat with a red ribbon. A spotlight illuminates them each as they enter and sit, and then the light brightens to show a bustling administrative building outside. As the final light clicks on, they begin to move and speak.
The man in the black suits speaks first.
PPO: “Greetings fellow conspirators, I am Philecron P. Octavious, future ruler of the Underworld.
The woman opens her mouth to speak, but is cut off by the man in the red suit.
Z: “My brother, Hades, is king. You will not challenge him, do you understand me?”
Philecron coughs then speaks to the woman.
PPO: ”Why is HE joining us for a meeting of villainous royals?”
The woman speaks in a low voice, her lips barely moving.
MM: “He is royalty you know, though I must say he could have dressed more like it. Some people consider his deeds villainous. Turning Io into a cow, for example. And please no more squabbling, I haven’t much time and we must decide how we will burn down that library which has a book written by Jason.”
Z slams his cane on the floor.” What? You have a conference just to decide how to burn down a building? Why I could burn all the books written by anyone named Jason in the time you took to say what we were discussing!”
PPO smirks at MM. “See, I was right, he knows nothing of strategical planning. If a bolt of fire hits only the book by Jason, people will get suspicious. If we burn down the building, the world will lose many great books. And finally, we cannot get someone to carry it out then burn the culprit up with spontaneous combustion, if we do not want to want to be sent to your prison for a few hundred centuries. That leaves us one thing. I will creep into their dreams and force them to steal it, then in the night make them burn it. Quite easy to do actually, I once did something like it to a boy named Zee, or my sweet Zero, as I liked to call him, he was the nices-“
MM rolls her eyes. “Please, as I said there was not much time. Let us reminisce later. Now, stealing into someone’s mind is a good idea, but I want to burn it myself. To avenge myself.”
Z slams his cane again. “Why not turn yourself into a cat, and steal in, then turn yourself into a great bird and fly out with it?”
M’s eyes sparkle with more anger than joy over finding a good plan.
“That might work, but,” She stretches out the word,” I do not have the power of changing myself into a bird… or a cat. Only a pig.”
Z smiles slowly, his small black eyes twinkling. “You know… I never liked Jason myself since Hera preferred him to Hercules…. And I’ve always considered myself a master criminal in my way…. So, what if I helped you turn into those wee beasties… No one would ever know, and if any one asked, just, say, ‘you know, powerful, influential, and charismatic people’.”
MM smiles and turns to PPO.
MM: “What do you think?”
PPO: “Apart from my suggestion, I think it is our best chance. I will joyously go into the mind of the head of the library and make him close early and open late. I will convince him that he let someone check out the book in question, if you agree to assist my promotions and share my business card.”
He holds out a purple business card which says in gold letters, Philecron P. Octavius. Future king the Underworld. Call 1-800-NEW-KING to join the rebellion!!
MM smiles coldly.
MM: “Perhaps, but I accept your services.”
Suddenly the outside lobby, which has been bustling with people during the conversation, erupts into fire, and a flaming chariot comes to a halt in from of the door.
MM stands, taking the business card from the table.
MM: “I must go now. I will contact Z using your phone number. If all goes well, I will give out fifty of your cards. Now, off to my revenge.”
She goes to the door, then everyone freezes and the curtains go down.

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