New Friend

February 14, 2018
By Jaylen.Mosley BRONZE, Athens, Texas
Jaylen.Mosley BRONZE, Athens, Texas
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Narrator- It was thursday, Priscilla and Tommy met up before they went to school.
Priscilla- ( Ring ring, Tommy calling priscilla) Hello.
Tommy- Are you ready i’m almost at the tree.
priscilla - Yes, I  just have to get my bag.
Narrator-  They meet at the tree and start walking to school.
Tommy- Hey! Do you wanna do the regular and stop my the candy shop?
Priscilla- Yes please, I am going to need it for today.
Narrator- They stop by the candy shop and see someone they have never seen before.
Tommy- Who is that?
Priscilla- I dont know i’ve never seen her before
Tommy- Lets go talk to her.
Narrator- They walk over to the new girl.
Tommy- Hey my name is Tommy.
Priscilla - And my name is Priscilla. What's yours?
Harley- My name is Harley, I just moved here.
Priscilla and Tommy- Ohhh
Priscilla- What school are you going to?
Harley- Valley High.
Tommy- Oh my goodness that's where we go!
priscilla - Really! Thats awesome.
Tommy- Yeah that is! We need to start heading to school. You can walk with us if you want to.
harley - Yeah sure...
Narrator- They start walking to school. They arrive at the school and take Harley to get her schedule.
Tommy and Priscilla- Let me see you schedule
Harley- Ok, can yall help me get to my classes?
Tommy- Yes! I can.
Priscilla- No I want to.
Tommy- No I will because we have three classes together.
Priscilla- Ok fine whatever!
Narrator- Priscilla storms off and harley and tommy start walking to class
Tommy- Here you go Harley, this is your first period class.
Narrator- During lunch Priscilla walks up to Tommy.
Priscilla- Hey Tommy what are you doing after school do you want to go play at the tree.
Tommy- Umm no i’m going to hang with harley.
Priscilla- Oh ok, well maybe I can come a long.
Tommy- I don’t know you will have to talk to Harley.
Priscilla- Well...ok.
Narrator - They walk away and tommy goes to talk to harley.
Tommy- Hey Harley.
Harley- Hey.
Tommy- Can Priscilla come along and hang with us.
Harley- No my mom said I can only have one friend over today sorry.
Tommy-Ok I will go tell her that she can’t come today.
Narrator-Tommy walks over to Harley.
Tommy- Harley said that you can’t come over today sorry. I will catch up with you later.
Priscilla- Ok that’s fine I will see y’all tomorrow then.
Narrator- They both begin to walk off in different directions. Tommy and Harley start walking over to the tree and they see pricalla walking with her head down crying.
Harley- Hey look at Priscilla she's crying.
Tommy- Lets go talk to her.
Tommy and Harley- Hey Priscilla what’s wrong?
Priscilla- Nothing i’m ok.
Tommy- No you’re not I know when there is something wrong.
Priscilla- Well ever since Harley came along I have been feeling left out.
Harley- I am so sorry I didn't mean for you out feel left out!
Tommy- Yeah me either.
Priscilla- It’s ok.
Harley- Do you want to come and hang out at the tree?
Tommy- Yeah come on it'll be fun, with the three of us.
Priscilla- Sure let's go.

The End

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