Two Different Worlds

February 6, 2018
By Creativeside101 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Creativeside101 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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(The school bell rings for students to be dismissed. BECCA walks to the teachers desk with her book bag before departing.)
BECCA: Can I talk to you about something?
CHRIS: Yes ma'am?
BECCA: On my last report card, I had a sixty-three in this class. Now I have a thirty five.
CHRIS: (laughing) You don't have a thirty-five in this class.
BECCA: (now smiling) I don't?
CHRIS: No, you have a twenty-seven.
BECCA: But why?
(CHRIS pulls out a essay from his file cabinet, and throws it at BECCA)
CHRIS: (now yelling) Do you think this is acceptable in my class?!
BECCA: (calm) I don't see anything wrong with my paper. All I did was write about a specific sexuality.
CHRIS: Well Becca, you deserve a F.
(Chris, angry, walks to the back of the classroom.)
CHRIS: Being bi-sexual is the most disgusting thing ever!
BECCA: Sir, being Bi-sexual isn't all that bad.
CHRIS: How would you know?
BECCA: (sighs) Because, I'm Bi-sexual, and I'm proud of it sir.
CHRIS: You teenagers disgust me. Back in my day we didn't have all of this technology.
(CHRIS walks back to his desk)
BECCA: Just because you were born in the prehistoric times, doesn't mean you have to be against modern times.
CHRIS: (raises his voice) Now you listen to me, I have been teaching for thirty years, and I have never heard something so disturbing in my lifetime
BECCA: (upset) Maybe if you leave the seventeen hundreds and join us in twenty-eighteen, you would completely understand us teenagers.
(Chris slams his hands on the desk)
CHRIS: I don't care about modern times nor do I care about you little rodents. I'm deducting ten points from your grade.
(BECCA mumbles curse words under breathe.)
BECCA: What if I teach you.
CHRIS: (confuses) Teach me what?
BECCA: About modern times.
(CHRIS, now calm, relaxes at his desk)
CHRIS: You may explain this to me, but this wont change anything.
(BECCA positions herself in her seat to become more comfortable.)
BECCA: In twenty seventeen we had to deal with other sexualities trying to get equal rights, and transgender bathroom laws.
CHRIS: Everyone receives the same rights, so why don't you guys?
BECCA: People like you don't accept us in society.
(The room grows silent, until CHRIS responds.)
CHRIS: (whispers) My apologies Becca.
BECCA: (angry) You should get know us before judging us!
(BECCA storms out the room, leaving CHRIS speechless.)
CHRIS: (saddened) Maybe I could change my outlook on LGBT communities. Maybe.

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It relates to how the world is today

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