Twisted Tales

January 22, 2018
By kamcd20 BRONZE, Carbondale, Pennsylvania
kamcd20 BRONZE, Carbondale, Pennsylvania
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Twisted Tales
Big Bad Wolf
Little Red Riding Hood
Tin Man
Props: basket, potion, tray of baked goods, tray of cookies
Act I
Scene i
Setting: Woods on a dark, snowy afternoon
(The BIG BAD WOLF enters into the dark, snowy woods.)
BIG BAD WOLF (wandering through woods he begins to speak in a questioning voice): Where am I? I am lost. I am hungry. I am bad.
(The BIG BAD WOLF continues to wander through the woods but happens to hear someone coming.)
BIG BAD WOLF (nervously): Who is that?
(BIG BAD WOLF hides behind a tree.)
LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD (enters in a chattering voice almost out of breath.) It is freezing out here. I’m almost to Granny’s hopefully I can get warm there.
(Suddenly the BIG BAD WOLF jumps out from behind the tree.)
BIG BAD WOLF (growls): Arrrrrh!
LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD (screams) Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, no! I know who you are!
(Little Red Riding Hood began to run. The BIG BAD WOLF begins chasing her around the tree. The BIG BAD WOLF finally catches LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD. He caught her menacingly but finally lets her go.)
WOLF (in a very tired and panting voice): I can’t do this anymore. I am so tired of scaring people and then eating them for lunch. They don’t even taste good anymore.
LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD (politely): Are you okay?
WOLF (in an mean, yelling voice): No! If I was okay, I’d be eating you for lunch right now. (In an exhausted voice) I am so tired of everyone being afraid of the Big Bad Wolf. I wish I was human … like you.
LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD: If you can behave yourself, I can take you to my Granny’s house where she may be able to fulfill your wish.
BIG BAD WOLF (in a growling voice): You’re not yanking my chain, are you?
LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD (apologetically): No no. She has this potion that makes bad people good and good people better.
BIG BAD WOLF (reassuringly); If you take me with you, I promise to be good.
(LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD checks her basket to make sure the potion is still in her basket.)
WOLF (in a curious voice while trying to secretly see what is in the basket): What is in that basket of yours?
LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD (passionate): I will help you find this potion (in a assertive tone) but please do not touch my basket!
WOLF (in a sincere voice): I am very sorry. I meant no harm. I was just curious to what was in the basket.
(LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD and the BIG BAD WOLF continue to Granny’s House. As they are walking, they hear the crunching of snow behind them. They both hide behind a tree until they figure out the noise.)
(Enter the TIN MAN which his heavy feet crunching through the snow.)
TIN MAN (in a sweet voice calling into the void): Hello! Hello! Is anyone out there? Please don’t be afraid. I’m very lost, but I promise I’m very friendly. I am from Oz not this per say village.
(The BIG BAD WOLF suddenly jumps out at the TIN MAN.)
BIG BAD WOLF (growls): Arrrrrh!
(TIN MAN screams in a girly voice and begins to run around the nearest tree. The BIG BAD WOLF finally catches him.)
TIN MAN (fearless): Go ahead and eat me! I don’t care I’m heartless.
BIG BAD WOLF (stunned and scratching his head): What?
LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD (yells at BIG BAD WOLF): Hey! What are you doing? You just promised to behave! I’ll leave you right here in these woods if you can’t hold up to your promise.
BIG BAD WOLF (apologetically): I am so sorry! I have no clue what got into me. From here on out I promise to behave myself.
TIN MAN (shooken up): Now that I have collected myself. May I ask what you two are doing in these woods on this cold afternoon?
LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD (excitedly): We are on our way to Granny’s house.
BIG BAD WOLF (angrily): Shhh. It’s a secret.
TIN MAN (reassuringly): It’s okay. It can be our little secret.
BIG BAD WOLF (reluctantly): Fine. We are trying to find a potion to turn me into a human.
TIN MAN (excitedly): I’m doing the same. I have tried many times to see the Wizard in Oz but the Wicked Witch of the West would always get in my way. I have just given up after not getting to see the wizard. May I join you on your quest? If not, I think I may be lost forever.
BIG BAD WOLF (curiously): Why do you want to be human Mr. Tin Man?
TIN MAN (in a heartfelt tone): Well, I’ve always wanted a heart but deep down I want to find the love of my life.
(BIG BAD WOLF and LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD make a small huddle whispering back and forth  to decide if they should let the TIN MAN into their group.)
LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD (happily): The more the merrier.
TIN MAN (joyfully): Oh boy! I’ve always wanted a real heart.
(This clan of three continued on to Granny’s house to try and find the magic potion as the lights fade out.)
Scene ii
Setting: Granny’s House which has a pink wall with a table in the center with four chairs
(As the BIG BAD WOLF, LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, and TIN MAN finish their journey through the woods when they stumble upon Granny’s house.)
TIN MAN (overjoyed): I cannot wait to go inside!
(As they enter the house, they notice a shadowy figure in the house which is the HUNTSMAN who was hiding behind the door with a knife. BIG BAD WOLF enters the house to find the shadowy figure behind the door.)
BIG BAD WOLF (in an interrogating voice): Who are you and what are you doing here?
HUNTSMAN (in a cocky voice): I am a Huntsman, and I am here to protect Granny … from people like you!
(The HUNTSMAN begins to chase the BIG BAD WOLF outside the house with the knife. BIG BAD WOLF hides behind a tree.)
BIG BAD WOLF (shocked; as he is running he is screaming): I am not here to hurt anyone! I am here to see if Granny is willing to help a poor soul like myself.
BIG BAD WOLF (said with confidence); Why am I hiding? I am the Big Bad Wolf.
(BIG BAD WOLF jumps out from behind the tree.)
BIG BAD WOLF (yells): Arrrh!
(BIG BAD WOLF begins to chase the HUNTSMAN. LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD jumps in between the BIG BAD WOLF and THE HUNTSMAN.)
LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD (yells): STOP! (To the BIG BAD WOLF) I thought you said you were going to behave yourself. (To the HUNTSMAN) And you! You know I am the granddaughter of Granny.
BIG BAD WOLF and THE HUNTSMAN (in a sincere voice): I’m sorry!
(They all enter the house once again to sit down in the four chairs.)
HUNTSMAN (curiously): Anyways, what brought you to Granny’s house?
TIN MAN (excitedly): We are here for a potion that can make us human!
(BIG BAD WOLF began to search the downstairs of the house for this potion by opening all the drawers in the kitchen and throwing papers all over the floor. As the BIG BAD WOLF is searching, HUNTSMAN grabs the BIG BAD WOLF’S arm to stop him.)
HUNTSMAN (in an angry voice): I wouldn’t touch that if I were you.
BIG BAD WOLF (in an aggressive tone): Or what? I need to find the potion!
(BIG BAD WOLF continues to search. GRANNY enters with a tray of baked goods.)
GRANNY (in a sweet voice): Well hello there everyone! Is anyone hungry?
TIN MAN: Yes, please!
HUNTSMAN (in a snarky voice): Of course, who isn’t hungry!
GRANNY (in a questioning voice speaking to BIG BAD WOLF): Sir, what are you looking for?
(BIG BAD WOLF doesn’t realize that GRANNY is talking to him. GRANNY taps BIG BAD WOLF on the shoulder.)
GRANNY: Sir, what are you doing?
GRANNY (screams and hides behind the HUNTSMAN): Ahhhh!
LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD (in an assertive tone): Would you behave yourself!
BIG BAD WOLF (in an apologizing tone): I am so very sorry! I don’t know what got into me!
GRANNY (in a questioning voice): What were you looking for?
BIG BAD WOLF (nervously): Uh uh uh noth-
TIN MAN: He is looking for a magic potion to turn us into a human.
GRANNY (laughing): Well you’ve come to the right place. Little Red Riding Hood had it the whole time. She was bringing me some more from the village since I ran out a few days ago.
(GRANNY exits to get the tray of potion cookies.)
BIG BAD WOLF (with anger and shock): You’ve had it this whole time and never said a word!
LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD (in a defensive tone): Well, I-
BIG BAD WOLF (angrily): I trusted you, and you had the potion the entire time! I should’ve ate you when I had the chance.
TIN MAN (hopefully): Maybe she has a good explanation. Let's hear her out.
HUNTSMAN (turning to BIG BAD WOLF): All you need to do is listen. There is a very good reason for this secret.
BIG BAD WOLF (reluctantly and angrily; speaking to LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD): Fine! You have two minutes to explain yourself!
(BIG BAD WOLF stands waiting to her LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD’S story while staring at his wrist without a watch)
LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD (talking really fast) Well you see, the potion can only work if it is baked into something, so I needed to bring it to Granny. I was really helping you but letting you figure out the clues for yourself. (Panting) Wow, I’m really out of breath now!
TIN MAN (in a happy tone of voice; speaking to BIG BAD WOLF): See, I told you she had a good reason!
HUNTSMAN (in a mocking voice) Didn’t I warn you?
GRANNY (happily humming a tune): Here you go dears. These cookies have the potion to make you into a human. Before you eat them, are you sure you want to become human?
TIN MAN (in a reassuring voice) I’m positive! I want to feel what it’s like to have a heart.
BIG BAD WOLF (confident): I’m sure. I don’t want to be feared anymore. I want to live in the village like all the others.
GRANNY (turning to the HUNTSMAN): What about you?
HUNTSMAN (overconfident): I’m fine the way I am and so should the Tin Man and the Big Bad Wolf.
(The BIG BAD WOLF and TIN MAN sit down at the table in order eat the cookies.)
LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD (looking at the audience): As the Big Bad Wolf and the heartless Tin Man ate their cookies, they saw no physical difference. This potion gave the Big Bad Wolf his own conscience which turned him into the Big Good Wolf. The Big Good Wolf actually got his wish to live in the village with all the others. This potion also gave the Tin Man his heart which led him to the love of his life.
(Curtain falls.)

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