not to be strong as men

January 11, 2018
By Anonymous

Early that day the weather made the birds feel warm. They stood on the tree branches and started to sing.  Suddenly, a shining thing flew across their eyes and a shadow of a person also flew across their eyes. This cause the bird to be scared, so they flew away with feared and never came to that flower garden.
     A girl’s name was Qing Cheng and practiced sword method at her flower garden, and as she practiced the leaves was flew around her after falling from the bamboo.  In this flower garden,it’s fill with memories with her old brother playing swords together in this garden.
   Her mother yelled at her, “ Stop practicing sword.  Go to your room and start reading the book “ Lessons for Women” which teaches you how to act like a grown up woman.”
   She replied disappointed, “ But….. I wants to practicing sword it bring memories and joy to me, and book are suck it’s seem like teach women to act the way they should act. Also,  this book is as a rope that tighten around my neck making me unable to breath. Also,  I grow up now and I should had my own dream that is what I wants to be in the future. ”
   Her mother replied with unbelievable , “ You should know that there no other woman that like you practicing sword everyday, and wants to go battle and win the battle. It will never happen before,so therefore it’s will never happen in future too! Do YOU GET IT....!"
After heard that Qing Cheng started to cry because sword brought back beautiful time that she with her old brother.  Qing Cheng’s mother took the sword from Qing Cheng’s hands,but Qing Cheng refused to let it go. Suddenly, Qing Cheng’s nurse came she talked to Qing Cheng for while, which causes Qing Cheng letting go of the sword and started to went to her room reading the book “ Lessons for women” .
On the next day, Qing Cheng’s father and her grandpa had to went to border clearance to fought in the battle. Qing Cheng soon knew about this new, so she waits until the mid-night when everyone asleep. She secretly went into her parent’s bedroom took her father’s general clothing, then she took it to her room. Qing Cheng does this because her old brother wanted to fight in the battle ,and brought honor to the family by winning the battle. Qing Cheng dress up into her father’s general clothing ,and took her two maids that learned martial art to border clearance and fought in the battle. Before she went she knee on the ground and took three bow. When her father woke up it too late and Qing Cheng’s grandpa can’t waiting when Qing Cheng’s grandpa was about to leaved. Qing Cheng’s mother rushed out wants a talk with Qing Cheng’s grandpa.
Qing Cheng’s mother said, “ Father can you protect Qing Cheng in the battle, and not getting any hurt.”
Qing Cheng’s grandpa replied, “ I will use all my ability for protecting dangerous come to my lovely granddaughter.”
Qing Cheng’s grandpa started to ride away went to the border clearance meet up with his granddaughter. When grandpa meeting Qing Cheng in military camp,and they very happy to saw each other. While they both talked to each at general’s talent, then a army came in said “ Enemy near us just couple miles away! They have lots of weapons and billions of them. Can you general quick making a decide.”
Qing Cheng’s grandpa said, “ Tell everyone to prepare for a big battle and this battle determine our country live or dead.”
The army does what Qing Cheng’s grandpa told him to do. While Qing Cheng saw the army gone.
She said, “ grandpa can I go to the battle too!”
Grandpa replied, “ No, it’s to dangerous for you and your mother have warning me before I leave the home. Also, you have to listen to me never come to the battle. UNDERSTAND! ”
She replied with some disappointed, “ Ok…… My general Grandpa.”
In afternoon, Qing Cheng’s Grandpa took whole military to fought with enemy’s military. On the half way Qing Cheng came and wanted to join the battle so badly, which cause grandpa wanted to destroy her idea about went to the battle by scared of her about what will happened at the battle anytime or any moment.
  Qing Cheng said, “ Grandpa you're general and I’m your granddaughter of general. It’s no way that I will not join battle because I don’t wants to bring shame to you. I will be a snow leopard that never give up it’s prey! May I go with you to the battle?” 
   Grandpa replied with joy, “ You can join and fight in the battle, but you have show me that you be like the eagle flying very high in sky and making enemy fear of you . Also, you change my way of think about women not be strong as a men. I believed in you my bravely granddaughter.”
Qing Cheng and her grandpa win the battle,and when they both came back Qing Cheng’s parent were waiting outside. They both heard everything which one of news was grandpa let Qing Cheng fought in battle. Qing Cheng and her grandpa were nervous to see Qing Cheng’s parent waited for them in front of house. Qing Cheng’s parents eyes filled with happy tear,but both of them had some angry on their face and holded bamboo stick on their hand.

The author's comments:

I make this piece because it pop out in my mind. Also, I watching lots of chinese drama, so I used some of the secne. I hope people can enjoy my pieces.

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