The Wall that Separated us

January 12, 2018
By HenryMartin BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
HenryMartin BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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KAITLYN JENNINGS - 28 year old woman who lives alone in her apartment in New York. She has long blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. She is clean and tidy. She is an animal lover. She has an 8 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named CLEO. She has dealt with depression in the past and recently was diagnosed with anxiety. She has a slight stutter when she speaks, which partially explains the reason why she was bullied. She works for a small bakery near her apartment called ‘Anytime Cakes’ as a catering representative, but has always wanted to have her own bakery.

KEVIN MALONE - 29 year old man who lived with his ex-girlfriend Kylie in his apartment right next door to KAITLYN, although the two have never met before. He has a 6 month old French Bulldog named CHARLES. He is modest, humble, gentle, and well balanced. He is understanding and tries to accept whatever comes at him. He works as a scout for the New York Knicks.


CLEO - KAITLYN’s dog. She is a therapy dog and was assigned to KAITLYN when she was a junior in college. She is sweet and sensible.

Scene One

Lights come up on KAITLYN in a convenience store. She is talking to the CASHIER. KEVIN enters and CLEO barks, which causes them to turn their heads. Action

KAITLYN: Shhh. (CLEO still stares KEVIN down) S-So back to the cakes. (KEVIN is searching for something in the background. He approaches the CASHIER) W-We can charge you m-monthly for a set amount of c-cakes or a p-per cake fee-
KEVIN: Sorry to interrupt, but can I buy a lottery ticket?
CASHIER: Hold on one moment, Miss Jennings. (To KEVIN) Which one do you want?
KEVIN: Powerball please.
CASHIER: You must be having a good day. Do you really want to buy this? You’re more likely to get hit by lightning than to win anything from it.
KEVIN: It sounds like you don’t want my hard earned dollar.
CASHIER: I never said that. (Laughs) Go ahead! Buy three of ‘em! You could win a BILLION dollars.
KEVIN: I’ll stick with one.
KAITLYN: S-Someone’s feeling l-lucky today.
KEVIN: On the flipside, I need some luck. (He pulls out a to-do list) I have to pack up my ex’s clothes now that she moved out. I have to write a report for my boss. I have to bring my dog to the vet to get neutered. I have to find my mom a retirement home. I have to go to all of these college basketball games -
KAITLYN: W-Why don’t you want t-to go to any basketball g-games?
KEVIN: It’s my job. I’m a scout for the New York Knicks. I’m Kevin by the way.
KAITLYN: I’m Kaitlyn, nice to meet you.
KEVIN: Anyway, I’ve been to eight basketball games in the past five days. I’ve been on six flights and two car rides that lasted more than two hours each. I’ve literally slept eight hours over the past five days.
He realizes that she is interested in his story and he smiles.
KAITLYN: H-How do you survive?
KEVIN: Coffee.
They laugh. KAITLYN feels badly about his enormous list of things to do. His face lights up.
KAITLYN: I c-can help you w-with your list. I-If you want. I m-mean if you don’t wan’t me to, t-that’s fine, too.
KEVIN: I mean, I barely know you… but I don’t see why not. Thanks!
CASHIER: Sir, would you like to check your results right now? They are about to release the results live!
KEVIN: Lets see!
The T.V. flashes on. A woman in a blue dress is holding a card in front of a screen. She reads:
TV WOMAN: (With an exaggerated voice) Okay folks! Today we have a total prize of one BILLION, two-hundred fifty MILLION, eight-hundred forty THOUSAND DOLLARS! We are going to call a total of eight numbers! Here we go! Today’s lucky numbers are… (a jingle plays) Four… (Pause) Fifteen… Twelve… Twenty-four…
KEVIN: I have those! I could win!
TV WOMAN: Thirty-seven…  Thirty-One…
KEVIN: Two more to go! I’m looking good.
CASHIER: This isn’t possible.
TV WOMAN: Forty-three… and -
KEVIN: Here it comes baby!
TV WOMAN: Fifty five!
KEVIN: DAMN IT! One off.
TV WOMAN: But wait! We are dividing the prize among the top three winners. For the lucky person who got six out of the eight numbers, you won… (she places the card into a reader and the monitor pops up with a number and she reads it off. There is a drumroll) eight-hundred forty thousand dollars!
KEVIN: Wait, does that mean that I win -
KAITLYN: SHH! L-Let her speak!
TV WOMAN: Our runner up wins two-hundred fifty million dollars! And our winner gets ONE BILLION DOLLARS!
KAITLYN: Wow! S-So what are you going to d-do with it?
KEVIN: I’m not really sure. I’d probably donate most of it to charity, but pay my bills at the same time. What would you do?
KAITLYN: I-I’ve always wanted t-to own a b-bakery. I’d p-probably start a small business b-by myself.
KEVIN: Sounds like a good idea.
KAITLYN: W-Well it was nice to m-meet you, enjoy t-the money.
KEVIN: You know, I might have to take you up on that offer. About helping me with my list. (She nods her head) Do you want to help me by driving my dog to the vet? He might like your dog, what’s its name?
KAITLYN: C-Cleo, her n-name is Cleo. W-What’s your dog’s name?
KEVIN: Charles! He’s a cutie!
KAITLYN: Let’s go then! (Excited)
They walk out together as the lights dim. They chat happily as they walk down the street.

End Scene One

Scene Two


KAITLYN and KEVIN are walking back to his apartment, KAITLYN is becoming confused, because this is the same way that she walks home.
Time: 10 minutes later

KEVIN: So we are going to take a left up here and then it’s the first building across the street.
KAITLYN: W-wait a second, h-how do you know w-where I live? (confused)
KEVIN: I, um, I don’t, that’s where I live.
KAITLYN: S-So do I! (they laugh)
KEVIN: What floor do you live on?
KAITLYN: T-Third in 301, what a-about you.
KEVIN: 302!
KAITLYN: A-Are you saying that w-we’re neighbors?
KEVIN: I guess so! (ecstatic)
When they enter KEVIN’s apartment they see Charles approach CLEO and KAITLYN.
KAITLYN: D-Does he know he’s g-going to the vet?
KEVIN: He sure looks like it.
KAITLYN: I-I’ll keep him company.
KEVIN: Good idea.
KAITLYN lays CHARLES down. CLEO starts to sniff around him.
KAITLYN: H-He definitely can sense it.
KEVIN:Come on buddy, you’ll be okay. (to KAITLYN) Would you like to drive with Charles and me to the vet?
KAITLYN: O-Of course I will!
KAITLYN: I-I hope you k-know that I’m not d-doing this because you w-won the lottery.
KEVIN: I was actually wondering about that, but you offered to help before I even bought the ticket.
KAITLYN: W-Well actually, it w-was right before the cashier g-gave it to you.
KEVIN: Either way, you wanted to help me, and I really appreciate that.
KAITLYN: I-It’s no problem at all.
KEVIN: (Nervous) I know it’s very soon, but would you want to go to dinner with me?
KAITLYN: T-Tonight? I-I’m not doing anything, so of c-course!
KEVIN: So, it’s a date?
The lights dim into a blackout.

End Scene Two

Scene Three


KEVIN and KAITLYN are sitting at a restaurant. They are chatting and eating. CLEO is lying down next to KAITLYN.
Time: 1 year and 2 months later. Action

KAITLYN: This is amazing. I love you so much Kevin. (She has obviously gotten over her stutter)
KEVIN: I love you too. I had this idea for something that you might like.
KAITLYN: What is it?? (Curious)
KEVIN: Well, I remember the day I met you, you said that you would use the lottery money to have your own bakery. So, I thought that I should set aside some of the money for that to happen.
KAITLYN: Are you serious right now?

KEVIN: As serious as a heart-attack.

She gets up and hugs him. She is so thankful that she starts to tear up.
KEVIN: And one more thing…
He gets down on one knee.
KEVIN: Will you, Kaitlyn Jennings, be my wife?
She begins to cry.
KAITLYN: Of course I will!
The End.

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