The Night that Changed Everything

December 20, 2017

(Introducing Cameron and Lucy, they're brother and sister and Lucy's car has been covered in paint and Cameron is outraged about it.)

Cameron: (Angry) Honestly, Lucy, i don't understand who would do this.

Lucy: (Almost yelling) Cameron, chill! It's just paint. It'll come off with soap and water!

Cameron: Lucy, seriously?! I'm going to find out who painted your car. You can't do anything about it.

Lucy: Whatever, Cam. I'm not dealing with this right now.
(Both of them go to bed and wake up to find the paint is gone!)

Lucy: (Happy) See? I told you it’s not an issue!)
Cameron: (Confused) Did you do this?
Lucy: (Mad) No! I went to bed at the same time you did!!)
(Introduce the mother of the two children, who isn't very happy.)

Mother:(Outraged) Why are you both so stupid? You do realize even if the paint is gone somebody is going to do it again?

CAMERON: (Still confused, but now more upset.) I told her that mom, but why are you yelling at me? I didn't do anything!)

Lucy: Really, Cameron? You didn't DO anything? Whatever.

(Night comes, and there is a large bang outside Lucy's window.)


Lucy: (CONFUSED) Mom!!! I don't know what that was!)

Mother: Are you okay, Lucy? That sounded super loud!

Lucy: Yes i'm fine, but my car isn't!! Somebodys out there!


Lucy:I knew it! (Upset) I hate you so much, Cameron! How could you do this to me?

Cameron: (YELLING) You get everything and i've gotten nothing so it's only best i ruin your car.

MOTHER: (YELLING) Cameron, you're moving in with your dad!)


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