A Ride with Death

December 13, 2017
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Opens on Dayton on a street on his phone waiting for a Uber. A white car pulls up and Dayton gets in. The driver is dressed in a black suit. New York
D: “How’s it going, you know where I’m going?” Dayton said
P: “Yes I do.” he said grimly
D: “Traffic’s heavy today isn’t it.”
As they drive they pass by a group of kids on unicycles in frog costumes with nooses around their necks.
D: “Are those kids riding unicycles dressed as frogs, wait are those nooses around their necks. Huh’ well that’s not something you see every day” He said jokingly
P: “Well you know how kids are these days.”
D: “Yeah that's for sure.”
They continue driving passing by a bunch of people outside a cafe
D: “You know all those dates, and I have to wonder how many of them met in person or were they all online.”
P: “I bet it was all online, with all the apps available for that why would anyone meet anyone anywhere else.
They continue driving passing by a bar resembling a nursing home
D: “They’re living the good life aren’t they
P: “Well you get to a certain age people stop caring what you do at ten in the morning”
Still driving they come to a turn
D: “Just let me out here”
The car doors lock
P: “Sorry, can’t do that.”
D: “What why?” he says getting panicked
P: “Do you remember that taxi this morning.”
D: “Yeah that idiot almost hit me, that's why I got an Uber. I don’t trust cabs.”
P: “I don’t know if almost is the right word.”
D: “What do you mean.” he said more panicked
P: “What if I told you that taxi hit you and you didn’t get back up.
D: “That’s impossible.”
P: “Is it? Think about it do you remember ordering an Uber?”
D: “No I guess not.”
P: “And you didn’t hesitate to get in when I pulled up, you just got right in without asking.”
D: “That’s because…”
P: “Just accept it, you’re dead.”
D: “Is there anything I can do?”
P: “No,” he said bluntly.
D: “Did I at least live right? Am I going North or South.”
P: “I can’t tell you that, not knowing is half the fun.”
The curtain falls

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on Dec. 18 2017 at 9:42 am
WolfWhisperer0911 DIAMOND, Crosby, Texas
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@GREENREDOODER Well, good job on the idea. For the script format, it is confusing, and I recommend to have space for each line so that it won't be unpleasant to the eye. For the names, I don't know who D or P is, so don't be afraid to have the name repeated every line. For the beginning, be sure to separate it from the lines by having with a () or []. I don't see any character building and I highly recommend to look at a script or be in a Theater class so that you can see what a real script is.

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