Forgotten Hero's

December 12, 2017
By costello22 SILVER, Salem, Oregon
costello22 SILVER, Salem, Oregon
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All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible. T. E. Lawrence

  [Stage left is set with a podium a table with some deck plans and a few chairs. Center stage is set with a single table with a bunch of marconi equipment on it, and two chairs. Stage right is bare other than a door close to the marconi room. Senator Smith,Harold Bride and COURTROOM AUDIENCE enter from stage left. Smith take the podium and Bride sits in with the audience.]
Senator Smith: Mr. Harold Bride would you please take the stand? [Bride stands nervously. He is on crutches. He slowly makes his way to the stand] Alright Mr. Bride can you tell us what happened the night of April 14th? [Bride sits there in silence] Mr.Bride?
BRIDE: Well… earlier that day we had the marconi go down for a few hours. So we were really backlogged with work. We were working cape race… [Bridle trails off before standing making his way to the Marconi table center stage. Bride sits down and begins to tap out messages. As he does so the door opens and Jack Phillips enters]
PHILLIPS: Alright old boy, I believe it’s my shift now. [Bride stands and hands the head set to Phillips who sits down and begins to tapping away] Can you believe that some rich bastard wants his private rail car to meet him in New York? [They both laugh]
BRIDE: Well what do you expect? We are on Titanic after all. [They laugh again. But phillips suddenly throws the headset to the table]
PHILLIPS: Why the nerver. [tapping furiously] Shut up, Shut up, I am working cape race.
BRIDE: What was that about?
PHILLIPS: Some idot about blew my ear drums out. [Puts the headset back on] Ah that's better he’s gone now. [Goes back to tapping away. Bride stands up and then walks back over to the stand]
  Bride: If he had known what was about to happen later that night… He would never have done that.
SENATOR SMITH: Where were you at the time of 11:40 pm Mr. Bride?
BRIDE: I was in my bunk sir. [Bride thinks for a moment] It was until around midnight when they began to vent steam that I woke up… [Bride stands and walks over to the marconi table] What’s with all the noise?
PHILLIPS: I don’t know Bride. All I can tell you is we stopped about 15 minutes ago and started blowing off steam.
BRIDE: Well now that I’m awake I may as well help you. [Picks up a small stack of unsent telegrams] Here this one’s from J.J. Astor, we better get this through quick. [Bride hands the telegram to Phillips]
PHILLIPS: Can you go adjust the spark? [Bride goes and begins to fiddle with two dials on the wall] There that’s good. [Captain Smith opens the door and steps inside]
CAPTAIN SMITH: Boys we’ve hit an iceberg. I want you to stand by the send the distress call. [He turns and leaves without another word]
BRIDE: Bugger… [glances over at Phillips who has an astonished look on his face] I wonder how bad it is.
PHILLIPS: It’s obviously pretty bad if he’s putting us on stand by.
BRIDE: But Titanic can’t sink. She’s unsinkable. [Bride sits in an extra chair next to the desk]
PHILLIPS: Chances are she’s just too badly damaged to continue New York.
BRIDE: You're probably right. [Captain Smith enters again. Worry is write all over his face]
Captain Smith: Send the call for assistance.. we are making water fast..[Bride jumps up astonishment on his face]
BRIDE: B-but she can’t sink!
CAPTAIN SMITH: Bride I assure you she will.
BRIDE: Dear god… [He sits back down. After a moment he smiles to myself and says to Phillips] Hey Phillips you should send SOS. It’s the new call and who know’s it could be your last chance to send it. [They all laugh. The captain then leaves]
PHILLIPS: [tapping away] CQD. MGY. We are making water fast. Come immediately.
[Bride stands and walks back to the stands]
SENATOR SMITH: Now how long was it until Phillips made contact with another ship?
BRIDE: I would say 20 to 30 minutes sir.
SENATOR SMITH: In your own words tell me everything that happen after you made first contact.
BRIDE: Well sir. After we made contact with the MT. Temple… [Bride stands and walks back over to the marconi table. Phillips hands him something. Bride then moves over to Right Stage where Captain Smith and Thomas Andrews stand talking] Sir we have made contact with the MT. Tample.
CAPTAIN SMITH: Good! How far away is she?
BRIDE: Around 6 hours sir.
ANDREWS: [To Bride in a very monton voice] We only have around 2 hours. [Turns to the captain]  Make sure to tell the officers that the forward A-deck windows are enclosed so they will have to load from the deck. [Bride turns and heads back to the marconi room.]
BRIDE: Well Phillips we got to keep trying. There has to be someone closer. [He undoes the top button on his uniform]
PHILLIPS: Damn it! I got the Frankfurt, but all they speak is bloody German! [He keeps tapping away]
BRIDE: Blast… if only marconi was in a language everyone could speak. [He sits down] Phillips.. It it just me or is the ship listing?
PHILLIPS: [Pause and puts the headset around his neck. He then stands] By god it is! [He looks at Bride] She can’t really sink can she?
BRIDE: [Looking worried for a long moment before reassuringly saying] No she can’t. Titanic is unsinkable.
PHILLIPS:[Puts the headset back on and begins to tap out] S.O.S. MGY. This is the Titanic we have struck burg and are going down by the head need help immediately. [lights fade out Phillips and Bride exit stage left. Lights come up Harold Thomas and a ship's officer stand outside the marconi room]
THOMAS: So I said to her why don’t you just take the mother. She is keiner. [Both men laugh]
OFFICER: Alright Sparks. I think my bloods been heated enough for the night.
THOMAS: Good night. [He turns and heads into the marconi room] What a day. [He puts the headset on and begins to take off his vest when he hears Titanic's distress call. He sits Taps out a quick message a runs out of the room. Lights fade and Phillips and Bride are once again at the desk]
PHILLIPS: I got the Carpathia! There making full speed. [He writes something down and hands it to Bride]
BRIDE: [Heads to stage right. Captain Smith and Boxall are their talking] Sir! Sir! We’ve reached the Carpathia! She’s about 3 hours away. But she making full speed!
CAPTAIN SMITH: That's still too far… [To Boxhall] What about that light on the Horizon? It has to be a ship. Have you tried her with the morse lamps yet?
BOXHALL: Yes sir. But I don’t think she can see it.
CAPTAIN SMITH: She must have wireless..
BRIDE: Maybe she just can’t keep a 24 hour watch or maybe she doesn’t have wireless at all.
CAPTAIN SMITH: Boxhall go back to firing the rockets. [To Bride] Keep trying… there's gotta be someone closer.
BRIDE: Yes sir! [He turns and heads back to the wireless room. Phillips is still bent over the set tapping out the distress call.]
PHILLIPS: Bride can you adjust the spark for me?
BRIDE: Sure thing Phillips. [Bride moves the dials on the wall slowly]
PHILLIPS: That's good. [Bride steps away and walks over to a chair where two life vest are sitting.]
BRIDE: Phillips you may want to put this on. Looks like we may need them the way things are going. [Bride puts his life vest on Phillips does not budge] Phillips... [He takes the head set of Phillips and puts the vest on him. Phillips glance up clearly displeased and the puts the headset back on]
PHILLIPS: Carpathia is making full steam. I can’t find anyone closer. How close was the water when you last went out an- [Phillips stops suddenly as Captain Smith enters the room]
CAPTAIN SMITH: Lads you have done your duty. You are dismissed, save your selves. [Without another word he turns and exits the room]
BRIDE: Dear god… [He looks at Phillips who is still tapping away. At that moment the lights dim.]
PHILLIPS: Powers going... [Lights dim again. Bride turns his back for a moment to grab a few personal Items. As he does so a stoker enters the room. And begins to remove Phillips life vest. Phillips seems not to even care taping away even as the power is fading.]
BRIDE: [Turning around and seeing the stoker] Oi! STOP RIGHT THERE!
STOKER: Live and let live mate! Live and let live! [Bride makes a grab for the vest only to get hit by the stoker falling backwards] Phillips! [Phillips jumps up and clubs the stoker over the head with a large wood paper tray. The stoker falls to the ground out cold. Phillip helps Bride up and then sits back down.]
BRIDE: Phillips the power is gone. [Phillips taps a few more times before stopping. He rest his hands in his head. He then stands a holds out his hand.]
PHILLIPS: Good luck Bride. [Bride shakes his hand. Phillips turns and walks out the door. Bride walks back to the stand.]
BRIDE: That was the last time I ever saw Phillips… He was a brave man. I learned to love him that night and I suddenly felt a great reverence to see him standing there sticking to his work while everyone else was raging about. [Bride stands there for a minute before looking back at the marconi room where Phillips stands. He smiles to himself as lights fade to black.]

The author's comments:

As time goes on true heros fade until we no longer remember there names. I wish to keep them alive via The stage. 

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